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It seems the Choose Your Own Escalation! option was popular among the player base. I'd like to see it continue in some limited form. If a Settlement could accomplish a set of reasonable conditions or quests, they could earn the right to call in an escalation to their assigned hex like what was done during the Home Sweet Home Event. To avoid using code, requirements would have to be something Bob could monitor, or items gathered or created that could be turned in, etc.

I would think with limited coding, a charm/totem item could be added to the crafting recipes list for Seneschal that used Bulk Resources, Tokens, Refined Mats, Codex, etc. of an acceptable quantity. A different charm/totem to summon Tier 1,2,3. Maybe even different recipes for each of the different escalations. In effect, create "lures" a Settlement could set out for each of the different types. Molochs like to burn things. Goblins like FOOD!

The above figures on Bob doing the work manually each time. Hopefully with minimal coding, the lure could be made durable to some extent and add a certain percentage increase to the chance a certain type of escalation drops into the hex each time it is cleared.

This is a feature we've long wanted to add through code, but yeah, I'm open to a more GM-adjudicated system as long as it didn't require launching escalations too often. It's not particularly difficult to do, but each request does take a little time to process. A system using recipes to create lures and then giving those lures to me in exchange for an escalation launch could work well, provided the recipes were difficult enough to put together, or provided other limitations were placed on the number of escalation launches.
I was chatting with a new player over the weekend and it brought up a point that PvP is mentioned a lot in the guide and documentation for the game still. Also there are people who refuse this game cause of mandatory PvP. I know of a lot of players who are active and adamantly refuse to PvP at all but also never comment in the forums at all.
Has there ever been surveys or other means of crowdforging, or has it always been done via forum posts? If only by the forum posts, I would recommend finding another method, since these forums won't garner as complete of a response.
We get feedback from a variety of sources that aren't always public, including direct emails and chats, and even take into account learnings and best practices from other games. The forums are great for open discussions, but it's important to treat them as only one source of feedback among many.

On the subject of PvP, we're very aware that a lot of players, both current and potential, are extremely PvP-averse. In particular, while they may be willing to participate in PvP when they're expecting it, or when they take an action that explicitly invites it, they aren't open to it when unexpected, or even when they've just grown accustomed to it not happening much and forget to be constantly vigilant to avoid it. That's why the roadmap had Flag for PvP as one of our upcoming features, and why it's likely to return to the roadmap once we get the cloud and Unity work completed. While Flag for PvP does add some opportunities for PvP, it also requires that players explicitly say they're interested in PvP before they even have to worry about it.
Might be interesting if the Officer skill could enable some bit of control over your Thorn Guards for both PVE and PVP defensive actions.

But I know: Coding, coding, coding…
The most feasible possibility along these lines would be some kind of bonus to the guards based on the best Officer skills in the company/settlement. We could probably come up with something that wouldn't be too hard to implement.

Something bigger, like actually telling the guards what to do or even just giving you a choice between various AIs (Aggressive, Defensive, etc…), would be much more difficult, really an entire feature on its own. It would make sense for Officer skill to feed into it though.
The Eternal Balance
What was the original intention of the Solider and Officer skills? Maybe that intention could/should be realized?
TL&DR … I believe the original skills were relevant to a style of large scale PvP that the game moved away from a long time ago and will never go back to
Correct, the primary function of those skills was providing bonuses to Formations, a feature so far off our radar now that we have no issues with repurposing Soldier and Officer for something else instead.
What about adding something to the Soldier and Officer skills? Maybe a slight party buff based on the Soldier or Officer skill? Or maybe even a buff to soldiers if a character with high enough Officer skill is in the party?
The skill exists and I thought maybe it would be very light on code work.
Any thoughts?
We've had a few discussions about doing something like that with the Soldier and Officer skills. With the skill itself already implemented (just not taught anywhere right now or providing any benefit), it wouldn't be too hard to hook it into other working systems, like providing a bonus to attack/defense rolls. Most of the time, we only check the character in question's skill rating, so it might be a little trickier to also check the ratings of the other party members, but it hopefully wouldn't be too difficult. It's not a code-free task, but it's in the general realm of things we could consider doing next time Cole needs a break from Unity and cloud work. Of course, if we started wanting those skills to do something extra, rather than just hooking them into an existing calculation, that's when implementation gets a lot more time-consuming.
FYI, now that the Home Sweet Home Event is over, I won't be updating the last remaining escalations as they're cleared, since there's no need to track which hexes are safe from this event's surprise escalation launches.
The gathering and looting portion of the Home Sweet Home Event ended during today's Daily Maintenance. Sets of event items can be turned in until Daily Maintenance on Friday, August 7, 2020 (around 9 AM Pacific), but you may be able to get a better deal for your smaller sets and stray items from other players looking to complete larger sets. See the original post for all the details.
Everything's on track for ending the event during tomorrow's Daily Maintenance. Get your last event items while you can!
Update 10 to original post: Blackwood Glade, Aragon and Talonguard cleared their requested escalations.
There's nothing showing that those accounts are seeing a limited number of forums, and we're considering just letting everyone view all of them.

Technically, we allow viewing/posting from anyone who's ever been active at some point, but yeah, we generally see the forums as a place for our current/former players to discuss the game. It makes it a lot easier for us to manage, and keeps the discussions pretty focused on what's actually happening in the game.