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Depending on what increases as a result of the 4 second cooldown, that might put it over into 'unusable' territory. Which is part of balancing.

Adjusting the cost of "cure", especially after the global buff to beneficial effects, might be a better way.

Interestingly, if I were to increase the cost for cure dramatically, that wouldn't actually change the balance all by itself. What it would do is flag all the feats that include cure as overpowered, then I'd go in and fiddle with those feats until they're theoretically back in balance. I could lower the amount of cure in those feats, or raise their cooldowns, or make them take more time to use, or lower their other effects, or basically change any factor that lowers the overall value of the feat until it's back in line. As long as I was already having to rebalance all those feats a tiny bit, I did actually make cure just a tiny bit more expensive, but not by much since I don't have a ton of evidence that cure is overpowered across the board.

Since Devourer's Caress was getting cut back a bit as part of this rebalance, I did invest part of that cut in lowering its percentage of cure. I could potentially leave out the cooldown (or make it smaller) and lower the cure even more, but the main result of that would just be to slightly reduce the difficulty of mobs against which the strategy of spamming that combo is so effective. Cooldowns are a blunt tool to prevent spamming, but an effective one, and the length can certainly be adjusted a bit to make the combo still useful, but still something that is best with some other attacks mixed in. Ideally it will give wizards an effective combo to use when enemies get within melee distance, but not so powerful that wizards are using it to rush into melee range in just about every situation.
Bringslite-Dominion Soldier
@ Bob
So far along this Roadmap, my assumptions have been terrible on how the mechanicals will work for certain things. Just want to double check…
There are multiple examples for "arrows" at each Tier. Some are designed to be specialized, I am sure, in the future but not yet. Can we assume that for now for example that Cold Iron Arrows and Steel Arrows and Silver arrows (all T1) will have the same stats(dmg, range, etc…smile? Can we expect the same for T2 and T3?

As with my answer for bodkin vs. broadhead, there are designs for the specialized ammunition to do specific things, but for now, they'll probably have similar stats, with possibly just some temporary minor boosts to justify the added expense for those variants. When we get the specialization work in, I'd pull out those temp bonuses in favor of the specialty bonuses.
Bringslite-Dominion Soldier
Can you tell us what you are thinking the difference between broadhead and bodkin arrows will be?

The design for that is that broadhead arrows would add a Slashing keyword, and that some bow attacks would have Slashing instead of Piercing as a keyword. That might be connected to attacks that cause Bleeding, or they might be attack variants that have a slightly different effect. However, we'll likely have to keep things simpler in this initial version of ammunition support, so I'll probably just give slightly more expensive ammunition variants like broadhead a small bonus over other variants for now.
And speaking of dungeons … any clue as to when we will finally have any?

Dungeons are still on our very-long-term plans, but they're not on the roadmap at this point, so we don't have an ETA for them.
For Chill Touch and Devourer's Caress, both are getting cut back a bit as a result of the rebalance around ammunition. Melee-ranged attacks that use ammunition turned out to be particularly overpowered relative to similar ranged attacks, so they get even more of a shave. That said, when using high-quality ammunition, it will likely be possible to bring those attacks back up to similar levels of effectiveness overall, but that will be pretty expensive.

As a more direct attempt to bring this particular combo into line, I've given Devourer's Caress a 4 second cooldown. That's just one of many levers I can pull when balancing a particular feat, and it's an appropriate one to use when the issue is largely that an attack is spammable. I'm hoping that lets the combo be used often enough that there are still occasions where a necromantic player can come in and act like a tank by stealing health from the mobs, but makes it a little less common and requires mixing up attacks a little bit more. If it doesn't do the trick, or if the cure is worse than the disease, then I'll try using some other mechanics to balance it out in the short run. Eventually, we'll switch the health aspect over to a different effect that more directly transfers health from the mob to the player, at which point we'll keep this balance issue in mind as we implement the effect and do it in a more balanced way.
Bringslite-Dominion Soldier
Is it safe yet to expect that every type of ammo recipe and materials are going to be in the mix? Can we confidently start to craft them?

