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Stilachio Thrax
Bob, this looks good, but it would be much more useful with a true whitelist function smile Is it possible to squeeze that in as well?

Possibly. It's already on the list of things to consider for EE 15, and you make a valid point about its relation to taxation and fees. Just might push it over the edge in terms of priorities.
Any thoughts on the only other essential buildings besides the Keep? Like the AH and the bank? I have heard that there is a recipe for the AH but what are any benefits for upgrading the AH or the Bank as it is actually listed in the wiki with only an increase in coin upkeep on one and full expanding upkeep on the other?

For now, the bank and the tavern won't be upgradable. There were some thoughts about eventually making those upgradable, which is probably why there's some coin upkeep listed for bank upgrades, but we don't have anything ready yet for them.

The auction house is a trickier question, since it's the one upgradable structure that doesn't include training, crafting and/or DI generation, which are the things every other building improves on as part of upgrading. That's going to require some thought.
WxCougar of KOTC
If I am understanding this correctly, the Keep is essentially the main building. Nothing can be upgraded higher than the level the Keep is at? So when we want to upgrade buildings we should upgrade the Keep first and then the other structures. (Provided that we have enough DI to do so based on the DI requirements per structure's upgrade level).

That is exactly right.
The first batch of Stage 2 escalations has launched! 15 hexes made it to Stage 2, and 6 more hexes made it to Stage 1. That means 21 hexes were cleared yesterday, so everything's still looking good for hitting the larger targets.
Are you sure that all this is complicated enuf?

We toyed with some simpler systems, but they all had issues. Going with something that's pretty close to the original design, but made to work a little more like the already-existing influence system, seemed like the best way to achieve the design ends that DI was supposed to achieve without requiring a completely new system for everyone to understand.

At the end of the day, I'm hoping that most settlements won't have to think about the details too much. They'll just be able to see how much DI they've got (or can get before hitting the max) in each Index compared to how much a particular building or upgrade they want requires, then either wait for the DI to build up or do whichever DI-building action seems most appropriate at that point (take more territory, upgrade existing holdings, or place/upgrade support structures).
So… on the Wiki, are the listings under the DI columns(Settlement Structures tab) supposed to be DI "required amount banked" for structures and the amount of DI "generated" for infrastructure buildings?

Exactly right. I should probably break those out into separate columns at some point, but didn't want to mess with that quite yet. They've been listed in the same columns for a long time and I didn't want to break anyone's parsing tools without warning. Instead, I just adjusted the numbers a bit for now.
Very granular. Very cool. Thank you! smile

Edit: I am a little surprised that there isn't some taxation right as players pick coin off of mobs. Thinking it over, I can see how that could get really messy in many ways.

We considered something along those lines, but you're right that it gets messy quickly. We'll keep thinking about it, but anything that takes place outside the settlement hex, or is an interaction without a UI where we can easily warn player's about the current tax rates, is problematic.
Apologies for taking so long to get back to this. Between getting EE 14 out the door, all the updates that followed, and the preparation for EE 15, this stayed on the back burner much longer than intended. However, I've now updated the original post with two quick things based on the last round of feedback:

  • Added that the attackers have to maintain feuds against the target while establishing the siege as well.
  • Added a Weekly Warfare Deposit, half of which goes to the victor.

Take another quick look, post any remaining feedback, and then we'll set a date to start this system up.
I'll be posting separate threads about Development Indexes, Structure Upgrades, Structure/Settlement Upkeep, and Taxation and Fees to go over our current thoughts on implementing these for EE 15. Here's what we're thinking about for Taxation and Fees:

To help pay for upkeep, settlements can set the following taxes/fees (with different rates for settlement members, allies, and unallied characters), the proceeds of which will go into the Settlement Upkeep vault:

  • Sales Taxes: Works like the Sales Fee on Auction Purchases and comes out of the seller's profits. The tax rate for each offer is set when the items are put up for auction, and is added on top of the Sales Fee. Can be set from 0-100% (default/NPC rate is 5%, default company member rate is 3%).
  • Training Taxes: A percentage of the coin cost for training a feat. Can be set from 0-200% (default/NPC rate is 20%, default company member rate is 12%).
  • Crafting Fees: A coin cost based on base crafting time. Can be set at 0, or at 1 cp per 100-1,000,000 seconds (default/NPC rate is 1 cp per 1800 seconds, default company member rate is 1 cp per 3200 seconds).
  • Mule Fees: A coin cost based on Tier/Upgrade of mule (T1 starts at 1, T2 at 7 and T3 at 13, add 1 for each upgrade). Can be set at 0-100 per Tier/Upgrade value (default/NPC rate is 10 cp per Tier/Upgrade, default company member rate is 6 cp per Tier/Upgrade).

