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Bringslite of Staalgard
@ Bob
Today when trying to teardown holdings I get "Usage:SetHousingSecurity<housingld><securitylevel>" Just the bold part. Seems I can't Teardown these holdings.
The Outposts were removed yesterday.

Looks like we broke that button when adding the buttons that let holdings set the security level for the hex. Hopefully we can get that fixed shortly, but meanwhile I can help tear down holdings for those who need to do so.
So Bob,

When can you start a new thread so we can talk about EE13? smile

I'll be pretty focused on PaizoCon until next Tuesday, but I'll post something after that.
As we prepare to roll out the new rules for settlement takeovers that will open all settlements (even active ones) to the threat of being taken over, we're no longer allowing takeovers of inactive settlements under the original takeover rules. This brief hiatus will give all existing settlements and alliances a little time to set up their layered defenses under the new rules for protected hexes, and to take advantage of the temporarily "unlimited" influence available to them for doing so. It will also provide some time to select the preferred days for PvP and get those activated (they only switch on Mondays during Daily Maintenance), and generally for any other changes from EE 12 to get fully taken into account.
Bringslite of Staalgard
Looking good so far. Any way to get a sticky post with all the commands that have to be entered by text?

I just added sticky posts on the Blacklist and LogVaults commands, which I believe are all the new commands added in EE 12.
The /LogVaults command logs the contents of a character's inventory and whatever vaults were last visited (as of that last visit) during that session to the output_log file that can usually be found in the Pathfinder_Data folder where Pathfinder Online is installed. The inventory part will always be up-to-date, but logging of vaults is best done right after visiting a bank or holding. To restrict the output to just one source (for example, to restrict it to just the inventory when the other vaults are likely to be out-of-date), you can add an optional parameter naming that source (/LogVaults Inventory), including the following:

  • Inventory
  • Personal Vault
  • Party Vault
  • Company Vault
  • Company Secure Vault
  • Holding Secure Vault
  • Settlement Vault
  • Settlement Upkeep Vault
Settlement leaders can maintain a blacklist of players (technically, characters), companies and settlements. That blacklist can then be used for setting permissions on who can or cannot use the various facilities in that settlement.

To check to see if you are on any blacklists, use the command /BlacklistCheck. It will tell you which settlements, if any, have you on their blacklist.

To create and edit a blacklist, settlement leaders can use the interface available on the Allies sub-tab from the Alliances tab on their Company Window. Clicking Show Blacklist will bring up the player, company and settlement blacklists. Entries can be added to each list by clicking on Add, then typing in a name and selecting which list to add the entry to. Entries can be deleted by clicking on the X next to each entry.

Alternatively, blacklists can be created, edited and viewed using the following chat commands:

/BlacklistAddPlayer <character name>
/BlacklistAddCompany <company name>
/BlacklistAddSettlement <settlement name>
/BlacklistRemovePlayer <character name>
/BlacklistemoveCompany <company name>
/BlacklistemoveSettlement <settlement name>
These are the Release Notes for Early Enrollment v12. This build was deployed to the Live Servers on Thursday, May 25, and has been running on the Test Servers since Tuesday, May 23.

What Is In This Release

This release greatly enhances the ability for settlements to have meaningful control over their own territory, including the ability to decide how much access other players have to their buildings and what the overall security level is for hexes under their control. It also makes it easier for players to decide just how much PvP they opt-in for, with players unable to be attacked by other players until they either join companies that get feuded or enter hexes that allow more PvP.

There are also several other significant changes, including changes to the Azlanti Stones (renamed to Aeon Stones, they are now a rare drop from all escalation events, and the recipes for combining them into more powerful stones now drop as well), two new T3 escalation variants (Elite Dark Elves and Elite Duergar Slavers), and improvements to the AI for NPC mobs (including spreading their initial attack out to anyone nearby instead of just party members, sharing agro with their teammates, a higher likelihood to retarget when their current target stays out of range, and the ability to do AoE attacks without hurting their teammates). As usual, there are also many other smaller bug fixes and tweaks.

