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We found one quick thing that needed a fix (it was possible to try to make a +6 item using Azoth), so we deployed a new build to Zog this afternoon. The change was very small, so I'm continuing on with the remaining testing and still plan to deploy the build to Live tomorrow during Daily Maintenance, assuming nothing else is found before then.
Yes, this is something we've made some preparations for, and that we'll continue to keep an eye on.
Bringslite of Staalgard
Is there anything in particular that needs testing for the final candidate?

Given all the GM tools at my disposal, formal testing is really best handled in-house. However, if there's anything in the Release Notes that you're particularly interested in looking at before it goes Live, whether just because you want to understand it better before it starts affect you on Live, or because you have opinions/concerns about how that feature might work, we're definitely interested in hearing any feedback you'd like to pass along.

And as always, anyone who'd like to take a look but doesn't currently have Test Server access, just send an email to and I'll get you set up.
How many days do we need to wait after EE13 goes live to start talking about EE14? smile

We can start talking about it fairly quickly, but there will probably be a lot of distractions for the first week between incoming feedback on EE 13 and GenCon craziness. As a result, I probably won't be able to write up detailed descriptions for any of the planned features until at least after GenCon. Still, I'll probably be able to answer some general questions on what we're thinking.
A Final Candidate for EE 13 is now running on Zog. I've updated the original Preliminary Release Notes post to reflect that, and also edited it to reflect the following changes/clarifications:

  • Added a comment that some gathering resources will temporarily be at a low quality until they regenerate closer to their new maximums per hex.
  • Resources regenerate much faster, ramping from a 50%-100% chance to regenerate by 1% every 15 minutes, instead of the previous 3%-100% (based on current percentage of that resource remaining in the hex).
  • Beneficial feats will ignore Effect Protection.
  • Fixed the occasional issue where the provided building site would switch to another nearby one as you got closer to the originally provided site.
  • PvP information for protected hexes is clearer.

In addition, the following fixes were made since the previous build that went up on Zog, but which weren't really appropriate for inclusion in the Release Notes since they're not about changes between EE 12 and EE 13.

  • Creatures attacking Harvesting Sites or Holdings now have separate team hate lists for each site they're attacking. That will keep creatures from one battle from trying to attack distant players involved in another battle.
  • The team hate lists for creatures attacking Harvesting Sites or Holdings are wiped between each wave. That will keep the creatures from focusing on the same players each wave, at least until those players re-earn that hate each wave.
  • The help text entries for the Sacrifice Azoth, Town Crier Management Window and Town Crier Window were hooked to the question mark icons in those windows.
  • The chance for neighboring escalations to attack a holding was reduced to 15% and for default creatures to attack a holding was reduced to 3%.
  • Box of Azoth shows up under Premium/Azoth alongside Azoth.
  • The Azoth crafting calculation now takes into account the character's skill bonuses instead of just the existing boost from using upgraded ingredients.
  • Harvesting production was doubled, with twice as many production cycles occurring over the same amount of time.
Bob, thank you for the response. I'm fairly confident that the interrupt is caused by the death of the creature I have targeted. I agree that some things should be spent. But this happens most often when I'm backing away trying to get a heal off and the target dies while the timer is running to fire the token. In that case, I don't believe beneficial token should be lost.

I'll file a bug to take a closer look. The ideal answer here is that the death of your target shouldn't interrupt your token usage, since the token's actual target is yourself and you didn't die, so what should happen is that the token gets used up and you get the expected effects.
You are a Troll
We're bothering Bob about Tokens now? Really? An edge case of Freakin Tokens while we are trying to fight our way to Open Enrollment?!?! Oy vey!

It's always best to report anything odd you find. I've seen cases where a seemingly-trivial bug turned out to be causing nigh-untraceable crashes. Processing reports and posting occasional forum replies (at least at the rate they currently come in) doesn't really slow us down substantially, and we can pretty quickly tell whether something is worth taking a closer look or should just be added to the bug database so that it can be dealt with at an appropriate time.
Sorry for the delay. It's certainly possible there are some cases where we've committed to the attack, so we have to use up any resources the attack uses up, but there's still some possibility the attack won't complete for one reason or another. In some cases, particularly where it feels like the attack just basically didn't happen, it would certainly be ideal to return any lost resources, though fairly trick to do so. Until we have a chance to tackle that kind of detail work, we're pretty much just hoping it happens rarely enough not to be a big problem. In other cases, I'd argue it actually feels better to destroy the resources even though the attack failed. For example, say a bow attack got far enough along to load an arrow, but was then interrupted by an incoming attack. In such a case, odds are the arrow still got fired, just not in any kind of aimed way, so the arrow is lost but no damage is done.

That said, it sounds like you're talking about instances where you're using something beneficial that should really only affect yourself, like a heal token, but then you're getting interrupted because you're also targeting something that happens to die at the wrong moment. Since the effect is really targeting you, it shouldn't matter if some other creature you're targeting dies, so that would be its own bug. Is this happening when the only creature around is the one you're targeting? If not, is it possible the timing of the interruption is just a coincidence, and was actually caused by something else hitting you with an attack that interrupted your current action?
I've always been able to gather iron from the hex and the old maps show it as a a mountain hex,

I suspect it was meant to be a mountain one but the resources got set to forest by accident.

I took a look at those old maps, at the spreadsheets (including their history of changes), and at the art of the hex itself. It does look like that hex was originally intended to be a mountain hex, but it's been a woodlands hex on both the gathering and bulk resource spreadsheets since it was first entered there. That could just have been a mistake, or it could have been intentional but just never got reflected back on the maps. Either way, the trick at this point is to just pick one or the other and roll with it.

The terrain in 2,-5 definitely looks more mountainous than a typical woodlands/badlands hex, but it's not so far off as to be problematic for either choice. It does have iron ore, but then so do the other nearby woodlands hexes, so again that's kind of fine either way.

Changing to a woodlands hex will switch from mining nodes to scavenging nodes, but scavenging nodes are supersets of mining nodes, so they'll still provide access to the iron ore, along with giving access to some resources that only scavenging nodes support. That basically means the woodlands choice requires changing just one entry and the worst thing that happens is gaining access to some hidden resources that previously went ungathered, along with basing the gathering there on scavenging skill instead of mining skill.

On the other hand, changing the resource spreadsheets over to a mountain hex would mean big changes to both the gathering and bulk resources available in that hex, implying a change in the holdings/outposts that work best there and in neighboring hexes, as well as a lot more spreadsheet changes and work on my side.

And so I went with woodlands, which is basically what the hex has been acting like all along anyway, except for allowing mining skill to access its very limited mining resources, instead of allowing scavenging skill to access its more generous (and overlapping) scavenging resources.
Cole Brown
Bringslite of Staalgard
First, Thanks for answering, Cole. smile
Second, does the owner need be near the gusher for his stats to affect everything they can?

There's a skill check each gush for how many you get, similar to the check for how much you harvest from harvest nodes. That might default to the min skill of 10 if the owner's logged off/out of hex. So you'll be less likely to get more than 1 per gush.

To be specific, it looks like the owner of the Harvesting Site needs to be logged in and either in the hex or close enough to it that the hex is still keeping track of that character. If not, the amount harvested per cycle could drop substantially, though you'll still harvest quite a bit if the Harvesting Site remains operational for its full lifetime.