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All posts created by Bob

On the positive side, all settlements are gaining the ability to protect at least some of their core 6 hexes, where currently their core 6 always run their PvP windows as scheduled. Some get the ability to protect those 6 more than others, some get the ability to build deeper layers than others, but all gain at least some ability to add 1 or more layers of protection.

When push comes to shove, it's nigh-impossible for us to truly balance all the settlement locations relative to each other. Some will turn out to be near multiple home hexes, for good or ill. Others might be near extremely rare gathering materials, or have better access to efficient, self-sustaining bulk resource production. Hopefully the various advantages and disadvantages all balance out to a certain extent, and hopefully even things that seem like a real problem to one group of players aren't as problematic for another group of players. For example, a settlement that enjoys PvP and can regularly field a significant force won't mind that its core 6 run PvP windows more often, both because they actually enjoy the resulting PvP and because their real defense is their player base rather than the layering of defenses. A company that likes PvE will value having a settlement near more monster/home hexes, while another that's all about controlling territory won't want so many unclaimable hexes nearby. If another settlement location serves your needs better, then take it. Ultimately, that's the biggest balancing lever we have. The more valuable a particular settlement location is, according to whatever the community currently values, the more that location will be prone to attack, balancing out its overall value.

All that said, we don't want to introduce anything that truly breaks a subset of settlements. If there were any settlements that literally couldn't layer their defenses at all, then I'd be truly worried.

It seems the advantages these stones will provide center around Combat activities. Any thoughts about stones that could assist with Gathering/Refining/Crafting activities?

We don't have any current plans to create additional types of stones, but it's certainly something we could look at in the future.
It does indeed start to feel a lot clearer once you're actually messing with the settings directly, but I think you're getting on the right track.
We hope to make this system more complicated in the future to give it a little more interesting balance, but this blunt initial version of it at least makes it possible for everyone to create some level of layered defenses.

For the supply lines, I'd actually been hoping I could drop that requirement with the inclusion of these protected hexes, but the roads do seem to make it still a necessary thing. Back in it goes.
The PvP Days are locked each week until Monday, and because we remember the settings from the previous week, you can't change the PvP Days at the end of a 3-day window to avoid the last days of it from happening.

This change doesn't affect the ability to alter the PvP Window itself (the time of day aspect) every day, so that would be a different bit for us to look at. I'll file a bug to consider options there.
Individuals always have view and withdraw at their personal vaults at a settlement. Deposit rights can be denied by the settlement.


Companies that aren't allied or members of a settlement have no access to their company banks at that settlement.

Depends on your Settlement Access settings. Settlement members always have potential access to their company vaults at the settlement unless blacklisted (probably a rare thing, but can be done). You can grant that same level of potential company vault access to allies or to unaffiliated characters, or even to blacklisted characters if you're using it as more of a whitelist or just don't want to block vault access for some reason.

Individuals have access to their personal vaults at holdings of their company and allied companies.

The allied companies part of that statement assumes that your allied settlements used Settlement Access settings in the expected way, which includes granting Bank access to allies, but generally correct.
Bringslite of Staalgard
@ Bob

You are basically saying that if you are blacklisted from a settlement's bank fully, then you are also unable to access a personal vault at any of that settlements Holdings?

If you are only denied company vault access to a settlement's vaults but have personal vault access, you might still have access to a personal vault at that settlement's Holdings, with permissions allowed…

Am I grasping that?

This gets a little confusing, because company leaders can use Vault Permissions to control the maximum access company members have to company vaults, settlement leaders can use Vault Permissions to control the maximum access settlement members have to settlement vaults, and settlement leaders can use Settlement Access settings to control the degree to which non-settlement-members can access their own personal/company vaults when doing so at that settlement or that settlement's holdings. Each setting is really over a different aspect of vault access, so the settings aren't always exactly comparable and they combine in interesting ways.

So, if you blacklist a character, and then use Settlement Access to say that blacklisted characters have Limited (as opposed to Full) access to your settlement's Banks, then that character can view/deposit their personal vault at the settlement, can also view/deposit their company vaults at the settlement if they have the Vault Permissions to do so from their company, but can't even access their personal or company vaults at that settlement's holdings at all.

You can't use Settlement Access settings to allow personal vault access but restrict company vault access. That level of detail is only available on Vault Permissions, and only applies to company or settlement members. As such, if you have full access to your personal vault at a settlement, then you also have whatever access your company gave you to your company vaults at that settlement, plus identical access to all those vaults at that settlement's holdings. If you have only restricted access to your personal vault at a settlement, then you have similarly restricted access to your company vaults there (restricted by both the Settlement Access Withdrawal-Only aspect and whatever Vault Permissions your company granted you, whichever is least lenient) but no access at all to any of those vaults at that settlement's holdings.
Hobson Fiffledown
Looks like eight Core6 hexes (from six settlements) will be impossible to protect this way. All of them due to shield hex roads within two hexes of their settlement. If the road shield hexes are basically Thornkeep controlled, should they count against a settlement's defense?

If the shield hexes counted as allied, I'd worry that it would be too easy to protect nearly every hex in an alliance. With the roads working against that, we get a lot more borders. Fortunately, different settlement locations are allowed to have different advantages and disadvantages, so it's okay that some don't get as much advantage out of this system as others. At least everyone seems to be able to protect 1 or more of their core 6, so nobody has to go completely unprotected.
Thanks Bob, I will try that tomorrow (Sat 4/29/17) and see if I can get it to work.

There eight settlements in the Dominion of the Northern Marches in addition to Forgeholm, I need to add each one to make sure all members of the Alliance can access the (future) company/settlement vaults that will come online in EE12?

If you're going to block access to unaffiliated characters, then you'd definitely need to add all those alliances in order to give them access. If you're only going to block access to blacklisted characters, then the alliances are a little less necessary, except when it comes to vault access at holdings. For holdings, if they're not allies or settlement-mates, then they at best get access to personal vaults.

If you've got a large number of settlements, then you have to create quite the web of alliances to make sure everyone's covered by all the new alliance advantages, including protected hexes.
You can also view applications for alliances (and accept them) on the Alliances/Applicants sub-tab of the Company Window.

I should also mention there is a bug that occasionally pops up where alliances won't be properly remembered after downtime, such that one or the other or both of the allies can forget the alliance was made. We fixed some holes causing that a while ago, so it's not as likely to happen as before, and we've tracked down what we believe are the few remaining minor holes and fixed them for EE 12. If it does happen, just try again until it sticks.