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Bob, when you say ending Monday January 8th, are you talking about when the server goes down on Monday, USA time?

Correct. After the servers come back up that day, I'll still go ahead and launch the appropriate staged escalations in any empty monster hexes that haven't run through all of their stages yet, but clearing escalations past that point won't count toward the structure kit rewards.
I'll be posting separate threads about Development Indexes, Structure Upgrades, Structure/Settlement Upkeep, and Taxation and Fees to go over our current thoughts on implementing these for EE 15. Here's what we're thinking about for Structure Upgrades:

Before a structure can be upgraded, it must first be placed. Placing structures works much as it does now, except that enough DI must be available to be banked when the structure is placed. As before, this is best done using a +0 structure kit, but can be done using upgraded structure kits after confirming/accepting that doing so will still result in a +0 structure.

Upgrading and downgrading a structure is all done by eligible characters from the Structure Management Window. Training Levels and Facility Ratings for individual structures are determined by their Current Upgrade

Upgrading a structure beyond its current Max Upgrade can only be done if the structure is already upgraded to its Max Upgrade, that upgrade is lower than the Keep's Current Upgrade (Keeps ignore this requirement), and the structure isn’t shut down. If the character is eligible to manage structures and has a structure kit with a higher plus value than the structure’s current Max Value, then the character can use up that kit and increase the structure’s max upgrade by 1. There must also be enough DI available to be banked. This also results in the structure’s Current Upgrade rising to the new Max Upgrade. If the character tries to use a kit that’s more than one plus above the current Max Upgrade, they have to confirm that they understand that they’re wasting the additional pluses.

Structures can be downgraded 1 plus at a time, which returns any banked DI for the dropped upgrade immediately to available DI, subject to Max DI. The Keep cannot be downgraded below the highest Current Upgrade of any structures.

If the structure’s Current Upgrade is below the Max Upgrade and below the Keep’s Current Upgrade, eligible characters can up the Current Upgrade by 1. Doing so requires enough DI to bank and sufficient upkeep to pay the pro-rated difference for the higher upgrade. Upgrading a Support Structure immediately puts the difference in DI Bonuses into Available DI.

To tear down a structure, settlement owners can contact to arrange for a structure to be destroyed. Such requests are subject to verification with all settlement owners, and won't be done while a settlement is being targeted for a siege.

Post your feedback here for discussion, and I'll make adjustments to this post with any changes that arise from discussion, or that turn up during implementation.
I'll be posting separate threads about Development Indexes, Structure Upgrades, Structure/Settlement Upkeep, and Taxation and Fees to go over our current thoughts on implementing these for EE 15. Here's what we're thinking about for Development Indexes:

Settlements have 3 Development Indexes: Security, Civilization and Morale. These work much like Influence, with Available, Banked, Total and Max amounts, measured in units referred to as DI. Each starts with 500 Available DI, plus whatever amount Banked is necessary for the settlement’s current buildings.

Each Index keeps a history of how much DI was earned each of the previous 28 days, with each day initially set to Total DI divided by 30.

The Max for each Index is calculated right after Daily Maintenance:

  • Calculate the average DI earned by that settlement in that Index over the past 28 days, 14 days and 7 days.
  • Take the greatest of those averages and multiply it by 30.

The amount of DI generated each morning is also calculated right after Daily Maintenance:

  • Total hexes controlled by the settlement contribute the square root of total hexes multiplied by 40 and then rounded to the nearest integer to each Index.
  • Upgraded Holdings controlled by the settlement contribute a total of 6 points per upgrade (not counting +0), with the amount per Index set in the spreadsheets. Nothing is added for +0 Holdings.
  • Holdings/hexes that are shut down or held by companies that only joined the Settlement the previous server day don't count.
  • Infrastructure/Support Structures contribute a total of 10-45 each to DI each morning. The specific amount at each upgrade for each Index is set in the spreadsheets. They start adding DI at +0. Nothing is added for shut down Structures.

When S/M/L Structures (or Keeps) are built or upgraded, the amount of each Index specified in the spreadsheets is banked. If there isn’t enough available, the structure can’t be built or upgraded. Players are told which Indexes are insufficient when this happens.

If a settlement doesn’t have sufficient Max DI in one or more Indexes to cover the Banked DI, then all S/M/L structures (plus the Keep) shut down. When things are adjusted so that there is sufficient Max DI in all Indexes or all structures are at +0, any structure shut down purely due to DI becomes active.

DI requirements will be set so that it’s not possible to have a really advanced settlement without controlling a reasonable amount of territory. Preliminary numbers are listed in the Public Spreadsheets. Not counting Support Structures, here's roughly how many hexes would be needed to have enough DI for the following settlements:

  • All +0 Structures (4650 DI): 2 +0 hexes
  • All +1 Structures (9300 DI): 7 +0 hexes or 6 +1 hexes
  • All +2 Structures (13950 DI): 12 +1 hexes or 9 +2 hexes
  • All +3 Structures (18600 DI): 15 +2 hexes or 12 +3 hexes
  • All +4 Structures (23250 DI): 17 +3 hexes or 14 +4 hexes
  • All +5 Structures (27900 DI): 18 +4 hexes or 16 +5 hexes

Assuming most settlements will have some Support Structures to lower these hex requirements, and reasonably upgraded Holdings, there are plenty of Wilderness hexes to provide every current settlement with the DI they need.

Post your feedback here for discussion, and I'll make adjustments to this post with any changes that arise from discussion, or that turn up during implementation.

