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Sorry about that, just an unfortunate copy/paste error in the quest spreadsheet. That's been corrected for EE 14, which will be deployed soon.
Here's the current gathering math for each pull:

Chances of getting 10 resources: skill/4496
Chances of getting 8 resources: skill/2248
Chances of getting 6 resources: skill/1124
Chances of getting 4 resources: skill/562
Otherwise, you get 2 resources

Harvesting pulls are the same, except that they deliver half as many resources each pull (so 1-5 instead of 2-10).
At 300 skill, that can't add up. I get 53.38% of 4, 26.69% of 6, 13.35% of 8, and 6.67% of 10, a total of 100.09 percent.
Quick reference.

Yes, I skipped over a small complication. The process makes one random roll, then checks each possibility in order. At high skill levels, by the time you get to 4, the number of possibilities left is less than or equal to the probability listed above. In those cases, you're simply guaranteed to get at least 4, and the probability of that happening is equal to 100% minus the sum of all the previous probabilities.
Bringslite-Dominion Soldier
Doesn't seneschal craft codex collections? Aren't codex collections the only way to get some "plus" into your recipe from codices?

You can see how we might be keen for some ways to earn social points and achievements? smile

Oh yes, there's very much a need to get that sorted out. Hopefully I'll be able to look into it soon. I'll admit that it would make sense to do so as part of EE 15 if possible.
However I do think eventually social points for successfully raiding a holding or being part of a party that successfully defends a holding from a raid or mob invasion would be a very good thing.

Most definitely agreed.
The goal was always that ammo made ranged characters do damage/effects similar to those of melee characters, but only when using ammo roughly as good as that character's weapon. That's actually pretty imbalanced, being able to do just as much damage but from a much safer distance, so making that an expensive proposition is important. Fortunately, even T2 +0 ammo should make T3 characters more effective than they are now, and should be available in reasonable quantities. T3 ammo should be rare, and used only when needed. Still, we'll keep an eye on things and see how the balance feels in-game.
Going from 14 to 17 in a gathering feat should be closer to 300k XP, so about 4 months worth, but that's admittedly still a lot.

We can certainly tweak the progression balance, and we've already discussed some possible ways of evening out the benefits from ranking gathering skills up (they're heavily weighted toward the ranks that provide a new tier of resources, and thus the biggest benefits have been handed out by rank 14). That said, steeply diminishing marginal returns is part of the progression for most feats, with the goal being to nudge players toward branching out.
I am sure there are others, just requires imagination smile

Well, imagination and code smile
So..I understand the social point thing is an issue. Another solution for Seneschal would be to change the achievement to crafting points instead of social. Meanwhile turning on Officer would still help train personality (probably the hardest ability in the game). You have had spellcraft turned on this whole time even though it is not in the game which is great for raising INT.

One of the things we're trying to do as part of the roadmap is to close up things that feel incomplete. Ammunition is a great example of that. Enchanting is another great example, since without it higher plusses of so many things just don't make any sense. Handily, Enchanting will also flesh out Spellcraft. If it weren't doing that, we'd have to take a closer look at Spellcraft to see what we could do to make it feel less incomplete. Unfortunately, all the capabilities we intend for Officer are connected to features that aren't on the roadmap, so we don't want to add it in without some plan for making it feel more complete within the roadmap.

As part of that, I do need to revisit Seneschal eventually. If I can't get the Social points aspect to work easily, then I'll need to figure something else out to make it feel at least temporarily complete.
A new build of EE 14 has been deployed to the test servers. This is our first Final Candidate for EE 14, and will be deployed to Live later this week or early next week if it holds up during further testing.
The 10% number was only meant to show that any improvements are consistent between harvesting and gathering. If you have a 10% improvement in gathering numbers, then you should also have a 10% improvement in harvesting numbers. If it's 20% in gathering, then it's 20% in harvesting. Your actual percentage improvement depends entirely on your actual skill at each of those ranks, so there's no single answer to the percentage of improvement between ranks 14 and 17.

Funny enough, I just ran the numbers quickly and, assuming I did things right, the expected gathering increase per node between ranks 14 and 17 per pull, not accounting for any other skill improvements, is about 9.6%. Of course, the more skill points you have from other sources, the lower the percentage of improvement. On the other hand, you're also getting faster, so your expected amount gathered over time would go up by a bit more than that.