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And hence why there's an open offer for anyone who purchased smallholdings or base camps within a few months of the price/name change to contact so we can work something out.
Also what would be involved in having implement kill achievements? Much as we all enjoy getting multiple kills on our T1 dagger everytime we fire off an area expendable spell it is a bit cheesy. In fact you could even have i that when the party wizard drops 15 gobbos with a glacial blast the kills go to your characters implement not weapon.

Likely that would involve changing the kill credit system to check what weapon the final attack was actually attached to. We've already been considering such a change to get shield kill credits working. Adding in implement kills, or possibly even utility feat or consumables kills, could be done at the same time for a little more work. I'll throw a comment into that bug to consider it when we're able to tackle the shield issue.
Those numbers are correct. The Freehold has other advantages, so the Base Camp got a bit of a Power boost to make it a more interesting tradeoff.
These are the Release Notes for Early Enrollment v14.2. EE 14.2 has been running on the Test Server since Wednesday, November 22, and was deployed to Live on Tuesday, November 28.

What Is In This Release

EE 14.2 fixes a bug we’ve been tracking for some time that would result in individual hexes being unable to properly apply specific combat effects until they would be cleaned up during Daily Maintenance. Reports ranged from Agile Feet resulting in Bleeding, to Energetic Field not applying all of its effects, to characters not being able to stay in Combat Mode. Many thanks to all of you for sending in detailed reports on these issues, which helped us finally figure out the underlying cause and get it fixed.

In addition, more tweaks have been made to help Line of Sight and ammunition work better.

Full Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue where individual hexes would stop applying individual feats/effects properly until they were cleaned up by Daily Maintenance.

Line of Sight:
  • Line of Sight is considered unblocked when a character/entity is so close to another character/entity that they're partially sharing the same space.
  • Mobs generally try to stay a little further apart, which keeps them from bunching up so much when large groups try to surround a target. The ones further back will eventually be blocked by the front row and won't keep shoving forward to establish Line of Sight.

  • Fixed an issue where having an ammo-using weapon without an ammo container could break various parts of the UI (feats in the Personal Window, recently trained feats on Training Windows, ammo counter on the Action Bar).
  • Ammo containers now remember what was in each slot during the previous combat and auto-restock those slots in order before auto-stocking salvaged ammo.
EE 14.2 is on Live, official release notes will be posted soon.
I've started updating the Public Spreadsheets with the latest data from EE 14. I'd previously updated the Ammo and Ammo Container tabs, and today I updated the Physical Attacks, Cantrips and Orisons tabs. More to follow.
Everything looks good for 14.2, so we're planning to deploy it to Live tomorrow morning during Daily Maintenance (Tuesday, November 28, 9-10 AM Pacific).
Iram Thelbane
I am playing since few months now, i have reach T2 quickly with a rogue. But now things are harder, because if i want to continue playing, i need both improving my character as a rogue and make a little money with gathering/crafting.
I think that i can both target having T2 gathering skills and T2 rogue's skills in the same time, but i can not target a T3 gatherer / T3 rogue character, because it's too expensive…

Interestingly enough, the game design was meant to make multi-classing to T2, at least in the sense of gatherer/rogue or crafter/wizard, a perfectly viable option. Such characters can take advantage of the mixed bonuses many feats offer that a purer character just ignores, and there are a lot of efficiencies to take advantage of when meeting various prerequisites, not the least of which is not having to earn the same achievements on multiple characters. On top of that T2 equipment is so much cheaper than T3 equipment, and support for T3 feats is very expensive. A mixed-T2 character doesn't wind up being quite as powerful in particular circumstances, but can be very profitable when taking into account the reduced expenses while also being of great value to their company/settlement.
Paddy Fitzpatrick
For the achievement portion I think something was discussed for adding more achievement points for killing higher level mobs. Is that still being considered or no? That would be an easy solution to the grinding out goblins and broken men problem and give some incentive to do t2 escalations. Doesn't seem right that ogre escalations grant the same level of achievement points as a t1 skeleton escalation.

Yes, some way of making higher-level mobs more valuable for certain achievements is something that's been discussed, and is one of my personal pet projects to get in at some point. Some achievements, like Goblin Slayer, already have some variations like Elite Goblin Slayer that take this kind of thing into account, so I'd probably leave those alone for the most part. For the weapon-based achievements, like Focus Expert or Heavy Blade Expert, I'd been thinking about essentially requiring that the mobs be from increasing levels as you go up. In other words, while you're earning Focus Expert 1, everything you kill counts. When you're earning Focus Expert 2, only mobs that are essentially levels 2-3 or higher would count, and so on. That would allow us to lower the numbers substantially at the higher end and let everyone spend their time fighting appropriately-challenging enemies, rather than just grinding through low-level mobs for easy kills. It shouldn't be overly difficult to design and implement something like that, though we'd have to go through everyone's progress on any changed achievements and adjust their progress to match any new numbers (so if you were halfway to Focus Expert 8, you'd still be halfway there after the change). I'd really like to look into it at some point, but can't quite justify getting it to the top of the priority list yet.

Paddy Fitzpatrick
Also, sometimes small things like titles you can pick for yourself after getting certain achievement levels can be a start. How about adding titles such as Ogre Slayer, Expert Tailor, Advanced Alchemist, War Hero or Player Slayer for PvP, etc.? That would add some flavor for sure.

Titles are something we've talked about adding, and still want to do. Hooking some of them up to achievements could make them a lot more interesting. I've added a feature request to look into that when we have a chance.
Bringslite-Dominion Soldier
On the other hand, I was just mentioning last night in an escalation that I am really digging ranged combat now. While most would find party members and mobs moving into their LoS as annoying, I find it dynamic, forcing me to move to reestablish LoS or pick anther target. Not sure why but I am liking that, having to move around and choose targets from a melee mess. smile

That's certainly the goal for LoS, adding a nice little layer of complexity to combat that makes you adjust your strategies as circumstances change on the battlefield. The tricky part is making sure it's not requiring so many adjustments that it just gets aggravating, and also making sure it feels intuitive enough overall that those adjustments can be made fairly easily. Things felt pretty balanced in those respects for the combat situations I experienced during testing, but there are, unsurprisingly, plenty of other situations that need more tuning.