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Are you sure about this Bob "Changed 2,-5 to Woodlands, which was how all its resources were already calculated." That hex really appears to be a mountain hex and has mining nodes.

I'll have to double-check on Monday, but being labeled as a mountain hex is what gives it the mining nodes, even if the nodes don't really match up well with the underlying resources. That hex in particular is up in the mountains, but next to a chunk of woodlands hexes, so it's not easy to tell what it was intended to be when two different spreadsheets disagree and either choice makes at least some sense. If I remember correctly, the issue with that hex was that it has bulk resources calculated based on being woodlands, as well as gathering resources, so the easiest change was to make the nodes match the underlying resources. However, I'll have to look at the spreadsheets, and probably at the hex itself, to be sure that the change is listed right, and that it was the right change to make.
Cole Brown
Bringslite of Staalgard
@ Bob

You made it clear that only that gusher placer and his "party" can take from the chest without penalty. Can a player set a gusher to working and log out if there are others there to protect it, meaning will it still operate if the placer logs?

It keeps gushing when you leave, yes.

Also, there's no penalty in a low security hex, so other than the slow pulls because the owner isn't around to have a party, logging out doesn't make as much difference in such places, particularly if the resources being harvested are very light weight.
The coin counter at the bottom of the inventory window has some issues, so don't trust that. If you're talking about actual coins listed in with the rest of your inventory, that should only disappear when it auto-deposits at a vault, trainer, or something similar.
FYI, the toughness of the creatures/waves doesn't currently vary based on the tier of the resource being harvested, just on the toughness of whatever escalation or default creatures get pulled in. The only big difference is that it takes a bit longer to harvest T2 and T3 resources so you'll face more waves, and are therefore more likely to get to the larger waves.
How many characters in length can the settlement recruitment message be, and can we include a direct link to the settlements website?

I'm not sure what the limit is, but you'll want to keep it reasonable. You can certainly test them out on Zog to make sure they'll fit.

And I don't have a problem with a web link if it fits.
The only mechanical change for mules is the ability to get them at Holdings (+2 or higher). Not sure how that will actually change their usage.
Does this mean that everyone gets some Black now, or only that Dominion now gets some too (along with BHA) so we now have an alternate source to poach from? Is there some "equipment need" beyond T3 spellbooks that were an issue? Does AL now get T3 gems?

Black is still primarily where it was, though in significantly larger quantities, but there are also now small amounts of it in a few other places. I'm not sure about T3 gems in particular, but I did similar things to other T3 resources, trying to beef up the existing sources but make sure small amounts could be found elsewhere.

The two biggest equipment needs I adjusted for were for generally heavier use of T3 equipment than was in the original assumptions, and for heavier use of implements than was in the original assumptions. I didn't adjust for the under-use of ammo and potions, because ammo is coming soon and because I hope to make potions and other consumables more useful somewhere in here as well.
You are a Troll
So *Protected* hexes are not actually always protected? Ouch.

Protection isn't always perfect. Siege equipment could already bypass it for neighboring hexes, and this just gives Escalations a similar ability.
Bringslite of Staalgard
What does that do to the old 3 day feud set up?

The invasions can't happen outside your 3-day PvP window, and capturing still requires a 2-day-old active feud, if either of those are what you're getting at.
There are now a bunch of Harvesting Kits in the Goblinville settlement vault. They're under Consumables/Camp.