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These are the Preliminary Release Notes for Early Enrollment v11.6. This build was deployed to the Live Servers on Friday, February 24, and has been running on the Test Servers since Monday, February 13.

What Is In This Release

This release adds Siege Engines and Siege Camps, which can be placed like Holdings and Outposts in the hexes surrounding a settlement in order to damage the settlement and ultimately take it over. The recipes to craft the Siege Engines and Camps are available as loot drops, and they’re available in both Tier 2 (Professional’s) and Tier 3 (Master’s) versions. The complete rules for sieging a settlement will be posted shortly, with all the rules and damage calculations handled by GM's. Once those rules are finalized, we'll provide at least 2 weeks of warning before they go into effect. Meanwhile, this update will allow everyone to begin collecting the required recipes and crafting siege equipment in preparation.

There are also a few other changes, including a significant increase in the encumbrance values for more advanced mules and some changes to the odds for various escalations to launch. In particular, Gathering of Legends can now have up to two instances running at the same time, though because that particular escalation tends to get taken down so quickly, there will probably usually be just one running at a time. However, it should appear about twice as often as it did before.

Full Release Notes

  • Siege Engines and Siege Camps can be crafted, placed and upgraded like Holdings and Outposts. They are available in both Tier 2 (Professional’s) and Tier 3 (Master’s) versions.
  • Like standard Holdings, Siege Engines require Bulk Resources to remain active. Like standard Outposts, Siege Camps require Influence to remain active. However, Siege Camps do not produce Bulk Resources, so the Siege Engines will have to be stocked manually.
  • Siege Engine and Camp Kits are fairly heavy (75 encumbrance each). Any character can carry and place them, but even one kit will slow down a character without significant encumbrance bonuses. Characters wearing heavy armor that restricts their encumbrance capability may need to take their armor off temporarily if they don't have enough encumbrance bonuses to outweigh that restriction.
  • Master’s Siege Engines and Camps are guarded by new Elite Guards.
  • Holdings at higher upgrades (+3, +4 and +5) use slightly less Bulk Resources than before for daily upkeep.
  • The recipes for Siege Engines and Camps drop from mob kills as part of the standard loot drop algorithm.

  • Gathering of Legends, Mercenary Raid, Skeletal Uprising and Skull-Basher Ogres launch slightly more often than before.
  • Bonedancers, Broken Men, Goblin Ghouls and Ripping Chains launch slightly less often than before.
  • Mordant Spire event Superior Review launches just 1 encounter.
  • Fixed some typos in a few boss event descriptions.

Mules: Encumbrance abilities start out a tiny bit higher and ramp up much faster. The best mules can now carry almost seven times as much as they could before.
We're planning to deploy EE 11.6 to Live tomorrow morning (Friday, 2/24) during Daily Maintenance (9-10 AM Pacific). We're not actually activating the ability to siege settlements yet, but we wanted to get the update out there so everyone can begin collecting the recipes and then crafting siege equipment in preparation. I'll be posting the written siege rules sometime in the next few days (including detailed damage and defense numbers) for everyone to pick through, then editing them in response to everyone's feedback. Once they're finalized, we'll set a date to start allowing sieges, with at least two weeks of warning.
Last night's assault on Goblinville's Siege Engine was a complete success. The guards offered just about the right level of resistance for a Master's Siege Engine +0, and would have nicely supplemented any defending players. The Siege Engine ultimately fell to Wolfdale's defenders and is now under their control.

With that, we've tested out everything I've got planned for testing and the update has passed with flying colors, so there aren't any more scheduled tests for now. Next steps are to finish up the written settlement warfare rules and schedule the rollout. I'll keep you all posted as we proceed.
I'm on Zog now and preparing for the final run at Goblinville's Siege Engine. Anyone who'd like to join in, post in general and I'll teleport you to the fight.
One quick thing I learned during testing is that while any character is capable of moving while carrying a siege equipment kit, not every character can move while carrying a siege equipment kit and wearing heavier armor. If you're character is wearing heavier armor and doesn't have enough encumbrance bonuses to outweigh the armor's encumbrance restrictions, then it may be necessary to temporarily remove the armor and store it on your mule while placing the kit. I suspect this will rarely be a problem, as I think most characters have at least some encumbrance bonuses added on, but it is something to be aware of just in case.

I've edited the original post to reflect this.
All right, we took down the second Siege Camp in Wolfdale 1, so tomorrow we'll take down the Siege Engine. Turns out a party of 4 characters roughly similar to current high-level characters on Live can handle the Elite Guard Recruits at a Master's Siege Camp +0 pretty handily. A quick test of the Elite Guard Captains that would be guarding a Master's Siege Camp +5 showed that they'd be more challenging, but still possible to beat, and 1 or 2 more party members would have easily tipped the balance. Looks like they're just about right to have guarding such expensive buildings.

I'll be back on Zog at 5 PM Pacific tomorrow to take down the Master's Siege Engine, which will likely be a tougher fight. I may even upgrade it a bit beforehand. smile
I'm on Zog and getting ready to take down Goblinville's other Siege Camp in Wolfdale 1. Anyone who wants to help out and see what it's like to fight the Elite Guards at a Master's Siege Camp, post in general on Zog and I'll bring you to the fight.
Took down a Siege Camp last night and verified this morning that it was properly overrun. I'll be back on Zog tonight at 5 PM Pacific to take down the second Siege Camp and set the Siege Engine up for its final takedown.
I'm on Zog and preparing to take down the first of Goblinville's Siege Camps that are aiding in the attack on Wolfdale. If anyone wants to join in, just post in general and I'll bring you to the fight.
All right, we'll start things in earnest tomorrow at 4 PM Pacific, see if Wolfdale can tear down some of that siege equipment. For those of you who can join us, I can move characters between companies as needed, and we'll probably all wind up fighting on both sides at various parts of this siege.