Full Release Notes

Meaningful Territorial Control:
  • Settlements can maintain blacklists for players, companies and settlements they want to restrict from using their facilities. Players can also see which settlements are blacklisting them using /BlacklistView.
  • Settlements can grant or restrict access to their buildings and facilities (trainers, bank vaults, crafting facilities, Taverns/Inns, Auction Houses) based on group membership (settlement, alliance, unaffiliated, blacklisted, feuding the settlement, feuding an ally).
  • Support Level for a settlement is now equal to Settlement Level, and Settlement Level is at minimum 9 even when upkeep isn’t paid.
  • Active Rank for any learned Feat that isn’t fully supported is now halfway between the Trained Rank and the Supported Rank, rounded up, and the difference between Trained Rank and Active Rank is displayed on the tooltips.
  • Hexes with Holdings (not Siege Engines) won't run their PvP windows when they have at least 4 neighboring hexes (Wild hexes or Player Settlements) that are controlled by themselves or their allies (companies from the same settlement or from allied settlements), unless one of their neighboring hexes is an unallied settlement or loaded with active, feuding siege equipment of equal or greater value.
  • Production from upgraded Outposts is limited by the upgrade level of a hex’s Holding.
  • Holding Upkeep amounts were adjusted to better balance the overall production levels of bulk resources, and to make it easier to make hexes self-sufficient.
  • Settlements can set a 3-day window during which their PvP Windows are active each week (default is Friday-Sunday).
  • Settlements can set the Security Level for the settlement, which is also the default level for all hexes they control with a holding.
  • Holding owners can set the Security Level for their hex, or leave it at the default Security Level.
  • Feuds must be at least 48 hours old before companies can capture buildings or siege equipment.
  • Siege equipment neighboring a settlement uses the PvP windows for that settlement.
  • PvP Windows handle Daylight Savings Time properly. The PvP Window Time Restriction was increased to 4 hours and no longer moves for Daylight Savings. PvP Windows can’t overlap x-6 UTC, meaning 8-12 Pacific during the Winter and 7-11 Pacific during the Summer, guaranteeing that there is always an hour before and after scheduled Daily Maintenance even as Daily Maintenance shifts around for Daylight Savings. If a PvP Window is set to overlap with the restricted times, it will automatically move to an earlier time that doesn’t overlap.
  • Fixed some issues where changes to alliances or settlement membership weren’t always saved properly.
  • Temporarily set Max Influence to 1 million for all companies, regardless of the number of members.
  • Feuds between founding companies are now settlement-wide.

Opt-In PvP:
  • There are three new Security Levels for hexes: High, Medium and Low. In High Security hexes (NPC hexes near Thornkeep, NPC Settlement, Tutorial Monster and Thornkeep), characters generally can’t attack each other unless feuding or otherwise flagged for PvP. In Medium Security hexes (unclaimed Wild and Player Settlement hexes, NPC hexes away from Thornkeep), friendly forces can’t attack each other and feuding/flagged forces can attack each other freely, but other characters will take reputation hits for unsanctioned attacks. In Low Security hexes (Monster, Home and Badlands), friendly forces can’t attack each other, but everyone else is free to attack each other without penalties.

  • Two new escalations are being added: Elite Duergar Slavers and Elite Dark Elves. Each is a tougher, generally T3 variant of the original Duergar Slavers and Dark Elves escalations, and each will run only one instance at a time anywhere on the map.
  • Images/Reflections of Nhur Athemon and Atrophied Liches have an increased range and do a lot more damage to individual targets (but no Area of Effect damage).
  • Changed crystals in Nhur Athemon escalations to be more consistent throughout each escalation, but made the ones at the boss battle for The Revenge of Nhur Athemon drop lower loot to prevent fishing.
  • The Duergar Silencer was made significantly tougher (similar to a Legend), with the new Duergar Hunter taking its place, and the new Duergar Stalker falling between the two.
  • Added more variety to the Dark Elves and Duergar Slavers Legendary events.
  • Changed skeletons in The Revenge of Nhur Athemon event Shattering Paragons from Champions to Legends.
  • All escalation events drop an appropriate amount of coin (along with a small chance of an Aeon Stone).
  • Bosses who almost always dropped a T3 Recipe, except when they had a small chance to drop a Structure Recipe, now always drop a T3 Recipe.
  • All escalation kill events now grant achievement credit the way interaction events do.
  • Dark Elves escalations contribute to a new achievement (Lightsaver).
  • Crystal Ogres escalations contribute to a new achievement (Crystallizer).
  • Gathering of Legends escalations contribute to the Eternal Echo achievement.
  • Rebalanced strength drops for events in Gathering of Legends.
  • Target number for Duergar Slavers event Chains Reforged changed to 21.
  • Target number for Poison Pickle event in Goblin Raid, Ripping Chains and Skull-Basher Ogres changed to 15. For same event in Bloodbriar Goblin Raid the target number was changed to 9.
  • Target number for Razmiran Cultists event Forewarned changed to 9.
  • Target number for Skeletal Uprising event Empty Crowns changed to 12.

