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I would like to read your view point on the OPs topic of this thread (Page 1, Post #1), as I too share many of his concerns/observations.

The short answer is that while we do plan to do a bit more work than is explicitly listed on the roadmap through Open Enrollment (scheduled for March 2018 ), there's a limit to what we can commit to during that time. There is some flexibility built into the last two milestones to tackle a few small tasks that turn out to be higher priority than we'd originally thought, but we don't want to commit to particular items at this time. The point of leaving that flexibility until closer to the end is to let us reevaluate once all the planned work is done, since priorities tend to shift as new features go in.

In terms of some of the specific items mentioned in the OP, relatively simple things like making "/" open the chat window are the most likely to get included before OE. Line of sight is also something we're actually going to start experimenting with as part of EE 14 (September 2017). Falling damage may also be a relatively straight-forward thing to implement, though much like line of sight, the issue is less about the ease of implementing the feature and more about all the potential consequences of implementing them, particularly the possibility that additional features will be required to keep line of sight and/or falling damage from being more aggravating than amusing.

Logging out with quitting is problematic. We had that in before and it caused all kinds of crashes. It's fixable, but would likely be a lot of work to do right.

More mousewheel scrolling is probably fairly easy, but we tend to have to add that kind of thing individually to each scrollable piece of the UI, so it can be time-consuming and can take a while to track down all the possible cases.

Footsteps is mostly problematic because we're not really in a good position to do polished audio work at the moment. Cole and I haven't really worked with the audio system before, so we'd need a fair amount of ramp-up time just to get started. Adding sounds in a balanced way also tends to take a lot of trial and error, something we don't really have the resources for right now.

Water is something we've got some ideas on, but ultimately it needs to get added to the world grid by grid, and there are a lot of grids. It's also a lot easier to add to grids that are at only one elevation, and has to be hand-shaped on any grids with cliff edges. It's possible we'll be able to add some more water, but doing so would likely be pretty time-consuming, so we have to balance that against all the other work we could do instead.

Overall, we feel that the items listed in the roadmap will put us in a good position to market the game to a wider audience, but we admit that there will still be lots of rough edges for us to keep working on. We'll try to take care of what rough edges we can while we're working on these scheduled deliveries, and we'll polish as much as we can as we get to the final two deliveries, but the only specific items we can commit to at this point are those listed in the roadmap.
Lisa Stevens
Bob, are you saying there will be no way to equip the harvesting kit on a character's paperdoll and it will always be part of inventory, and thus always drop on death (if it survives the 25% destruction on death roll)?

My understanding is that it will act like a holding and outpost kit. You can loose them until they are deployed.


That is correct, they behave pretty much like holding and outpost kits except that they can only be placed at pre-designated locations that you personally discovered while gathering. The location remains valid for an hour so that you have the option of going somewhere to retrieve a kit rather than carrying one with you all the time. That also gives you time to put together a party of defenders. However, they also won't be too expensive, so you might find it worth the risk to just carry one around and accept the occasional losses. YMMV.
Bringslite of Staalgard
From Peanut #374: If you have the time and it will easily move to Paizo forums. The more great info that we(or anyone) can access on the main site, the better.

Adding sub-topics to the forums is pretty simple, and sometimes I just need to take a break and do something easy. As for the Paizo forums, I'm not sure how well our current forums will transfer over, but we use sub-topics elsewhere, so it's something we'll have to deal with. If some aspect of the forums turns out to be incredibly useful but doesn't translate well, I think we'll just have to figure out something that achieves the same thing in a different way. In the meantime, if folks would find these sub-topics useful, then I'm happy to add them. If they wouldn't be very useful, or worse yet just felt like they'd overly complicate the forums, then I'm happy not to.
Stilachio Thrax
Bob, any chance of developing a method of holding transfer between companies of a settlement that doesn't involve feuds or teardowns?

There's a feature request in our database to look into that. I'm sure it's possible, but we'd have to put in a system similar to trading so that one company offers the buildings to another, then the other company accepts it. Not a trivial amount of work, but mostly things we've done variants of before. It's not on the roadmap, but we get the request regularly so it's certainly something we'd like to revisit when we can.
Nice detail on the Archer build, Tyncale! This quest can't be nearly as specific, sadly, and won't quite as heavily prioritize getting to T2 as rapidly as possible, but it would be good to point out the importance of focusing on a particular ability score. Of course, we don't always have all the info easily available in-game for that, so it's a little tricky at the moment without looking at the spreadsheets or at the Goblinary.

