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The Eternal Balance
So since that kind of enchanting isn't coming into the game any time soon, can we add another keyword to the T3 wearables that mimic their T2 counterparts?

Unfortunately, I think it's more complicated than that. There are also T1's that duplicate T2's, and lots of crossover between gear types. It's going to take some careful thought to make sure any changes are done in a balanced way.
That kind of thing actually happens quite a bit with wearable gear. I believe the ultimate main distinction between T2 and T3 wearable gear in those cases was supposed to come from Enchanting, since there are certain enchantments that can only be made to T3 gear.
Ammo would certainly help, but it's also possible that we're just undervaluing Cure, or that at 7% Cure becomes so advantageous that it breaks our model, or that it just needs some other disadvantage like those listed above to put it back where it belongs. I'll file a bug to take a closer look when I have a chance.
Bug filed.
Interesting. I've tried it out before and know it was working under at least some circumstances, but changing in the middle of an upgrade could very well be an issue. I'll file a bug to look into it.
I'll definitely be revisiting the ranged damage when ammo goes in. Under the right circumstances, the inherent advantages of ranged attacks over melee attacks generally requires a pretty serious reduction in the effectiveness of ranged attacks, and our plan has always been to include ammo cost as an important counterbalance that lets us avoid a lot of that reduction.

I believe the other big damage reduction here for attacks like Whirlwind was part of an overall reduction in the effectiveness of AoE attacks. We had intended for friendly fire to be one of the important counterbalances to the effectiveness of such attacks, but friendly fire tends to require much tighter levels of control and situational awareness than we can provide, so we decided to take it out. On top of that, friendly fire is irrelevant when soloing, and the current AI helpfully groups mobs together when they only have one opponent, so AoE's are simply too easy currently to apply to large numbers of mobs in those circumstances. Since AoE's had originally been balanced against the challenge of using them without overly damaging your friends, and based on certain assumptions about the typical number of mobs they'd generally hit at once, their effectiveness had to be reduced to bring them in line with non-AoE feats. As it is now, I find that Whirlwind is worth using when I can get at least 3 targets at once, and not worth using if I can't, which is about right from a balance point of view.

The downside of course is that AoE attacks often feel like really big attacks that don't do all that much to each individual target, which can make them feel less satisfying even if they're doing lots of damage overall. It's possible that we could do another pass through that would let some AoE attacks do more damage in exchange for other disadvantages, like slowing them down and making them more susceptible to interrupts, but that's a tricky balance to get right. I've filed a feature request to look into it when I have a chance, but it's admittedly behind the work called for on the roadmap.
Bringslite of Staalgard
I'm fine with rooting honestly if they can change it so I don't have to stay on a target until the shot lands. I can't count the number of times I've fired a killing blow and hit tab a hair to soon and interrupted the killing blow.
+10 to all that but especially the bolded. Am I guiding that arrow in with mental concentration after it leaves the bow?

There were some technical complications with the way certain parts of combat were implemented that caused problems when switching targets in the middle of an attack, so we had to stop the attacks whenever a target switch occurred. I've filed a bug to make sure we revisit that and figure out a way to let the attacks complete properly.
The issue with Strengthened/Might, and other paired buffs that should both count for conditionals, is a known problem. I've bumped up the priority on that, since it's probably happening more and more as better buffs are getting applied.

The way Knockdown is written up, as long as it happens, the least it can do is Immobilize for a reduced duration, so the imbalance between attacker and target would still result in at least some Immobilize as long as the attacker is Strengthened. The counterbalance there would be the need to be Strengthened in the first place, along with any ability of the target (or their friends) to debuff the attacker.
I suppose one benefit is in areas the locals are trying to lock it down to zero PvP with all high security you can still PvP on the blue shield hexes.

Of course that will have the counter intuitive effect of people avoiding the blue shields as they are more dangerous smile

Security on the NPC roads is provided by Thornkeep (and eventually any other major NPC settlements), and they're most concerned with security closest to them.

Somewhere in here I'll look into providing alternative icons (maybe an orange shield or something) to make the difference clearer on the map. I may also extend Thornkeeps influence out a little further at some point, particularly on the roads, particularly if the area currently set to High turns out to feel too restrictive for new players.
The first thing to be sure of is that you got the boss event loot at all, and not just the stuff from standard kill drops (including Nhur). The easiest way to be sure on that point is that you could only have gotten any Victory Markers from a boss event drop, so if you had 4 of those, then you did get the drop. If not, then the real question is why you didn't get included on the event drop.

Assuming you got the victory markers, then the spreadsheet says you should have gotten a T3 recipe, a structure kit recipe, a T3 expendable, and a small chance at an Aeon Stone. The only odd T3 recipes that might not be obviously T3 are the Rare and Superior Aeon Stone ones, that should color properly as T3, but technically only require Spellcraft 6-9 for now (they'll probably require more later when the rewards for getting lots of ranks in Spellcraft are more tangible than just Aeon Stone recipes). If you didn't get a T3 recipe in that mix, that's definitely strange, since that spreadsheet hasn't been updated since making the build that's been up on Zog the last few days.