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I'm not up to speed, how does the shrine know who my alliance mates are, as I see no way to establish who my settlement is allied with?

The info in the "towers" options is not correct, and I don't see how to edit it.

You can view your alliances on the Alliances/Allies sub-tab of the company window. You can manage your alliances with the following commands:

  • /Allyapply Settlementname - apply to the named Settlement to become an ally.
  • /BreakAllianceSettlement Settlementname - break an alliance with another Settlement
  • /ApproveAllianceSettlement Settlementname - approve the application of a Settlement and make them your ally
  • /DeclineAllianceSettlement Settlementname - reject the application of a Settlement to become an ally
Is there a source for the lore around the Aeon stones?

Is the process of combining and disjoining stones conpletely lossless?

There's no in-game lore for them at the moment, but they fit in with the ioun stones from Pathfinder tabletop.

And yes, combining and disjoining stones is completely lossless.
Two new escalation variants will start popping up in EE 12, Elite Duergar Slavers and Elite Dark Elves. Each of these is basically a tougher version of the original, with new higher-level variants of all the unit types of duergar and dark elves added in to complement the heroes and legends and such. Only one instance of each escalation will run at a time.

I also mixed the new duergar and dark elf units into the special hero/legend events in Duergar Slavers and Dark Elves, and into the general mix for Gathering of Legends, to provide a little more variety there.
As a side-note here, while setting things up so that every escalation event provides a very small chance to drop an Aeon Stone, I also went through and set every regular event to drop a small amount of coin, and balanced those drops across all the escalation events. In addition, Cole changed things so that interaction events (like freeing prisoners or retrieving stolen supplies) can drop additional loot just like kill events always have, and kill events can grant achievements just like interaction events always have.
Starting with EE 12, Azlanti Stones will be renamed to Aeon Stones. Instead of being a guaranteed once-per-account drop for participating in a particular monthly escalation event, they will be very rare drops granted for participating in any escalation event, including defeating escalation bosses. The chances for getting an Aeon Stone increase depending on the difficulty of the event, and bosses have an increased likelihood of dropping them (though still pretty unlikely). Bosses also have a small chance of dropping Basic Sapphire, Ruby or Emerald Stones, which can otherwise be made by combining Basic Topaz, Turquoise and Amethyst Stones together.

In addition, the recipes for joining and disjoining Aeon Stones will begin showing up as standard T2 and T3 recipe drops. They're treated as T2 and T3 recipes, but are actually learned at ranks 1-9 of Spellcraft. Once learned, these recipes can be used at any facility that previously offered Artificer or Iconographer crafting.

You can combine the simplest Basic Stones (the ones that have dropped so far and will now drop during standard escalation events, namely Emerald Base Defense, Ruby Hit Points and Sapphire Perception) together to form the following:

  • Basic Amethyst Base Attack Bonus Stone: Ruby + Sapphire
  • Basic Topaz Power Stone: Emerald + Ruby
  • Basic Turquoise Speed Stone: Emerald + Sapphire
You can also combine less powerful Aeon Stones into more powerful Aeon Stones as follows:

  • 2 Basics into 1 Lesser
  • 3 Lessers into 1 Major
  • 4 Majors into 1 Rare
  • 5 Rares into 1 Superior
When you learn each of these recipes, you also get a corresponding recipe that lets you disjoin the same type of Aeon Stone back into its original ingredients.

Because Spellcrafting is still in flux until we tackle Enchanting (scheduled for EE 16), there are currently no achievements earned from crafting these recipes, nor are there any specific achievment requirements for learning ranks of Spellcraft.
Duffy Swiftshadow
I might have missed it but what will Pass hexes be since last I checked they are still unclaimable?

Pass hexes aren't technically their own hex type, just a modifier placed over another hex type that also makes them unclaimable by virtue of not having a spot for a Holding. Most of them are technically Wild hexes (Medium Security), except for a small number along the major roads or near Thornkeep, which are technically NPC hexes (High Security). Unless, of course, I change those major roads to a new hex type like NPC Medium, in which case those hexes would become Medium as well.
Alternatively, whenever you're worried about an automatic billing not going through in time, you can always purchase time manually from the store. If you do that, then the automatic billing system won't charge you again because you'll already have at least 1 month of game time available on your account when it checks to see whether or not to bill your subscription during downtime.
Rebilling on an active account only occurs during downtime, so any payment information and subscription settings added today wouldn't actually result in a charge until tomorrow morning (Pacific). The wording to the effect that we weren't able to bill you and please adjust your settings can unfortunately show up misleadingly if you update your subscription during the 5 day window between when we usually bill you and when your account goes inactive, but will go away after billing occurs during the next downtime. We've got a bug report filed to make the messaging there much clearer.

If an expected payment doesn't go through, send an email to and we'll look into it.
I like the idea of making the major roads yellow, but putting more Thornguard spawns through them.

Long-term, the goal is to have guards patrolling the major roads, just regularly enough to keep them safer than wilder areas but not enough to keep them completely locked down. However, that's going to take some tech, and isn't on our current roadmap. Placing individual guards, like the ones around Thornkeep, is easy enough to do, but time-consuming to do for so many hexes, and then would need to be undone when we get around to implementing patrolling guards. It wouldn't be too much work to add some guards going just 2-3 more hexes away from Thornkeep (or to undo that limited number later), as kind of a buffer area, so that might be a good compromise to look at. Still a reasonable amount of work, so I'm not sure when I'd fit it in, but I could probably fit it in relatively soon.
Could we get the recipes added to the crafting list at some point? And as always, thanks bob.

Easy enough, so already done. I'll do a more complete update on the spreadsheets after EE 12, since there are a fair number of changes involved.