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That is very strange. We don't really do anything different with combat permissions during harvesting, so party members should have all the usual immunity from each other's attacks, both from taking damage and from reputation hits. The only thing specific we do for harvesting and reputation is that you'll get a reputation warning if you right-click on the husk and aren't a member of the owner's party, then a reputation hit if you take anything out. I'll file a bug to take a closer look.
All of the EE 13 changes, including the Bulk Resource numbers for each hex, are now reflected on the Public Spreadsheet.
I didn't find the recipes for the harvesting kits in the spreadsheet. Am I just bad at finding?
Whoops, missed those, but they're up now.
All of the EE 13 changes, including the Bulk Resource numbers for each hex, are now reflected on the Public Spreadsheet.
Yeah, it was an unfortunate quick fix we had to make to get around some other problems. We do intend to revisit it when we can do something that feels more intuitive, but it won't be a trivial change.
Were both characters in the same party?
I manually cleared out the two hidden Duergar infection-in-progress hexes near Alderwag yesterday, but since invasions are decided on during Daily Maintenance, that won't help until today. Those two hexes in particular would actually have a 100% chance of invasions each day, really raising the number of invasions to deal with and the number of unprotected hexes. They should be fine today, and I can do the same for any other hexes where people report that they're still repeatedly losing protection after today's fix.

On the other hand, if the problem hex is neighboring a monster hex that has been allowed to remain infected for an extended period of time, the first step is to clean out the escalation. Any changes I make manually will likely just get overridden within an hour until the escalation is cleared.

We should be able to get this all working properly pretty quickly after GenCon.
We're rolling out the new build this morning, so it may take a bit longer than usual to come back from Daily Maintenance.
We have a new build up on Zog that we're planning to deploy to Live tomorrow (Sunday) morning during Daily Maintenance. The build includes the following changes:

  • Creatures are temporarily blocked from attacking Holdings and Harvesting Sites. We'll leave this turned off until we can at least deal with the issues of excessive attacks and not-dead-yet corpses. To balance out the lack of attackers on Harvesting Sites, the number of production cycles has temporarily been reduced from 200 to 120. Although this means that Invaders won't actually raid Holdings, the Invasion system is still checking to see whether or not there should be an Invasion, and will still remove protection from the hex for the day. Please report any hexes that seem to lose protection improperly, particularly hexes that don't neighbor a monster hex or that just lose protection repeatedly. In some cases, I may be able to use a GM command to at least temporarily alleviate the situation.
  • Fixed multiple Beneficial feats that were still paying attention to Effect Protection.
  • Refining queue UI shows the correct plus value for refining projects where a highly-skilled refiner used Azoth.
  • The Kill 10 Goblin Dogs stage of the New Player Quest can be completed.
  • Text edits for the following stages of the New Player Quest: Role Tutorial, Kill 20 Bandits, Attack Feat 2.
  • More descriptive descriptions for Azoth and Box of Azoth.
  • Text edit for the Absolute Security message.
  • Increased range at which attacking creatures damage Holdings or Harvesting Sites. Of course, this won't be noticeable until attacking creatures are turned back on, but will definitely make a difference at that point.
Bringslite-Dominion Soldier
To clarify, an Invasion trumps a hex's 4-ally protection during the PVP window that it occurs which leaves first that hex's outposts vulnerable to capture and if they are not present(not placed, torn down, captured during a window the day before) the Hold is vulnerable.

That means that hex would need(assuming that it HAS a regular setup with outposts) to be hit by at least two Invasions during it's 3 days of active PVP windows to be totally captured by players. The capturing company would need a gamble of a feud schedule set up to pull that off. They still could use their Feud to do Raiding however. This does not take into account siege camps and how they affect things.


Sorry for the slow reply, but yes, that is correct.
Looking at some of the hexes around Alderwag that were attacked, and the fact that they were attacked by Duergar, I suspect the Invasion system is considering some hexes as infected that aren't truly infected. The result is far more invasions than there should be, particularly farther away from the monster hexes. We'll take a look and see what we can do about that.

The AI issues are some of the standard problems we have with AI, so we're limited in what we can easily do to fix those. Being invulnerable until they get into position is because the AI's are technically "leashing" to their new position. If you're close to them when they spawn in, they'll attack you instead, so there's an advantage to spreading out before each wave arrives. We might be able to make some more changes to the leashing behavior to help with this, but it would definitely take some work.

The going through buildings problem is similar to the issues with bandits in the trees, in that you have to pull them toward you before you can attack them. Of course, when it's a ranged Duergar attacking you while you're trying to pull them out, I can see that being a lot more frustrating. Unfortunately, this issue is particularly hard to fix.