Reasonable taxes and fees will be added to the NPC towns so player settlements aren't competing with a free alternative.

Post your feedback here for discussion, and I'll make adjustments to this post with any changes that arise from discussion, or that turn up during implementation.

Edit 1: Added info on default/NPC tax rates. Corrected max sales tax from 10% to 100%.
I'll be posting separate threads about Development Indexes, Structure Upgrades, Structure/Settlement Upkeep, and Taxation and Fees to go over our current thoughts on implementing these for EE 15. Here's what we're thinking about for Structure/Settlement Upkeep:

Settlement Level no longer limits the Trainer Levels in a settlement and the Facility Rating for the settlement’s structures. Those values are set by each structure's upgrade level. Settlement Level only sets the Support Level for all settlement members and the settlement's PvP window length.

Settlement Leaders can set a Target Settlement Level, and the settlement will pay one-half of the difference between the upkeep paid for its structures (bulk upkeep averaged across all bulk resources, coin upkeep tracked separately) and the minimum required for that Settlement Level (roughly doubled from current requirements to match with only paying one-half of the difference). Settlements can wind up higher than the target if the requirements for the structures alone put them above the target.

On Monday mornings, the settlement sums the upkeep requirements for all the settlement structures. If the basic upkeep requirements are already high enough to cover the Target Settlement Level, then it sets the Next Upkeep Settlement Level to the highest level already met. If not, it raises all the upkeep requirements by one-half of the difference to Target Settlement Level requirements and sets the Resulting Settlement Level to the Target Settlement Level. If there are enough resources in the Settlement Upkeep vault to pay that amount (including the 4-1 exchanges), then payment is made, any structures shut down for lack of upkeep are reactivated, and the Settlement Level is set to the Next Upkeep Settlement Level. If there aren’t enough resources, then payment isn’t made and the settlement is shut down, with a Settlement Level of 9.

If a settlement’s upkeep wasn’t paid, the settlement leaders can manually pay a pro-rated amount to re-activate the structures and get back their Settlement Level. They’ll first need to add more resources to the vault and/or adjust the current upkeep requirements (lower the settlement level, downgrade some structures).

Based on some rough production estimates and the upkeep numbers currently in the Public Spreadsheet, here's some potential settlements and how many hexes worth of bulk resources would be needed to maintain them:

  • All +0 Structures (Settlement Level 10): 1 +0 hex
  • All +1 Structures (Settlement Level 12): 3 +0 hexes or 2 +1 hexes
  • All +2 Structures (Settlement Level 14): 4 +1 hexes or 3 +2 hexes
  • All +3 Structures (Settlement Level 16): 7 +2 hexes or 6 +3 hexes
  • All +4 Structures (Settlement Level 18): 11 +3 hexes or 10 +4 hexes
  • All +5 Structures (Settlement Level 20): 19 +4 hexes or 17 +5 hexes
  • All +5 Structures, including Support Structures (Settlement Level 20): 22 +4 hexes or 19 +5 hexes

These numbers assume about 80% efficiency on bulk resource production, so you may be able to do a little better if you control the right hexes. However, even at maximum efficiency there's not enough bulk available to support every player settlement at maximum, though there's enough for about 28 fully maxed-out settlements. That said, if alliances avoid too much overlap between settlement structures and make judicious use of Support Structures, it's possible there are enough bulk resources to go around so that every settlement has all the +5 structures it needs within a reasonable travel distance. Not necessarily likely, but possible.

Structure and Settlement Upkeep will also include a coin component, which will be adjusted upward as the player population and money supply increase.

Post your feedback here for discussion, and I'll make adjustments to this post with any changes that arise from discussion, or that turn up during implementation.

Update 1: The Settlement Level Upkeep difference was listed as one-third in one place and one-half in another. Fixed to correctly be one-half in both places.
Update 2: Added that bulk upkeep for structures is averaged across all bulk resources before being checked against upkeep for the target settlement level.
Update 3: Removed reference to emailing active settlement leaders when a settlement is shut down. This will require some extra consideration and wasn't able to be finished in time, but we'll be looking at it again after EE 15 is deployed.