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EE 13 gives settlement leaders the ability to set up Town Criers in Thornkeep who will extol the virtues of joining the settlement.

To request a Town Crier, a settlement leader can click on the toolbox by the settlement's keep, then click on Request Town Crier. The leader can then decide which company the crier will send characters to, whether the crier simply puts in an application to join that company (still requiring approval) or automatically joins the character to the company. There's also room for a text blurb that the crier will say about the settlement. Once the Town Crier is set up, leaders can also Update the Town Crier or Cancel it.

Town Criers appear in Thornkeep near the Auction House after the next Daily Maintenance. They only appear if their associated settlement is at level 14 or higher. When a character first walks close to one or more criers, a chat message shows up saying that the crier is beckoning them closer, and the crier will try to get the character's attention every 60 seconds. Right clicking on the crier brings up the text blurb requested by the settlement, along a message stating which company is recruiting. If the character isn't already a member of a company, then there's also button to either put in an application or join the company immediately (depending on what the leaders chose to allow).
Along with giving players the ability to raid Holdings, EE 13 also gives creatures the ability to invade hexes and raid Holdings for bulk goods.

During Daily Maintenance, any hex that is eligible to be raided the coming day will decide whether or not there will be an invasion during the PvP window and, if so, what list of creatures will be spawned in. If the hex is currently infected (very unlikely until we turn infection back on in some form), then there will definitely be an invasion that day, using the creatures from the current phase of the current escalation as of Daily Maintenance. If the hex is currently uninfected but has an infected neighbor, then there's a 90% chance the hex will be invaded by creatures from the neighbor's current escalation phase. Finally, if the hex is currently uninfected and doesn't have an infected neighbor, then there's a 30% chance the Holding will be attacked by creature's from the hex's default spawn list. Even if the hex or its neighbors are cleared/downgraded before the PvP Window, or if a new escalation infects one of those hexes, the invasion will use the creatures decided on during Daily Maintenance.

Once the PvP Window opens, 10 increasingly large/tough waves of invading creatures will attack the Holding, with a 90 second break between waves (very similar to the waves that attack Harvesting Sites, just with a limit). As with Raiding or Capturing, attacks on guards will show up on the Ownership map so owners can see what's under attack. If a sufficient number of guards is killed off, then the invaders will begin racking up Invading Points when near the Holding (just like Capture or Raiding Points). If they get enough points, then the creatures will steal that day's bulk resource production, but none of the stored bulk resources.

Raids and Invasions can be going on at the same time, in which case it's a race to see who racks up the needed points first. Repelling an Invasion does not protect the Holding from any later Raids, which will be easier to pull off if all or most of the guards have already been killed off.
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Running off of that question, is it possible(example) to know what resource will be "gushing" before the kit is placed? Could a gatherer in a T3 hex with a T3 kit hit a gusher and find out he is getting only iron ore from the kit?

When you find the Harvesting Node, you also get a chat message telling you what resource/quality it will produce and what tier of Harvesting Kit is required, along with a reminder that you have one hour to place the kit. We wanted you to have all that information upfront so you can make decisions about which kit to use and how many friends to bring along.
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1. Only a single resource is *gushing* from the Harvesting Node, even though other nodes of that type in hex might give 2-7 different types of raw mats?

Correct, Harvesting Nodes are restricted to a single resource.

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2. "The resulting Harvesting Site starts operating immediately after construction and immediately drains the hex of 100 units of its raw material." What if the hex does not currently have 100 units of the raw material left in it? What if it never does, even when the hex is filled to max?

Harvesting Kits can be placed even if the resource rating is below 100, it just results in a negative resource rating. That resource can't be gathered until its rating recovers to a positive number. Fortunately, recovery from negative ratings is actually quicker than recovery from low ratings.

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3. Will the quality and the weight of the raw material provided by the node be all at one level, or will it drop in quality just as if someone was normally gathering that much from the hex?

The quality/weight is set when the Harvesting Node is found, based on the current quality rating for the hex, and everything harvested there will be of that quality/weight.
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Just doing some quick math, it looks like the materials going into the gathering kits offer a reasonably decent average payout if you can get an average or above return from the kits. Well done!

Thanks, that was definitely the goal. Ideally, the return for using a Tier X Harvesting Kit +0 on any Tier X Harvesting Node is always pretty good. There may be exceptions if a particular raw material is considered to have very little value, in which case the real issue is that we need to fix whatever's making that raw material less useful than it was intended to be. I also tried to keep the costs low enough to make using upgraded or higher-tier kits tempting, even when not really required. That said, it should be pretty rare for it to be worth using a T3/+3 Harvesting Kit on a Tier 1 Harvesting Node.
Assuming "Engineer smile " = "Engineer 8". smile

Fixed. Can't believe how often I accidentally get unintended emojis, but then I do like parentheses.
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Will there be a limit to the monster waves like limited possible waves, like once the harvester stops production or (of course) it is destroyed?

