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Hey Bob, another question.

Feats/skills that have variable support levels, depending on the trainer. Example HP support varies according to which trainer is used - so for HP 16, it can be Dreadnaught 16, Seminary 19 or Skirmisher 19. Does the system look at just the support level, or does it look at what trainers are available in the settlement.

If you are a wizard with 20 HP, and your settlement is at level 16 and has no dreadaught, but does have a seminary and a warwizard.
Is your HP feat based off of the warwizard trainer, rank 8 max, with a modified rank HP 12?
Or is you HP feat based off of the seminary trainer, rank 13 max, with a modified rank HP 17?
Or is you HP feat based off of the support level of the settlement, rank 16 max, with a modified rank HP 18?

We don't currently look at exactly what trainers are available in the settlement, and we're still debating exactly how we're going to handle that when we start supporting individual building upgrades. For the moment, you just get support for the highest rank trainable by any possible trainer at your settlement/support level. So for the example given, your support for HP would be based off the training available from a dreadnaught trainer at support level 16, meaning support for rank 16, with an active rank of 18 if your trained rank is 20.
If you need to have the information entered after May 18, wouldn't it be better for retention if the discount applies for a few days afterward?

The payment information has to be re-entered starting April 18, so the sale lasts through May 18 to make sure all monthly subscribers get at least one automatic rebill at the reduced prices. Biannual and annual subscribers wanting to take advantage of the reduced price will need to make a manual purchase in advance if their next rebill doesn't come until after the sale is over, but they'll get it automatically if their first rebill comes during the sale.
I need to re-read the blog, all my account info is already present for auto-billing, do I need to register my credit card now on the Paizo site?

One other thing, accounts and payment info for Pathfinder Online will still be handled through the web site for now. This change doesn't require any adjustments to your Paizo accounts.
I need to re-read the blog, all my account info is already present for auto-billing, do I need to register my credit card now on the Paizo site?

You don't need to do anything right now. The switch will occur on April 18 at noon (Pacific), at which point all links to your payment information will be removed from your account. You'll then get an email letting you know that your payment information needs to be re-entered, so you don't need to do anything until that point. However, if you want to give yourself some breathing room, you have the option of manually purchasing game time from the store at the reduced price right up until the switch occurs, using the payment info currently attached to your account.
I believe this may be a good time to go to six month subscriptions on all my accounts and watch the savings roll in. smile

Keep in mind that only transactions processed between now and the time the sale ends on May 18 will get the reduced price. This doesn't lock in the price for transactions after that point.

That said, six month subscriptions will still get their standard deduction from the monthly subscription price after the sale ends, so you'll still get some savings on future automatic payments. You'll just get more savings on transactions that go through during the sale.
Just posted a new blog post called A Little Something For Your Trouble. Check it out there, comment on it here.
Yeah, though I think you might need a level 20 gatherer to get T3 without a settlement at all.

Actually, 19 will do it, since everyone has a minimum support level of 8:

( 19 + 8 ) / 2 = 13.5, which rounds up to 14.

The minimum support level for anyone in a settlement is 9, and starting in EE 12 that will be true even if upkeep isn't paid, so any settlement member who's at least a level 18 gatherer will still be able to gather T3 without the settlement paying for any support. They just won't gather it as well as they would with additional support.
Just to confirm, if you have a gatherer that has rank 14 in the gathering skill and can mine T3 resources, if they are not part of a settlement that has support set at level 13 or 14, then they can no longer gather T3 goods?

That should be correct. At settlement level 12, you'd only have support for rank 12 of a gathering skill (since they have 20 ranks), so if your trained rank is 14 then your active rank would be 13 and you'd only be able to do whatever comes with rank 13.
Would it be possible to get game state logging out of the client in a running stream? Something like, for gathering,

[time, action, target, location, result]
"10:21.54.134", "gather", "rock", "@3.2,-1.4", "3 iron ore, 1 another thing".

There are some possibilities there, but usually the stuff we can easily log out as a game state stream is pretty limited. Most of the time, the useful information has to be logged out separately as part of each bit of code that changes the game state, and that work adds up quickly.

I'll add a feature request for us to look into the possibilities when we've got more time.
You are a Troll
I don't think this question has been answered yet: will Blacklists include the tavern in the settlement or no?


To be technically pedantic, permissions will include the ability to control who uses your settlement tavern, and you will be able to set the permissions for those on your blacklist.