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Stilachio Thrax
Is there partial cover? How does Line of Sight work with the Z-axis? If I pop behind a rock that isn't tall enough to block me completely, does LoS get blocked by an invisible vertical column extending to the sky or am I completely exposed or something in between?

Line of Sight is determined from roughly the center of the attacker to the center of the target. It's just a Yes or No determination, so there's no such thing as partial cover.

The coverage provided by a rock is dependent on the invisible collision model attached to the rock. Usually that will be shaped and sized somewhat similarly to the rock, but it is often very simplified (more of a box or sphere). They were generally built for blocking movement or for making items clickable rather than for blocking attacks, so there will probably be some oddities until we can revisit those. Fortunately, most things don't have invisible collision models going to much higher than themselves. In general, if you can move through something, you can attack through it. Mobs, on the other hand, can move through lots of things that players can't, but they still won't be able to attack through them.
There's a new build up on Zog that introduces Line of Sight for all attacks. It works pretty similarly to being out of range, in that attacks won't light up until the game decides both that you're in range of your target and that there's nothing blocking your attack. Mobs also won't attack until both conditions are met. If you fire off an attack while out of range or lacking line of sight, the attack will be queued up and will fire off as soon as the game decides both conditions are met, just as it previously did for attacks queued up while simply out of range.

The things that block line of sight are basically the same things that block movement, like terrain, objects with collision on them (buildings, tents, crates, trees), and other creatures/characters. Line of sight is checked the same way in both directions, so if A has line of sight to B, then B should have line of sight to A. This generally seems to be working pretty well, but we've noticed a few cases where mobs manage to attack when a character can't attack back without stepping a tiny bit to the right or left. We're looking into ways to improve on that, but it feels good enough now that we'd like to let you all give it a try to see what you think about the system overall.

One interesting side-effect of adding this is that the mobs tend to naturally spread out a bit more as they jockey for position. That adds a nice dynamic touch to PvE combat. They also no longer stop in the middle of buildings, firing out through the walls while melee characters can't get to them. It does affect both melee and ranged attacks, but it's obviously more of an issue for ranged attacks to deal with given the higher likelihood of more obstacles over greater distances.

The build on Zog doesn't have anything other than Line of Sight added to it, so you can easily compare combat on Zog to combat that's currently on the Live servers. If you need access to Zog to try this out, just contact and I'll get you set up.

You are a Troll
And how exactly did you determine these numbers? I see some getting lots for basically doing zero PVP for most all of the game.

Those results are based on our records for towers held/taken during the War of Towers. They aren't based on any PvP outside that period of time.
Harad Navar
Bob, I may have missed this idea in previous posts, but what would be the likelihood of using the smallholding template to create a guild hall which would allow access to a company rather than a party? It seems to me that even if companies are a part of settlements, having a way to "mark your ground" without having to build a holding would be of value. It may be that the plan for personal housing is to allow company member access to be granted access. However, if these can only be placed in settlements, it wouldn't have the same feeling. (I long for the day when there are monks AND I can build a hall for a company of monks.)

We've been talking about some more company-level possibilities, and it's certainly possible to make something along those lines work. The big question is just deciding which types of premium buildings to prioritize. Clearly company-level things could have some appeal.
Bringslite-Dominion Soldier
@ Bob

So I would like to make a suggestion. I am hoping that this would be a trivial amount of work. Please turn down Critter Invulnerability time as much as possible for mobs that get stuck.

1. Gusher waves come 90 secs after the previous wave is finished. Waiting for stuck mobs both slows Gusher output and lengthens the time that a gusher requires to finish. It is almost a bit too long for a fun experience.
2. Tab targeting causes many repeated tabs and attacks on invulnerable critters. Lots of ammo gets(will get) wasted and that will likely not be a popular situation besides lowering the profit from the enterprise.

