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All posts created by Bob

AS to the Rulebook for Paizo tabletop players: I still think those will never be your demographic for this game, unless you make PvP a lot more consensual, or rather entirely consensual, and add a lot of PVE.

We do indeed plan on making PvP a lot more consensual. I'll start up a forum thread soon to discuss it in more detail, but that's the general idea of the Opt-In PvP section under the very first milestone. We'll also be adding a bit more PvE, specifically with monsters attacking at Holdings and Gushers, and with at least one new escalation and several new escalation variants, but there will admittedly be some limits to how much content we can add in the short run.

It's not exactly an error, because that armor is meant to better serve some eventual feats that don't take advantage of the Truesilver keyword. However, it's possible that I could add the Truesilver keyword in there as well, but I'd have to do a lot of careful checking to make sure that didn't make the armor a little too useful. I'll file a bug report to consider adding it.
While population is low, and though being given to a proper way to fix this, as an interim solution, could the companies involved in Mule Games simply email you and you adjust their influence back to what it was before the game?

It's possible there's some GM-type things I could do to help out, but there'd likely be a fair amount of coordination and general overhead in making sure everything's done right.
There could definitely be some improvements to influence and reputation, and these kinds of considerations would be part of the debate if we're able to fit tackling that part of the code into our plans. If we can, we're pretty sure there are at least a few relatively simple possibilities, some similar to those listed above, that could be helpful. On the downside, changes to these systems tend to have complicated consequences, so we'll likely have to spend some time thinking those through before implementing anything.
To be honest it would be good if any small holdings belonging to unsubbed accounts returned to the characters inventory after a reasonable period unsubbed (3 or 6 months?).

There will of course be some issues with stuff stored in these holdings if the player returns. They would need to work out what hex the small holding was last placed in and set it back up in that same same hex to get their stuff back.

Yeah, we're putting some thought into what to do about smallholdings in cases like those. Smallholdings currently leave behind husks, so players would actually lose their stuff when smallholdings get torn down unless we made some additional changes. That's part of why I've focused on banned players so far, because there's no need to be concerned about anything left behind.
Will there be a cleaning up of Small Holdings that were owned by now banned players?

I took care of several of those a while ago, but don't have an easy way to track down stragglers at the moment. For now, just send an email to with the location of any smallholdings you suspect are owned by banned players and I'll look into them.
The missing settlement structures and holdings appear to be back this morning, and it looks like the problem vaults are accessible again as well. If anyone notices any lingering effects, send email to and we'll look into it.
I mistook this for an attack and have replaced structures in two of the 4 hexs that were lost before your message.
I can provide you with details on those hex's and what I can remember was there and what it has been replaced with.

I would prefer the old building back though as they were at +3 and the one's I replaced were not all up to that level.
It was holdings held by Emerald Lodge company.

Hope this helps you Bob


Send the Before and After details to We'll figure out how to fix things once we see what things look like after today's Daily Maintenance.
Meanwhile, I'd suggest not trying to replace any of the missing buildings. Hopefully everything will just reappear tomorrow, and any new buildings would likely cause conflicts.
There does seem to be something odd going on, which looks like it might have affected specific companies. Hopefully it will all be cleaned up during tomorrow's Daily Maintenance. If not, we'll take a closer look and see if we can figure out what happened and what the best way to correct it is.