There's no explicit limit, but the waves do stop coming once the harvesting site stops production, either because it runs through all its cycles or because it is destroyed. The timer for the next wave doesn't start until the current wave is destroyed, so you'll always get a few resource cycles between attack waves, which means you'll always complete production eventually if you're not destroyed.

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Any chance to up the time limits to harvester placement until we have some kind of population? Much gathering is done at hours that no one much is online. Gathering is usually a quiet affair to do when friends/allies are not online to do escalations.

The time limit is easy to change, but the down side to making it longer would be that you'd have to wait even longer each time you found a harvesting node you didn't want before you'd get a chance to find another one. Fortunately, the odds are pretty good for finding harvesting nodes, particularly for skilled gatherers, so you'll probably find another one fairly quickly when you come back on at a time more players are available.

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So basically, deployment reduces available materials overall by 100 on deployment and can gross 100-500 pieces

Correct, though the odds of getting more than 300, even for a very skilled gatherer, are extremely low.
When answering previous questions about how gathering skill affected harvesting, at the time it was mostly going to affect the chances of finding a harvesting node. As stated above, we now let gathering skill affect how much raw material is delivered to the husk every resource cycle, so now gathering skill will have a pretty dramatic effect on just how much a Harvesting Site delivers before it runs out.
EE 13 will give gatherers the ability to find Harvesting Nodes (aka Gushers) filled with specific raw materials and to exploit them using Harvesting Kits. Once the kit is deployed, the Harvesting Site will steadily place resources in a husk until all the harvesting cycles are run through, while monsters attack in waves and attempt to tear down the Harvesting Site.

When gathering from any node, there is a chance (based on your gathering skill and the percentage of resources remaining in the hex) that instead of gathering, you'll find a Harvesting Node instead at the nearest 15m encounter site with no housing on it. The raw material provided by the Harvesting Node is based on the type of node the character was gathering from and the amounts of each raw material available that the character was capable of gathering from that node. Each character can only know the location/contents of 1 Harvesting Node per hex at a time, and only that character can place a Harvesting Kit at that location. There can also only be two known Harvesting Nodes in a single hex at one time. If a Harvesting Kit is not placed at a Harvesting Node location within 1 hour of its discovery, the Harvesting Node will disappear.

There are three tiered Harvesting Kits that can be crafted, and the recipes are part of the standard recipe loot drops for killing creatures. Higher Tiers and Upgrades will gather resources more quickly and will let the Harvesting Sites last longer when attacked. Each recipe makes 10 Harvesting Kits and requires the following:

  • Expert's Harvesting Kit (T1, Engineer 2: Worker's Tools 2, Pine Post 2, Steel Wire 2, Laborer's Protective Gear 1
  • Professional's Harvesting Kit (T2, Engineer 8 ): Worker's Tools 5, Oak Post 4, Dwarven Steel Wire 4, Laborer's Protective Gear 5
  • Master's Harvesting Kit (T3, Engineer 15): Worker's Tools 9, Ghostwood Post 4, Adamantine Wire 4, Laborer's Protective Gear 9

The kits are placed just like other buildings or camps, though the tier of the kit must be at least as high as the tier of the raw materials the Harvesting Node contains. The resulting Harvesting Site starts operating immediately after construction and immediately drains the hex of 100 units of its raw material. Roughly every 3-15 seconds (depending on tier/upgrade and the raw material's tier) for 200 cycles, the Harvesting Site will deposit 1-5 units (odds dependent on the skill of the character placing the kit, similar to the likelihood of getting multiple resources when gathering from a node) of its raw materials in a husk. Materials can be taken out of the husk at any time, and the husk will last for 4 hours after the Harvesting Site finishes producing materials.

While the Harvesting Site is operating, increasingly large/difficult waves of creatures will head toward the Harvesting Site to tear it down. While a wave is out, the Harvesting Site will delay its resource production, so killing off attackers slowly will slow the overall speed of production. Every time a wave is killed off, a new wave will appear roughly 90 seconds later. Attackers do damage to the Harvesting Site using basically the same rules for getting capture points, simply by being near the Harvesting Site, though that damage is reduced by the number of player characters also nearby. A chat message will alert all nearby characters whenever the Harvesting Site's health drops by roughly 10% (so there's a warning at 90%, 80%, 70%, and so on). If the Harvesting Site takes too much damage, it will disappear, along with the husk and all its contents.

If an escalation is running in the hex, the attacking creatures will come from that escalation, and will count toward reducing the escalation's strength to the same degree that killing other escalation creatures does so. There are a few escalations where only events count toward strength reduction, in which case killing attackers won't lower the strength either.
Apologies, we had some weird build issues this week that we had to spend a bunch of time chasing down, but those are under control now. I've been testing out the Harvesting/Gusher system and have just about finished writing up a post about it, so that should be up shortly, with more to follow soon after.

The tutorial quest is pretty much fully implemented at this point, and isn't really causing any delays at this point. I will need to do a more thorough pass through it before we deploy EE 13 to Live, but I'm holding off on that until we get a preliminary build to Zog because any fixes needed for it at this point would be pretty simple.