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So to be clear Bob. Is it the gathering skill AT THE TIME THE GUSHER KIT IS PLACED or during the harvest cycle?

During. We check gathering skill of the owner (if they're around) every cycle, so you generally want to keep the appropriate skill maxed throughout.

This comes back to my complaint about armor types not matching up well with having multiple skills. So while there is a FEATURE for all 4 gathering skills (Invested with Secrets) there is no Armor skill that covers all 4 gathering skills.

One of the big design principles for the game is requiring tradeoffs. That doesn't mean we wouldn't necessarily provide an armor skill that covers all the gathering skills, but if we did, it wouldn't provide as much in any one gathering skill as another armor feat that lets you specialize.

A 10% increase in amount gathered between level 14 and level 17 makes it questionable as to whether it's worth investing in higher gathering skill. I would suggest another look at that math to tilt the numbers more.

The 10% number was only meant to show that any improvements are consistent between harvesting and gathering. If you have a 10% improvement in gathering numbers, then you should also have a 10% improvement in harvesting numbers. If it's 20% in gathering, then it's 20% in harvesting. Your actual percentage improvement depends entirely on your actual skill at each of those ranks, so there's no single answer to the percentage of improvement between ranks 14 and 17.

Any way you can give us the actual math?

Here's the current gathering math for each pull:

Chances of getting 10 resources: skill/4496
Chances of getting 8 resources: skill/2248
Chances of getting 6 resources: skill/1124
Chances of getting 4 resources: skill/562
Otherwise, you get 2 resources

Harvesting pulls are the same, except that they deliver half as many resources each pull (so 1-5 instead of 2-10).

Bringslite-Dominion Soldier
Another question: Why can't any of the multitudes of quests that require interaction with NPCs not have Social Achieves and reward social points?

That I could probably do fairly easily, at least for the escalation events. I'm not sure we've ever tried those in the more general quests, but they use basically the same system, so it would probably work. I've filed a feature request to look into creating some new achievements along those lines when I have a chance.
Any chance of getting this turned back on? It would help a lot with social points (assuming there is a way this helps generate them) and personality.

All the planned capabilities for Officer are connected to systems that aren't in yet, so there's not a lot for it to do at this point unless we reconsider the benefits it gives and to better align it with existing features. For example, we could potentially have it provide a small benefit during capture games. There'd still be some code work involved, but at least we'd be attaching benefits to existing gameplay.

In terms of social points, the deeper problem is just that we don't have many achievements in the social category. It's possible that some new achievement. I don't think Officer is likely to feed into any of the existing achievements, but it's possible that future achievements could become easier with higher ranks of Officer, much as the various kill achievements become easier the higher your various combat-related-feat ranks get. But first we'd have to create those new achievements, and ones that Officer could feed into would likely require new code work.
Gathering skill affects the amount harvested in much the same way that it affects the amount of resources gathered per node. So, if your level 17 gatherer typically gets 10% more resources from the same number of nodes as your level 14 gatherer, then that character should also typically get 10% more resources from a complete harvesting process. As usual, it's random, so that won't always happen, but it should average out to that over time.

It's also important to note that the calculations are based on gathering skill instead of level. Depending on your other feats and gear, the difference between your level 14 gatherer and your level 17 gatherer can be more or less dramatic. Technically, it's even possible for your level 14 gather to have a higher skill than your level 17 gatherer.

I've tested the system out with more dramatically different skill levels and it certainly looked like the amount harvested went up as skill levels went up. If others are noticing similar issues, then I can try running more tests to see if there's a problem hiding there somewhere.

As for the degree of fun in harvesting, most of that is supposed to come from the fighting, and admittedly that could use some more work. We've got some improvements already made for EE 14, and we'll keep adding to it as we can.
With current small holdings you can own several but can only place one small holding down at a time per account. Will these new holdings count as "second holdings" and hence be unplaceable if there is a normal small holding already down or will we be able to place them independently ?

You'll be able to place 1 smallholding or base camp at a time, and 1 cottage or studio at a time.
Father Bronin
Any idea how long before it goes live?

We're hoping to make another Zog build tonight, but might not quite get all the known bugs fixed today. And of course we still might find others, though we're finding less and less that really require fixing. At that point, it will have been pretty heavily tested out, so fingers crossed that it will prove ready to go live, possibly Friday, possibly early next week.
T2 ammo is meant to be used somewhat sparingly and saved for tougher opponents, with T3 ammo saved for only the toughest of enemies. Admittedly, when spending 4-6 hours taking down Gathering of Legends, most of the opponents are tough, so you'll need a lot of decent ammo. Even then, top-end ammo should be used for larger encounters where speed is of the essence, with T1 or Salvage ammo being used for smaller encounters. That should make it easier for ammo to be produced in sufficient quantities.

Of course, if it does turn out that we've underestimated the amount of ammunition necessary for a fun experience, then we'll revisit the production numbers, but still with an eye for keeping the best ammmo scarce enough that you'll think twice before using it unnecessarily.
Okay, so I will ask the question on many longtime player’s minds… any chance that those of us who already purchased $200 small holdings can get a second one added to our inventory since they are transferable to other characters?

In general, we don't revisit past purchases when prices go up or down, which is something that can happen at any time as we try out different price points to see what works best. That said, some circumstances do call for us to reconsider those general rules, particularly for very recent purchases and for price changes as significant as these. If anyone feels we should take a second look at their recent (like in the last couple months) purchase of a smallholding or base camp from us, just send email to and we'll take a closer look.
Sorry about the lack of clarity on that front. Unfortunately, our Daily Maintenance process is a bit unpredictable. I believe the servers usually do come back up roughly 1 hour after they go down (though perhaps recent changes have extended that time a bit), but some days the process takes significantly longer, and we don't currently have any tech to predict which days those will be. Eventually we'd like to have a much better Server Status display to let everyone know what to expect, but that will be a fair amount of work.
Father Bronin
Bob. Any indications yet on what the Housing cost will be?

The Adventurer's Cottages and Crafter's Studios will be $99.99 each and they'll be made available for purchase when we deploy EE 14 to the live servers. We've also dropped the price on the Smallholding to $99.99 (down from $200) and on the Base Camp to $24.99 (down from $50), and they're available for purchase at those new prices right now.

In addition, the prices for Class Packs and New Player Packs have been dropped to $9.99 each. That's $5.01 down from the previous $15 price for New Player Packs, and an amazing $0.01 down from the previous $10 price for Class Packs!