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All posts created by Bob

Many thanks, I'll get the info in those tickets (and those already coming in from others, many thanks for those as well) into our bug database.

As a general comment, support tickets are a great way to report the issues you come across. Even if you want to post a longer write-up on the forums (better editing on tickets is yet another feature request we'd like to deal with eventually, but will be a fair amount of work), a short ticket gets the issue reported with a bunch of helpful data attached, and also makes it easier for us to track the issue and make sure it gets into our bug database.
Iram Thelbane
So it doesn't give you a set that match the actual Tier you can use? It's only for newest players.

And because someone would probably ask this soon, here's what's in a New Player Pack:

  • Apprentice's Cure Potion +1 (15)
  • Apprentice's Fire +1 (15)
  • Apprentice's Resistance +1 (10)
  • Apprentice's Speed Potion +1 (5)
  • Apprentice's Tangle Bomb +1 (10)
  • Bag of Holding Claim Ticket
  • Copper Coin (500)
  • Disciple's Simple Charge +1 (100)
  • Ring of Protection Claim Ticket
  • Steel Bodkin Arrow +1 (100)
To be specific, here's what each pack gives out:

  • Acolyte's Battle Focus +1
  • Disciple's Simple Charge +1 (100)
  • Novice's Charge Gem +1
  • Novitiate's Holy Symbol +1
  • Novitiate's Scale +1
  • Ornate Chain Belt
  • Pine Light Shield +1
  • Steel Light Mace +1
  • Warm Gloves

  • Guard's Quiver +1
  • Hide and Steel Banded +1
  • Hunter's Longbow +1
  • Pine Light Shield +1
  • Simple Belt
  • Steel Bodkin Arrow +1 (100)
  • Steel Longsword +1
  • Student's Trophy Charm +1
  • Sumptuous Ring

  • Footpad's Leathers +1
  • Guard's Quiver +1
  • Hunter's Shortbow +1
  • Simple Belt
  • Steel Bodkin Arrow +1 (100)
  • Steel Dagger +1
  • Steel Short Sword +1
  • Student's Rogue Kit +1
  • Sumptuous Ring

  • Apprentice's Charged Staff +1
  • Apprentice's Charged Wand +1
  • Costume Bracelet
  • Disciple's Simple Charge +1 (200)
  • Learner's Spellbook +1
  • Novice's Charge Gem +1 (2)
  • Ornate Necklace
  • Runespun Robes +1
The only thing you can really change right now is the order the ammo is loaded into different slots. I thought it would restock first from the top slot down (which would include salvage ammo if it's in a slot or was recently in a slot), then auto-load salvage ammo if there's more room. If you at one point had salvage gems in your top slot, and T2 in a lower slot, then it would restock the salvage ammo, notice that it now has charges in the top slot, and thus switch to firing salvage until it runs out. Alternatively, the program could be auto-loading salvage first, then reloading the rest if there's still room. If so, that's probably something we could switch around pretty easily, though I'd be interested to hear more opinions about the order we're stocking things in before making any changes.

Likewise, I could add a feature request for Reloading/Restocking preferences. As you all get a bit more used to this initial ammo system, it would be great to hear more opinions on what improvements seem the most important so that we can better prioritize them against each other, and against other planned work.
This sounds suspiciously like a bug we get every once in a while where a hex will start applying a particular feat or effect incorrectly. Whenever you notice something like this, it would be very helpful to file a quick customer support ticket while you're still in the hex (click on the house icon in the upper-right and select Send Support Ticket from the Main Menu). That automatically sends us a bunch of information about your character, your in-game location, and the time the ticket is filed, so you just need to type in a quick statement of what behavior you're seeing (nothing happens when I use the Speed spell).

Even more helpful would be to go to a neighboring hex and see if the behavior corrects itself. Then file another quick support ticket from that hex, just saying whether or not you're still seeing the behavior. If you're still seeing it, then it's probably a more global problem. If not, go back to the original hex, see if the incorrect behavior returns, and again file a ticket from that hex saying whether or not the behavior returned. If it returned, then it's likely that single hex is affected, and it will probably correct itself during the next Daily Maintenance. If it didn't return, then it was probably just a temporary issue with your client and switching hexes fixed it.

If the behavior does occur in multiple hexes of the same type, like if it occurs in more than one monster hex or more than one low-security hex, that would also be interesting to hear.
We ran our cleanup process on the zero-durability ammo containers this morning and it looks like they should all be fixed now. If anyone finds another one, let me know.
Any chance of being able to access the ammo container by right clicking the ammo counter in the UI? Opening the paper doll and clicking on the container there is unnecessarily tedious smile

Good suggestion, I'll file a feature request to look into it when we can.
It's still in. Try gathering in a different hex and see if the animation comes back. If it does, go back to the original hex and see if it stops working again.
We have a cleanup process ready to run tomorrow during Daily Maintenance (9-10 AM Pacific) that will fix all the zero-durability ammo containers. I'll try to be on a bit more tonight to hand out replacements as needed, but for those I can't get to, we'll clear the rest up tomorrow morning.