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All posts created by Bob

Bringslite of Staalgard
Will bonuses for Holding types, that were never hooked up, be activated? i.e. bonus ore output for beefed up mining holdings?

They're not on the roadmap, so for now my tweaks would be based on not getting any bonuses.
Threading was discussed, but was pretty complicated and didn't really hit the goals Lisa spelled out as well as the tasks that did make it into the roadmap. Definitely something we'd like to revisit at some point.
In terms of the capture rules for taking holdings/outposts, we did talk about some potential changes to those, but they also didn't quite make the cut. If at some point we're able to pull that back in, then we can talk about the possibilities, but for now we want to avoid too many speculative discussions about changes we don't currently have a way to fit into our schedule.
Will feuds still allow 23/7 targeting of companies? Will feuds ignore the PvP limitations that holding owners set in each hex?

I'll start up a separate thread on the whole Opt-In PvP topic soon, but our initial thoughts are that feuds would always allow attacks. In a sense, you've opted-in to occasionally being feuded by joining a company.
Both settlements and large territorial claims are built up over time, and we likewise want them to fall over time. The more dynamic back-and-forth battles should be taking place along borders, or in the less settled areas of the map where territorial claims are still being established.
So for now this is strictly a math based formula ?
A wizard that is attached to a settlement without wizard training- will only need to worry about the level of support,
and not the fact their settlement actually has no wizards to train them.

Yes, at least for now, we'll be continuing with settlements having an overall settlement level that defines how much support the settlement gives across the board. We'll talk more about any possible changes to that system when we get closer to implementing structure upgrades (EE 15).
Bringslite of Staalgard
@ Bob

•Let settlements select a 3-day period for their PvP windows to be open and require 48-hour minimum delay on feuds.
Does that mean a 72 hour window or a 3 day span of the same old window length by settlement level?
Probably a silly question(I hope) but you never know. smile

Three day span of the current window time/length.
Yes, the idea is that you have to work your way in, at least to some extent. It's a fairly simple way for us to let alliances put up layered defenses and focus on what amount to their "border" hexes, though they do have to work around the large number of hexes that can't be claimed. Combat was always meant to be much more common along an alliance's borders rather than deep within its territory.
As a side note, we've added some UI to make this issue clearer. In the Feat Window, the tooltips always include your Trained Rank, Supported Rank and Current Rank. On other tooltips, you'll see both your Current Rank and your Trained Rank (i.e. 5/6) if your Current Rank is being reduced, or just your Current Rank if not.
The Eternal Balance
Seems too generous. Characters belonging to a minimum level settlement should not be gifted level 15 training.

Edit: Perhaps I am not understanding what exactly determines the level of support a settlement provides? I have never seen a settlement with only level 5 support, so i must be missing something here.

For the moment, Settlement Level and Support Level are identical. We tend to refer to them differently because we ultimately want to have other ways to provide support, but for now even the UI only shows Settlement Level. If you're not in a settlement, then we treat your Settlement Level as 8. If you're in a Settlement, then your Settlement Level is between 9 and 20, depending on what upkeep your settlement is paying. Currently, if your settlement fails to pay upkeep you can drop to a Settlement Level of zero, but for EE 12 we've changed that to drop you down to 9, since that's available without any upkeep cost.

You still can't train beyond what's available at your Settlement Level, so this only kicks in if you've had support at some point, trained up, then lost that support. It doesn't give you any training beyond what you've learned, just lets you keep some of what you've learned if you later lose support. The idea is to acknowledge that you as a character did learn these skills, and that they're a reflection of you as a character, not just of what settlement you're attached to, while still saying that you can't take full advantage of all your training if you don't have a settlement backing you up.

The reason the numbers in my examples go as low as 5 is that I'm talking about the ranks of individual feats, not your overall support level. Take Whirlwind as an example. Everyone has support for Whirlwind up to rank 3, but you have to have a Support Level of 9 to learn/support Whirlwind 4, a Support Level of 12 to learn Whirlwind 5, and a Support Level of 16 to learn Whirlwind 6. So with the new system, if you previously learned Whirlwind 5 while you had a Support Level of 12, but now you leave your settlement (Support Level smile, you'll still be able to use Whirlwind at rank 4. The old system would have dropped you all the way to rank 3 in that case.