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All posts created by Bob

Stilachio Thrax
Regardless, if it looks like its going to be taken imminently, I, and expect others as well, will go scorched earth and leave nothing to be taken over.

The rules are generally written to block that kind of thing. For this particular point, we took out the ability to tear down structures a couple updates back in preparation for sieges. If a settlement needs to tear down a structure, the owner/s can send an email to and I'll tear it down using a GM command, but that won't be allowed during a siege.
Paddy Fitzpatrick
Now hang on a sec, I thought the buildings from a conquered settlement would only be partly destroyed or damaged? I remember initially it was going to be all buildings die but I remember that ruling was changed.

Correct, 25% of the buildings from each size (rounded down) are destroyed, but the remainder can be "rebuilt" for 1 gold coin each.
Could the maintenance routines indicate progress every few minutes, with the login screen polling every minute or two to get an update on an approximate state?

That's something we'd like to implement eventually, but it will take a fair amount of work.
And today I got through the following tabs, which covers the remaining attacks:

Trophy Charm
Rogue Kit
Holy Symbol
Holdout Weapon
A humongous accumulation of Bulk Goods should never be an automatic "we are safe from our city falling for at least a year" card.

That's why the damage multiplier for Bulk Goods doubles every week. Within 2 months, it's possible to be destroying hundreds of thousands of bulk goods every combat day. At that point, even if the defending settlement can hold out a bit longer, they're much better off considering suing for peace or making a strategic retreat. That's a lot of value to lose each day.
I'll look into making the downtime messaging a little more vague to take into account that the servers are likely to return between 10 and 10:30. Most of the days I checked recently it was up closer to 10 than 10:30, so I don't want to scare people off from starting to try around then. We can also do a quick check to see if there's anything obvious slowing things down.
Just tested it out on Zog with Impale to be sure. They do have to be really well lined up, but when they stayed lined up until the damage was calculated, I caught 2 or 3 per attack by attacking the closest bandit. With them moving around a lot, they could be lined up when you started the attack, but not when the attack actually happened. It's also possible that minor discrepancies between where the client thinks everyone is and where the server thinks everyone is (inevitable in this kind of game, but we do what we can to minimize them) could be enough to make streaks extra-tricky. We may need to find a way to put a little extra forgiveness on streak, like make it a really thin cone instead of just a straight line. Now that you know it's technically possible to line mobs up, see how hard it feels to do so.
Streak should technically still work, since the line it creates goes from the attacker, through the target, to the maximum range of the attack. Just attack the closer mob and everything directly behind it within that range will take damage.

The fact that mobs don't bunch up, and that ranged units won't stay behind your target if they need to reestablish LoS, does make it harder to use streak, at least against mobs that are all targeting you at once. You should get some opportunities to use streaks while mobs are running toward you in those cases, and should still be able to line up some of the ones in back that aren't able to move up. When playing in a party, then you can try to line up targets that aren't all targeting you.

On the positive side, the streak balance numbers assume that you're typically just trying to line up 2 targets, and that you won't always succeed. As long as you generally reserve streaks for when you think you'll probably hit 2 targets at once (plus times when any conditionals are particularly favorable), then even if you don't always succeed, you should still do as much or more damage with those feats over time as you would with non-AoE attacks.
Iram Thelbane
Bob, are you making developements, or are you only testing, configuring or making support?

I'm doing pretty much everything that isn't best handled by a programmer. That includes testing, customer support, design, content creation, game balance, scheduling, minor art fixes that even my limited art skills can handle, and plenty of other stuff. A lot of what I do would traditionally be considered development, while some would more traditionally be considered support, but in the end it's all part of "whatever it takes to ship a game and keep it running."
Should be all fixed, let me know whether or not it's working for you.

Now that I know how to do this, any other companies with similar problems can just send email to and I'll get them fixed up.