Yes, all the gems/arrows that you can make will work as ammunition, and all the quivers/charge gems will work as ammo containers. We probably won't get in all the keyword aspects that are supposed to be attached to various kinds of ammunition, but I'll do my best to reflect the values of different ammunition variants in their basic damage numbers until we do. That said, you may not want to craft much specialty ammo unless you just happen to be able to get the materials for them more cheaply than you can for more standard ammunition.
Since ammo will add to the damage an attack does, using ammo for melee-range cantrips and orisons will actually boost the damage those attacks do from what they're doing now. The ammo portion of the balancing equations is separate from range or any other advantages/disadvantages, so all ammo-using attacks will be affected pretty similarly, regardless of range.

Enforcing the ammo requirement for Devourer's Caress will likely help limit the ability to just keep firing it off repeatedly, particularly with the occasional need to reload, but the added damage based on ammo quality will probably make up for that. I'm not 100% certain yet exactly how imbalanced that specific attack is, or if it's perhaps more that it's just getting used particularly well, but I've got it on the list to take a closer look at when I can. The deeper question with it is whether our balance formulas aren't giving proper weight to some of its effects, or possibly even if there's something about the magnitude of its effects or the particular combination of effects that make the balance formulas just plain not apply properly.
The goal is that paying the ammo "tax" makes you a bit better than melee, in that you're doing roughly the same amount of damage, but at greater range. You can also largely avoid paying the tax by making judicious use of the low-quality ammunition that mobs will drop, but then you pay for your range advantage with a corresponding drop in damage.
With EE 14, attacks meant to use ammunition will begin requiring its use. There will also be some corresponding balance changes to those attacks to pull back on changes that were made to them so that they'd feel more balanced when they could be done without using up expensive ammunition. Ammunition will be required for all bow attacks, all orisions other than Basic Focus Attack/Exploit, and all cantrips other than Basic Wand/Staff Attack/Exploit and the Mastery cantrips.

When you have a weapon in your main hand that can use ammunition, you won't be able to use any attacks that require ammunition on it until you equip an appropriate ammo container (quiver, charge gem) in your off-hand. The tier of the ammo container cannot be higher than the tier of the weapon, and the ammo container can't store ammunition from a higher tier than the container itself. The ammo container will have a small number of slots for different variants of ammunition (2-5), a small amount of ammunition that it can have loaded at once that's ready for firing (10-20), and a larger total amount of ammunition that can be stored in the container (100-500), with the amounts for any or all of those being higher for better ammo containers.

Before combat, ammunition must be stored in the ammo container's ammo slots, which will be loaded from top to bottom. Whenever the loaded ammunition runs out, ammunition will be reloaded from the top ammo slot. If reloading empties the top ammo slot, then the ammo slots below it will all move up one place, so that the next reload will come from the next top-most slot. Reloading will take 1-2 seconds and will prevent any attacks during that time.

Ammunition will increase the base damage for each attack, with higher tiers and upgrades increasing that damage bonus. In general, the idea is to balance things such that using ammunition at roughly the same quality level as the weapon/attack will provide damage similar to a melee attack at that level, while using lesser ammunition will do less damage (possibly down to the amount of damage currently done without ammo). Using better ammunition will allow such attacks to do even more damage than comparable melee attacks, but at a correspondingly higher expense. Also, since ammunition from a higher tier than the weapon can't be used, there's a limit to how much improvement can be gained from simply using higher pluses.

Upon exiting combat, any ammunition in inventory that matches the variant in an ammo slot will automatically be moved there, in priority order and up to the maximum amount of ammunition the container can hold. Creatures will drop small amounts of low-quality ammunition as loot, so this should provide a small amount of backup ammunition much of the time.

On death, ammo containers will lose 1 point of Durability, just like other equipped items, and 5% of the ammunition stored in them will be destroyed.
Bringslite-Dominion Soldier
In the wayback, you were considering letting ammo be universal(Tier wise) so long as it was the right type for the weapon. Has that changed in your more updated plans? Will we be able to use weapon appropriate ammo despite Tier, either up or down the spectrum?

You won't be able to equip a higher-tiered ammo container than your weapon, and you won't be able to store higher-tiered ammo than the container, so the ammo you use will have to be from the same tier or lower than your weapon. My current thinking is to make using ammo that roughly matches the tier/upgrade of the weapon provide damage/effects similar to melee attacks that don't require ammo, but using lesser ammo still reasonably effective.