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All posts created by Bob

A Final Candidate for EE 12 was just deployed to Zog and I updated the original post on this thread to reflect the following changes to the previous Release Notes:

  • One-Handed Melee Specialization, Two-Handed Melee Specialization and Ranged Specialization apply bonuses to the proper weapons.
  • Attack tooltips include additional base damage bonuses in the damage predictions.
  • Shutdown signs are properly placed at Spellwright.
  • “Insufficient Permissions” warning no longer appears when viewing other companies in your settlement.
  • New command /LogVaults outputs contents of inventory and all accessible vaults in the hex to the output log file.
  • Images/Reflections of Nhur Athemon and Atrophied Liches have a significantly increased range and do a lot more damage to individual targets (but no Area of Effect damage).

Because the previous build already underwent such significant testing, and the changes listed above (as well as some bug fixes to previously listed features that weren't working as expected under specific circumstances) were all very isolated and safe, we plan to deploy this build to Live during Daily Maintenance on Thursday, May 25, assuming it performs well during final testing.

I was suspecting something like a PBAoE with 40m radius.
Because why would a powerful lich fighting for control of their toys fail to attack one of his opponents?

I'm going to look at things like high-powered AoE's for bosses, but the method I need to use will require a lot more testing to get right, so I didn't want to try that for EE 12.
Oh, I didn't change much. I did increase his range enough so that he can hit anyone close enough to attack one of his crystals. The range on the crystals themselves is already high enough that at least 3 of them can attack you whenever you're close enough to attack Nhur, so that seemed fair.

As for damage, I mostly just realized that much of Nhur's effort was being wasted on AoE's. I doubt he ever hits enough players at once to make that worthwhile. On top of that, spread-out damage on high-level characters rarely reduces any individual character enough to get worried about dying. So I took off the AoE's, which gave me some breathing room to substantially increase Nhur's damage. That should make things a lot more interesting, especially since anyone taking the brunt of that damage will have to go pretty far to get out of range once their health starts getting low.

Of course, it also gave me some room to throw in some effects, so why not. Nothing big, just a slightly increased Stun, some Drained, and, well, some Bleeding. The balance formula still gave me quite a bit of leeway there, so I guess those could be noticeable.

Then I found the column that just let me ignore all the balancing formulas and flat out give Nhur increased damage. I like that column.
Affliction, bleed, burning- do those things actually cause hate as they build up?
it feels like the damage that is done when the attack hits is the only thing that counts for hate/agro, is that correct?

That's one of the things we'd like to improve on the hate lists. Currently, it's only direct damage done and direct damage received, not damage received as the result of things like bleeding.

Do affliction, bleed, burn have the same reduction if continually applied?

I know stun turns to immobilize if continually applied- but how are damage over time conditions reduced to ____ if continually applied ( or are they not reduced at all?)

I'm not sure exactly how each of these states is currently functioning, but I can say that the design calls for some things to convert to others under various circumstances, while others aren't supposed to convert to anything else. In particular, I don't see anything about afflicted, bleeding or burning doing any conversion, just gaining or losing stacks.
To be honest though, from a Golarion lore/roleplay point of view this game is getting well away from the original river freedoms and "you have what you hold". Golarion is meant to be a place opposed to absentee lords off somewhere else laying down rules and restrictions and controlling great slabs of territory and settlements in absentia but this game seems to be tending more and more that way.

The Riverfolk do indeed tend to be resistant to things that violate their personal interpretations of the River Freedoms, but that doesn't stop plenty of folks from trying to enforce whatever rules they wish. The Hellknights, for example, are very keen on bringing law to the River Kingdoms, regardless of what the Riverfolk might prefer. Of course, they have to be able to hold their territory to even have a shot at that, and even that's no guarantee that everyone will cooperate.
Nhur hasn't been altered so far other than rooting him, but I'm considering increasing his range a bit. I could also increase the range on the crystals, but making it high enough that they can all cover each other at the longest range for players would require giving them a very long range indeed, making it extremely difficult to get out of their range once you start fighting them.

Hopefully we'll be able to make some leashing adjustments soon that will effectively allow Nhur to roam around inside the crystal's protective range, but that's too complicated to add to EE 12 at this point.
Bringslite of Staalgard
This means that lowbies will have a chance to get stones from lower lvl escalations too? Any chance to get a relative number on drop chances?

Yup, every event offers shots at an Aeon Stone, just a significantly lower shot for really easy events.

As for relative rates, I'll just say that the odds are pretty low overall, even for the toughest events, and that the odds rise just a bit more slowly than the overall value of loot drops for mobs do. My usual advice should work here, which is that you're best off tackling the toughest escalation you can where you're able to make progress on events reasonably efficiently.
We could add a certain amount of preference for using settlement shrines over just using the closest shrine. That would certainly make it less likely for enemies to respawn right next to each other, though there are often occasions where there's only one shrine near enough for everyone to use and we just don't have much choice. On the flip side, a significant preference would mean that in some cases defenders would actually spawn further away from the battle than attackers, giving attackers a pretty counter-intuitive advantage. Might be worth it, but it's hard to be sure. For now, we're depending on the policy against spawn camping and the general advantages of returning to the larger battlefield as quickly as possible to keep the fight from moving to the shrine. Long-term, we have lots of plans for the whole respawning system to take these kinds of issues into account, but those will involve a fair amount of work and aren't currently on the roadmap.
Nhur never attacked us until we wiped his defenses out and started in in him.

There will be one big change in the next build, but I'm not sure that it will change much. Nhur's crystal defenses on Gathering of Legends are currently pretty wimpy, so you could probably wipe them out pretty easily, possibly by alpha-striking them and then retreating briefly to a safe distance, avoiding much of a threat from Nhur. On the next build, they'll all be converted to Mythical crystals, as they also are on Revenge's boss battle. If you'd have to stay in attack range of those crystals longer, I wonder if Nhur would have at least then been able to participate.

If not, I'll have to look at increasing Nhur's range until we're able to do some work on leashing.
Bringslite of Staalgard
@ Bob
So I am still experimenting with non affiliated companies and their holdings. I just set a holding to upgrade 1 + and was surprised to see scaffolding go up on the back end of my Inn Holding. Did you already feed the holding skin upgrades into the "live" Zog?

Scaffolding is something you should actually have even been seeing on Live before now, though there's a bit of a delay before it shows up. As such, you might have usually walked away before it became visible. In fact, one of the amusing things before was that we'd show the correct semi-upgraded model for the building during the upgrade construction phase, then revert back to the +0 version when it finished. All of that should be working on Zog at this point, including proper scaffolding and finished versions. One weird exception is that it turned out that Shrines magically converted to Trading Posts when they finished upgrading to +4/+5, something that will be fixed in the next Zog build, which we hope to put up sometime Monday after I have a chance to check it out on our internal servers. Fortunately, the fixes on that build are safe enough and isolated enough that it won't need as many days on Zog before deploying to Live if no showstoppers are found.