  • When detected by mobs, all characters near the detecting mob and the detected character get added to the AI hate list, not just members of the same party.
  • When requesting a new target, for example after leashing back to the encounter site, mobs do a better job of spreading out among available targets.
  • Mobs that team up, typically meaning all those in a single encounter but technically all those within a now-increased range of the triggered mob, don’t hurt each other with Area-of-Effect attacks. They also keep track of a new Team Hate list and share that information with each other.
  • The bosses for the Nhur Athemon escalation variants are rooted so that they’ll remain under protection of their guardian crystals.
  • Holding/Outpost guards won’t attack members of the owning company when they’re feuding another company in the same settlement.

  • New shrines were added near the Keeps in all player settlements. These shrines are only for use by settlement members and allies.
  • Shrines in NPC settlements (except for Rotter’s Hole), the starter area and the 2 Tutorial Monster hexes near Thornkeep have been restricted for use by those with enough reputation to avoid being attacked by nearby guards.
  • Characters will respawn at the shrine closest to the exact location of their death, rather than at the shrine closest to the center of the hex they died in.
  • A standard shrine was added to hex 3,3. This filled in a small gap in shrine coverage created by the reputation limit added to nearby shrines.
  • Removed inactive shrine from hex 5,3.

Aeon Stones:
  • The stones formerly known as Azlanti Stones are now called Aeon Stones. Instead of dropping just once per account per major global event, they are rare drops that fall as part of the loot granted every time progress is made on an escalation event (including the drops for defeating bosses).
  • The recipes for combining and separate Aeon Stones into more powerful versions now drop alongside other recipes. Though the Spellcraft ranks needed to learn these recipes range from 1-9, they are considered to be Tier 2 and Tier 3 recipes.
  • The more powerful Aeon Stones have ability score prerequisites that must be met in order to equip them.
  • Aeon Stones can now be sold at Auction Houses.

  • Upgraded Holdings and Outposts will show their upgraded models.
  • Recipe for Warden Outpost Kit added to the drop list so that Warden Outposts can be placed once learned and crafted.
  • Holdings produce their Bonus Resources daily as long as one of their outposts produces some of those same resources.
  • The expected daily Bonus Resources are shown on the Holding Management Window, and the expected daily Bulk Resource output is shown on the Outpost Management Window.
  • The planned Bonus Resource for Trading Posts was increased to 2-12 Trade Goods.
  • The planned Bonus Resource for Fisheries was altered and decreased to 2-12 Bulk Food.
  • The planned Bonus Resources for Mines and Quarries were reversed, so Mines now produce 2-12 Bulk Ore and Quarries now produce 2-12 Bulk Stone.
  • Toolboxes for Holdings are easier to click on.
  • Shutdown signs are properly placed at Spellwright.

  • The weapons, armor and implements handed out as starter gear and in tutorials are now invulnerable Trainee’s versions.
  • The ability score prerequisites for Tokens, Grenades, Potions and Misc Alchemy items are now more flexible so that every role can use them eventually.
  • The codex recipes now come in tiered versions that use smaller amounts of tiered recipes/expendables as ingredients to produce the same output.
  • Raised the prerequisite for automatically learning to craft Master’s Trophy Charms to Jeweler 14.

  • One-Handed Melee Specialization, Two-Handed Melee Specialization and Ranged Specialization apply bonuses to the proper weapons.
  • To better support shield users, Heavy Melee Attack Bonus requires Strength or Constitution to advance and grant both, instead of being purely Strength-based.

  • Attack tooltips include additional base damage bonuses in the damage predictions.
  • New command /LogVaults <optional: VaultName> outputs contents of inventory and all most-recently visited vaults (as of last visit) to the output_log file.
  • Unsellable items won’t show a Sell button at the Auction House.
  • “Insufficient Permissions” warning no longer appears when viewing other companies in your settlement.
  • Removed unused Keywords section from tooltips for Consumables.
  • Messages over character’s heads can wrap so they don’t run off the screen as much.
  • Editing pass on Gathering Help.
  • Editing pass on Dark Elves events.
  • Editing pass on Bonedancers and Nhur Athemon phase names and descriptions.
  • Editing pass on tutorials.
  • Editing pass on error message when trying to claim mule from wrong hex.
We're up and running.
We'll be switching the Live servers over to EE 12 as the last phase of today's Daily Maintenance. It may (or may not) take a little longer than usual for the servers to come back online.
Nhur has returned.