That's a very easy number to adjust, since it's just a number in a spreadsheet. The tricky part is figuring out how low it can go without causing problems. It's currently set to 50 seconds, which we figured was long enough to take into account the occasions where mobs will come up with particularly long paths. This tends to happen the most with wider mobs, like ogres or wolves. We don't need the number to be so high that those mobs always get where they're going within that amount of time, just high enough to say that not getting closer to their target within the last X seconds means they're messed up enough that we should go ahead and make them vulnerable even though they're not prepared to fight back.

Unfortunately, it's also one of those numbers that's meant primarily to deal with difficult-to-replicate situations, so the best we can do is try things out and see what happens. I'll try lowering it to 30 and we'll see if that provides a better balance between the two extremes. If we're still just not seeing very many cases where mobs lose their invulnerability while clearly following a long-but-kinda-okay path, then we'll have room to lower it further.
In preparation for the upgradable settlement structures coming in EE 15, I'm going to start handing out the +1 structure kits. I'll get in touch with the leaders of each settlement separately to arrange delivery, but in general all the settlements that haven't switched ownership through a hostile takeover since the last distribution will be getting +1 versions of all the buildings they originally got +0 versions of, along with a Keep Structure Kit +1.

I'll also be distributing the +2 structure kits for participation in the War of Towers. The number of kits rewarded is based on participation (towers held/taken), with an emphasis on the later days of the war, and particularly on the last day. Settlements get free choice of which structure kits they want, except that they can each choose at most 2 large +2 structure kits and they can't select one for the Keep.

Here's the number of +2 kits awarded to each settlement:

3 +2 Structure Kits: Alderwag, Brighthaven, Canis Castrum, Golgotha, Keeper's Pass, Phaeros, Talonguard, University Commons
2 +2 Structure Kits: Callambea, Emerald Lodge, Forgeholm, High Road, Hope's End, Carpe Noctem, Ozem's Vigil, Tavernhold
1 +2 Structure Kit: Hammerfall, Sunholm

The remaining settlements either changed hands in a hostile takeover since the War of Towers, or just didn't quite meet the bar for getting a +2 kit.

I'll start reaching out to settlement leaders shortly to distribute these, so now's a good time to start thinking about which kits your settlement wants and who's going to accept delivery of them.
You are a Troll
And for now can we assume Axiomatic/Anarchic and Holy/Unholy are identical since alignment isn't in?

Since those charges are slightly more expensive, I've been playing around with some ways to make them a little better than simple charges. Here's my current experiment, all of which is on top of the amount of base damage and effect power that's already added by the simple charges:

At T1, Anarchic and Axiomatic add more damage, while Holy and Unholy add more effect power.
At T2, Anarchic adds more damage and Unholy adds more effect power, while Axiomatic and Holy add a bit of each.
At T3, Anarchic adds more damage, Axiomatic adds mostly damage plus a bit of effect power, Holy adds mostly effect power and a bit of damage, and Unholy adds more effect power.

That way you're getting a bit of extra value out of more expensive ammo, plus some ammunition is slightly better matched to some attacks than others.

Similarly, for arrows I've tried setting up Broadhead arrows to do more damage in exchange for a slight decrease in effect power relative to Bodkin arrows (they should generally be better overall than Bodkin arrows, unless you're using an attack that's virtually all effects). I've also given a separate damage boost to all the iron arrow variants and a separate effect power boost to all the silver arrow variants.

All of this is just meant to stand in for the extra value of those ammo variants until we can get in the more specific advantages intended for each type of ammo, but it will hopefully provide adequate differences to make it worth creating a variety of ammo types.
Just one further point that needs consideration. New player toons get 30 charges for their ammo ration. Think about that in the scheme of all the quests they have to do to go and kill stuff.

Once the ammo values are finalized, I can adjust the amount of ammo handed out so that it's enough to get through the core tutorials most of the time. I can also add some mention of salvaged/makeshift ammo.
Bringslite-Dominion Soldier
Did we ever suss out whether iconographer and artificer ammo was going to be different as the names are the same?

Even though the recipes have different names, their output is identical, so there's no way to tell the items apart once they've been produced. Just think of it as two paths to the same destination.
Father Bronin
What is the current timeframe for EE14?

We're still shooting for close to the end of September.