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All posts created by Bob

Can't make any promises on when we'll be able to get to some of these things, but most of the points being raised here were very much part of the discussions about how death/respawning/shrines/threads should all work together to make force projection and superior tactics truly consequential on the battlefield, while still not making occasional deaths too aggravating. Hopefully we'll be able to take some initial steps on those fronts as part of the last two more polish-oriented updates, but there will still be some hard prioritization choices to make at that time. If they don't make the cut, they'll certainly be high on the list of things to work on after that.
Stilachio Thrax
Initially, I was logged in and still in party, travelling back to Ozem's (and at first still in the same hex) when Player B started taking the rep hits.

Well that doesn't sound right at all. I'll file a bug report to take a closer look.
Hobson Fiffledown
What if a PvP death sent you back to your home settlement? smile

Our original design thoughts for this were along the lines of steadily increasing your respawn delay each time you died in relatively quick succession, or increasing the respawn delay at a particular shrine whenever it's getting used heavily. It could also be possible to then select a further away shrine to avoid the delay, allowing you to get back to playing but making it take even longer to get back to the battlefield, so it would mostly be an option for those who've decided to quit the battlefield for the moment.

None of that is on the roadmap at this point, though there's a good chance that we'll at least take a quick look at the way characters log in and use shrines as part of the polish phase, since they're related and do cause some problems, particularly while new users get used to how that all works.
What about encumbrance for ammo? Will we pick up so much ammo from the mobs that we can find ourselves over encumbered? Like we did way back when when mobs dropped weapons and armor all the time. Or is ammo relatively weightless?

Ammo's encumbrance is .01, same as coin, so it shouldn't cause too many problems.
Kenton Stone
I was unable to heal or place any buffs that targeted myself. I pressed F1 and every self affecting feat greyed out. It just kept saying no line of sight to target.

Well duh, you can't fully see yourself, so this is perfectly logical. Still, I suppose we could make this work if being able to heal yourself is really that important.
Bringslite-Dominion Soldier
I was in TS the other eve with 2 players working on a gusher. "Player A" found it but was logging soon. "Player A" started it and they were in a party, allied but of diff settlements. "Player B" found that he lost rep every time that he pulled from the container.

Is this an intended result?

I had thought being in the owner's party would protect you from rep hits, but perhaps not. Was Player A still logged in when Player B took the rep hits. If not, then the problem is just that Player B isn't technically in the same party as Player A anymore, Player A not being in any party at all. To protect the party beyond logging out, we'd have to do something a bit more complicated like remember a list of multiple owners. If Player A was still logged in, then clearly that aspect needs some more testing/fixing.
You are a Troll
So, alliance-wise that is:

Dominion: 14 +2 kits
EOX: 7 +2 kits
AL: 6 +2 kits
BHA: 4 +2 kits
Neutral/not strongly allied singletons: Three or Two +2 kits
Aragon/Bandits: zilch

Alliance counts are potentially interesting data points, but these rewards were always portrayed as being per settlement, not per alliance.

You are a Troll
I think, at this point in the game, every settlement on the server should just get one or two +2 kits. Not sure what the above numbers are designed to accomplish game-survival-wise?

We said we'd hand out 0-3 +2 structure kits to each settlement depending on their level of participation in the War of Towers, so that's what we're doing. These numbers have been reiterated multiple times over the years, and are nothing new.

You are a Troll
And UC was totally granted the "dev protected flag" the moment it was moved from the SW and *re-created* up in the NE near TK and the Bloodstone Swords took up residence there.

We've always done our best to make it clear that UC isn't under any special protection. Yes, we moved them so that new players could get to them more easily, but we didn't give them any mechanical advantages, and we always said that UC was responsible for taking and maintaining its own territory. Whatever deals they made at the time to avoid being attacked were their own.
Is is that Base Damage is
Weapon: 40+5*minor keyword+20*major keyword matched
Ammo: ???
Conditional: Per feat used (Master of Opp, Sneak Attack, + to base damage)

Which then has the resistance of the target subtracted before multiplying by Damage Factor, then having zero or more percent subtracted based on attack roll deficit?
If so, what is the range of base damage bonus that you are contemplating? Is any of that a placeholder for when we care about cold iron bodkin versus mithril broadhead arrows?

Had to double-check with Cole, but yes, that's basically how the base damage from ammo will get added in. Ammo will also increase your Effect Power by adding some percentage points to the final effect power calculation.

I'm still fiddling with the exact ammo numbers, but with the ammo requirement being treated as a 20% damage/effect cost in the balancing formula, it looks like I need to return at least that much in base damage and effect power. That means returning 25% or more of the base damage and effect power one would normally have for various tiered attacks, since paying the ammo "tax" is supposed to actually make your attack significantly better in exchange. That could range from returning 12-50 points of base damage, and possibly from 24-100 percentage points in effect power. Those numbers sound a little high, admittedly, but the feats have been rebalanced to include that ammo cost and therefore theoretically leave room for that level of improvement. Still, I need to try it out more to be sure.

And yes, as I mentioned in some other recent posts, some of those bonuses are meant to stand in for the increased expense of ammo variants like bodkin vs. broadhead.
Bringslite-Dominion Soldier
Well here is a mean question: when can we have a look at some of these differences and the actual spreads of them so that we can better determine what we want to craft and ratio of specific type? smile

I'll try to post them once I'm happy with the initial implementation. Of course, they'll be subject to rebalancing once we see how they work on Zog and in the real game, but so far the current settings look to be in about the right range.
Hobson Fiffledown
So, with this new LoS-ish idea, it's a condition which must be met before the feat lights up and can be used?


Hobson Fiffledown
Once the green light is on, you can fire a feat off and it will hit its target regardless of what happens after that? Can I be fired at just before I finish my sprint around a corner, only to be hit by the attack when I am out of sight?

Yes, for now we don't bother to re-check line of sight in the middle of the attack. In part, that's due to worries that doing so would give too much advantage to quick attacks and that slower attacks would become way to aggravating around cover.

Hobson Fiffledown
Do targets stay targeted if they are not in LoS but meet other target conditions? (I think think yes by the description)

Correct, we don't use LoS to decide whether or not you can target an enemy.

Hobson Fiffledown
Regarding using feats, do we still have 360 degrees of all-seeing sight? If the computer sees a path, can I still target-follow and fire at things when they are behind me.

Correct, directional facing still isn't checked.

Hobson Fiffledown
Have you tested poptarting? This sort of sounds like it's allowing poptart phalanxes to me.

We've mostly been testing basic functionality at this point. The reason to put it up on Zog is to start finding deeper balance issues. My guess is that because LoS is so reciprocal in our implementation, tactics like this will have limited effectiveness, but we'll just have to see.