Edit 1: Made it a little more explicit that the abbreviation DI refers to a single unit of measurement stored in a Development Index. I try to always shorten Development Index down to Index, instead of abbreviating it to DI, since it's confusing to use DI both to refer to the points stored in an Index and to the Index itself.
Edit 2: Commented that the territory portion of DI generation is rounded to the nearest integer after multiplying the square root of the number of hexes controlled by 40.
Edit 3: Removed reference to initializing the DI history based on current DI generation if that's higher than just total DI divided by 30. It didn't get implemented, and settlements will rise to their long-term max DI numbers after 7 days anyway. The initial lower maxes also won't block any of the incoming DI, since the maxes will rise faster than DI is coming in.
The first batch of Stage 1 escalations has been launched! Despite the short notice, 18 hexes have reached Stage 1, so things are looking good for hitting the larger targets.
FYI, I updated the original post to include that if more than 20 Stage 6 escalations (Gathering of Legends) are cleared during this time, then every settlement that gets a +3 Small Structure Kit will get a +4 version of the same kit.
WxCougar of KOTC
Would figure that I'd just be finishing building our last +3 structure ; ). Looking forward to this, love events smile.

Very impressive! Fortunately, there's no requirement that you use any rewarded structures in your own settlement, so you can probably get a pretty good trade with someone for their choice of structure kit.
Are these replacements an early start? If wiped out tonight, will those hexes be starting Stage 2 after tomorrow maintenance?

Raids are all even lower than the stuff listed in Stage 1, so clearing those out will get you a Stage 1 escalation tomorrow morning. Putting those in guaranteed that something tougher wouldn't magically appear between then and now, and raids can be cleared pretty quickly.

Another quick clarification: This will be taking place in all the Low Security Monster Hexes, but not in the two Medium Security Monster Hexes that are set aside for tutorial escalations (-12,18 and 0,3).
Here are the assigned hexes for each settlement:

Alderwag: -13,-6
Aragon: -2,2
Blackwood Glade: -2,14
Brighthaven: 6,13
Caer Coedwig: -11,-4
Callambea: -10,0
Canis Castrum: -14,11
Carpe Noctem: -1,4
Concordia: -4,5
Corbenik: -15,4
Corvus Citadel: -17,14
Dun Baile: -11,4
Emerald Lodge: -5,10
Everwatch: -16,8
Forgeholm: 3,-2
Fort Ouroboros: -18,20
Golgotha: -5,7
Greystone Keep: -7,19
Hammerfall: -2,11
Hangman's Hollow: -12,9
High Road: -20,1
Hope's End: -11,14
Keeper's Pass: 2,13
Marketstead: -13,14
Mediash: -7,-3
Ozem's Vigil: -10,-7
Phaeros: 1,18
Staalgard: -1,-3
Sunholm: -20,10
Sylva: -5,14
Talonguard: -21,4
Tavernhold: -20,-7
University Commons: 5,-1
Veggr Tor: -14,1

I cleared most of these and replaced the running escalations with raids, with some exceptions for hexes that were actively being worked on. If any of the existing escalations cause problems, or if my removal of any of these existing escalations causes issues for anyone, write to and we'll figure out something fair.
Starting Tuesday, December 19 and ending Monday, January 8, right after Daily Maintenance, every empty monster hex will have an escalating series of escalations launched in it. The first time a hex is found cleared, it will have a Stage 1 escalation launched, the second time a Stage 2, all the way up to Stage 7 where it gets an Over the Crown escalation launched. Here are the escalations for each stage, which will be chosen from randomly:

Stage 1
  • Bonedancers
  • Broken Men
  • Nature's Wrath
  • Ripping Chains
  • Skeletal Uprising
Stage 2
  • Goblin Ghouls
  • Moloch Cultists
  • Razmiran Cultists
  • Skull-Basher Ogres
  • Undying Ogg
Stage 3
  • Duergar Slavers
  • Elemental Rift
  • Ustalav Invaders
Stage 4
  • Dark Elves
  • Mordant Spire
  • Them Ogres Ain't Right
Stage 5
  • Elite Dark Elves
  • Elite Duergar Slavers
Stage 6
  • Gathering of Legends
Stage 7
  • Over the Crown

If an escalation variant (e.g. Dark Elves, Duergar Slavers) occurred in a given hex at an early stage, options at later stages would be adjusted to prevent that hex from getting the tougher variant of the same escalation (e.g. Elite Dark Elves, Elite Duergar Slavers) in Stage 5.

This will be taking place in every monster hex, so the more hexes get cleared all the way through Stage 6 before Daily Maintenance on Monday, January 8, the more Over the Crowns will get launched.

In addition, there will also be a specific monster hex assigned to each settlement, with that list to be posted shortly. Any settlement that clears the Stage 6 escalation (Gathering of Legends) from their assigned hex will get a +3 Small Structure Kit of their choice. Any settlement that clears the Stage 7 escalation (Over the Crown) from their assigned hex will also get a +3 Medium Structure Kit of their choice.

Further, if more than 20 Stage 6 escalations are cleared, assigned or not, then everyone who gets a +3 Small Structure Kit will also get a +4 version of the same kit, and if 10 Stage 7 escalations are cleared, then every settlement receiving any Structure Kits will also get +4 versions of the same kits.

To count toward these Structure Kit rewards, the hexes must be cleared before Daily Maintenance on Monday, January 8.

Update: Added award for clearing 20 Stage 6 escalations.