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We're still working on a more final list of features, but here's our current thoughts on this.

Since smallholdings already offer at least some premium building features for gatherers/adventurers, we've been focusing a lot on what we could provide for crafters and refiners. What we're currently looking into is a building that operates as something like a player shop, where building owners (and only building owners) can do their crafting/refining (with a small speed bonus) and can sell their items. Each building would be restricted to a single crafting/refining profession, meaning the owner could only craft/refine recipes from that profession, and only items that could be made from those recipes could be listed for sale there. Owners would also be able to access their bank vaults directly so that they could move things around if needed without having to go back and forth to the bank, and so that they could potentially be operated out in the wilderness where there's no other vault access.

Technically, the shop part would be cooperating with any auction house in the settlement, but wouldn't require one. The shop would display any qualifying items for sale (in that hex) that are being sold by the owner, whether they were added at the shop or at the auction house. The auction house would show every item for sale in the hex, whether they were added at the auction house or at any shop in the settlement. This way, shop owners don't miss out on any potential sales at the auction house, but buyers can guarantee they're buying from a preferred seller by purchasing directly at the shop. If there's no auction house in the hex, then each shop will operate as basically a limited auction house, with none of the items for sale overlapping.

We're also still tossing around some ideas for housing that would feel more appropriate to adventurers and gatherers. Like I said, smallholdings offer some premium features for that type of character, but they're also often moved around a lot, so it's interesting to ask what kinds of features adventurers/gatherers might want from a building that stays in town. The thoughts above on speeding up power recovery are interesting. Vault access is also pretty trivial to include.

Another possible benefit would be personal trainers, which could work for either crafters/refiners or adventurers/gatherers. These would offer the owner a specific kind of trainer, with a small trainer level bonus above that already offered in the hex.
I was wondering on how the interaction with ammo and target invulnerable is going to play out.
Will the ammo be used?
Or will the ammo not be expended because the target was invulnerable.

With gushers in play now, and with the "stuck" mobs, it becomes more of an issue. There is no way to tell if the target can now be damaged without attacking - which if it uses ammo….

Currently, it does in fact use ammo. I'll file a bug and we'll see what we can do about that.
If Azoth was used, we only grant the achievement for the plus that would have been achieved without the Azoth. That was done to avoid too much of a direct Pay-to-Win feel.
Regarding UI commands, for the polish stage I'd like to recommend the following that my Dominion brethern and I recently chatted about. Feel free to pile on.

'/' - automatically bring up a command line, vice needing to click in the command box first.
'BACKSPACE' - auto-reply to the last person to Whisper you.
'Up/Down' arrow keys - when in the command field, allows you to scroll up or down through your commands/dialogue since logging in.
'Right/Left' arrow keys - allow you to move through your text and edit it.

'Right click' to interact - right click on objects to bring up an interaction menu. Of particular interest would be the ability to right click on another player in Invite, Trade, Kick, etc.

I've added all these to various bug reports and feature requests for consideration when we have a chance.
Bringslite-Dominion Soldier
Related to "Commands", how rough would it be to add mouse wheel scrolling to all windows?

In very stuffed vaults it is rather frustrating trying to navigate with the slider. mouse scrolling might add more finite control and reduce some of that…

That's been on our to-do list for a while. Often things like that that are surprisingly time-consuming, but I bumped up the priority to take a closer look and see if there's any chance it can be done quickly.
Mules of party members getting hit by AoE attacks has been around since Mules, I think. Maybe worth a bug report to look into in any case.

You are correct, there was a bug filed on that quite a while back, but it wasn't coming up often enough as an issue to make it to the top of the priority list. With the addition of Harvesting, it's probably going to happen more often, so I've moved it up and we'll try to get to it soon.

Howard/Stilachio/Bringslite, any chance there were mules involved when you had your rep problems? If so, then this was almost certainly the issue. If not, then I've got more testing to do.
I was working a gusher the other night in a party with another member of my company and we had a mule with us. Whenever the mule was within the area of affect of an area attack, the attacker got the rep warning message about attacking the mule's owner. We didn't get the message when the other player was in the AoA. just when the mule was in the AoA.

Interesting. I've added that to the bug report, will definitely try that out.
Bringslite-Dominion Soldier
Sir, we haven't gone much into ammunition concerning things like buff/debuff orisons and cantrips. Is there anything to note about how they will be affected? Will it simply be about increasing duration and affect power like it is already for keyword matching?

That's correct. The effect bonuses basically just add to your Effect Power, much as matched keywords do, so they'll have the same results. The numbers for those bonuses will return percentages similar to the damage bonuses. At the high end, the bonuses are pretty high, but that's largely balanced out by the cost of the ammo and the general reduction in the base effects given to the feat as a result of requiring ammo.
Duffy Swiftshadow
I think the question is primarily concerning how much someone will need to carry around and the impact on encumbrance. If you need 2000+ arrows for an escalation that's almost half the base encumbrance before you start counting anything else. Maybe the missing detail here is how much ammo fits in the ammo containers and do they count against encumbrance when in a container?

My current thinking is that containers will store somewhere in the 200-500 range (depending on tier and upgrade), with 3-5 slots so that you can have some variety stored away. Ammo in a container will not count toward encumbrance, and only 5% of it will be lost on death (trying to match the 1/20 durability hit so that there's some loss, just not as devastating a loss as 25%, or even 100% if your husk is stolen/lost). Ammo containers will also auto-fill between combat, so once you've got salvaged ammo in one of the slots, from then on any newly salvaged ammo will be regularly refilled from inventory, keeping your encumbrance in check.
Duffy Swiftshadow
Ummm in my experience the #1 source of encumbrance is copper coins, followed closely by broken furniture. No idea how much ammo someone will need to carry around but I'm expecting well over 1000 for a typical escalation.

I don't think you'll get as much ammo as you do coins, so that should help, and you'll probably want to hand it over to those who use ammo so that they can use it along the way. Salvaged ammo is also currently set up to provide less bonuses than T1 +0 ammo, which should be very cheap. As such, it's probably one of the first things you'll consider throwing away if you have no need of it at that moment.