As a question for the peanut gallery, would it be useful for me to put a Suggested Builds sub-topic under each of the role forums? Might help keep these kinds of posts more organized.
Bringslite of Staalgard
You have mentioned crews and "reasonably number of reasonably-skilled characters signed on" which the latter I expect refers to an iteration involving "effort". In the meantime however, is the first kit version's mechanics going to require more than one player to operate, assuming that one player can fend off the NPCs well enough alone?

Will kits be fairly light for carrying around considering the weight of things like holding, outpost and even building kits?

Yup, the whole thing about signed-on characters is about getting to a form of effort that incorporates the number of characters signed-on to a particular task and the skills those characters have. It's not currently on the roadmap, but it's still something we want to revisit in the future.

For the moment, there is no requirement that any specific players stick around at all while the harvesting kit is operating, aside from the fact that it will be overrun by monsters fairly quickly and destroyed if nobody defends it. The character who placed it does currently have the advantage of treating the husk as their own and doesn't have to remove items as slowly as other players, but that's a fairly limited advantage and something we can consider changing up a bit.

So if one character can handle the waves of monsters, then only one character needs to stick around.

I don't intend to make the kits particularly heavy, but they won't be indestructible, so there'll be some risk to carrying them around all the time.
Another quick thing I keep forgetting to mention about EE 12: We took away the ability for settlement leaders to tear down settlement structures. Until we can put in more meaningful limits on that ability, like requiring unanimity or making teardowns take a long time to do, we decided tearing down structures is such a rare occurrence that it's best to instead have settlement owners contact anytime they want a structure torn down. We can then verify that there's no controversy over taking the structure down and have a GM remove the structure.
We rolled out a server-side fix this morning that makes 3 changes:

  • Holdings will produce their bonus resources as long as a single item of the matching resource is produced by either outpost. Previously, holdings wouldn't produce their bonus resources unless at least one of the outposts was producing as much of that matching resource as the bonus wanted to produce.
  • The /stuck command will be blocked if a character is overencumbered to the point of being unable to move. An explanation will appear in the chat window and you just need to ditch enough inventory to have a small amount of blank space on the top bar of your encumbrance gauge.
  • The /stuck command will only take characters to standard shrines, not those at player settlements or those that are restricted by reputation. In general, the standard shrines are in monster hexes and elevation-change hexes, though there are a few scattered around to fill in areas with too few shrines available. The shrine in Rotter's Hole is also a standard shrine.

On a related note, I'd like to remind everyone that we log a lot of information about what's going on in the game. Reading through those logs is a pain and takes us away from working on actual game improvements, but we can and will do so any time we feel it's necessary. That includes going back through the logs for past Terms of Service violations, particularly if we learn that players gained significant advantages over other players by taking advantage of bugs or incomplete features. To avoid future enforcement measures, and to allow us to focus on making the game better, just do as the Terms of Service state when finding something that's clearly not working as intended and would give you an advantage over others: Report the problem to us and avoid taking advantage of it unless we've posted/responded that it's okay.
Wolf of Rathglen
Can you say a little more about harvesting kits themselves? Will we need a a kit made of refined T3 materials to get raw T3 materials from a gusher? Does a higher + equate to more Effort right now, and what will it mean after our skill generates the Effort? What feat and materials are involved; pretty sure Engineer but are kits capable of harvesting T3 going to be made entirely of refined T3 components or many T2 components and rank 15+ skill? (All advanced harvesting kits are camouflaged with a thick slathering of Black!)

We've been discussing whether a T3 kit would be required to harvest a T3 gusher. It makes a fair amount of sense, but wasn't in the original design. Instead, you would mostly want a T3 kit for a T3 gusher because with the materials harvested being so valuable, you'd want to gather them as quickly as possible and a higher tier/upgrade would let you do that.

When we eventually look at incorporating effort from signed-on characters into the kit's production rate, we'll probably rebalance things by reducing the inherent effort coming from the kit's tier/upgrade, and perhaps multiply the effort from individuals by a modifier based on tier/upgrade, with the goal being that a kit with a reasonable number of reasonably-skilled characters signed on would generally produce at the roughly the same rate that the kit does now without bothering to require signed-on characters.

The recipes haven't been created yet, but they'll almost certainly be Engineer recipes. I'm leaning toward having them include Worker's Tools, then perhaps some appropriate T1/2/3 refined goods. The goal will be to keep them cheap enough to be worth using regularly, so the amount of materials involved in a single kit will be significantly lower than the increased amount of resources a gusher makes available.
Anyone interested in getting access to the Test Server so they can try out new features before they're deployed to Live just needs to send an email to and I'll set them up.