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I'll be running a bunch of test cases on Zog over the next couple days, then I'll start scheduling some times for folks to get some experience points and achievements added to their characters, hand out any desired equipment, and to participate in a siege. Meanwhile, if anyone needs access to the Test Server, or needs some stuff dropped off in one of the settlement vaults, just send a request to
One change from our original plans that you'll see in the release notes is that the Siege Engine/Camp Kits don't actually require a mule, though they are pretty heavy and you'll generally want to use a mule or two when carrying multiple kits.

We can easily enough create items with a high enough encumbrance value to require a mule, but characters have to be able to move right after activating the kits to get into the proper position for placing them. As a compromise, we selected roughly the highest encumbrance that allows a new character to just barely keep moving. A character with maximum encumbrance bonuses can carry multiple kits without too much trouble, but since you need to place a total of 18 kits to start a siege, the choice is either using lots of characters, lots of runs, or at least one mule.
These are the Preliminary Release Notes for Early Enrollment v11.6. We deployed a Final Candidate for 11.6 to the Test Server on Monday, February 13. We plan to deploy 11.6 to the Live Server on Friday, February 24 during Daily Maintenance (9-10 AM Pacific).

What Is In This Release

This release adds Siege Engines and Siege Camps, which can be placed like Holdings and Outposts in the hexes surrounding a settlement in order to damage the settlement and ultimately take it over. The recipes to craft the Siege Engines and Camps are available as loot drops, and they’re available in both Tier 2 (Professional’s) and Tier 3 (Master’s) versions. The complete rules for sieging a settlement will be posted shortly, with all the rules and damage calculations handled by GM's. Once those rules are finalized, we'll provide at least 2 weeks of warning before they go into effect. Meanwhile, this update will allow everyone to begin collecting the required recipes and crafting siege equipment in preparation.

There are also a few other changes, including a significant increase in the encumbrance values for more advanced mules and some changes to the odds for various escalations to launch. In particular, Gathering of Legends can now have up to two instances running at the same time, though because that particular escalation tends to get taken down so quickly, there will probably usually be just one running at a time. However, it should appear about twice as often as it did before.

Full Release Notes

  • Siege Engines and Siege Camps can be crafted, placed and upgraded like Holdings and Outposts. They are available in both Tier 2 (Professional’s) and Tier 3 (Master’s) versions.
  • Like standard Holdings, Siege Engines require Bulk Resources to remain active. Like standard Outposts, Siege Camps require Influence to remain active. However, Siege Camps do not produce Bulk Resources, so the Siege Engines will have to be stocked manually.
  • Siege Engine and Camp Kits are fairly heavy (75 encumbrance each). Any character can carry and place them, but even one kit will slow down a character without significant encumbrance bonuses. Characters wearing heavy armor that restricts their encumbrance capability may need to take their armor off temporarily if they don't have enough encumbrance bonuses to outweigh that restriction.
  • Master’s Siege Engines and Camps are guarded by new Elite Guards.
  • Holdings at higher upgrades (+3, +4 and +5) use slightly less Bulk Resources than before for daily upkeep.
  • The recipes for Siege Engines and Camps drop from mob kills as part of the standard loot drop algorithm.

  • Gathering of Legends, Mercenary Raid, Skeletal Uprising and Skull-Basher Ogres launch slightly more often than before.
  • Bonedancers, Broken Men, Goblin Ghouls and Ripping Chains launch slightly less often than before.
  • Mordant Spire event Superior Review launches just 1 encounter.
  • Fixed some typos in a few boss event descriptions.

Mules: Encumbrance abilities start out a tiny bit higher and ramp up much faster. The best mules can now carry almost seven times as much as they could before.

Update 1: Added comment about encumbrance and heavier armors.
Update 2: Added comments about deploying to Live on February 24 and about finalizing and activating the GM-adjudicated siege rules in coming weeks.
We decided to make a few quick changes to the build, including a significant increase to the encumbrance values that more advanced mules can carry. The latest build is doing well on our internal servers and we hope to have it up on Zog early next week.
All the planned (and some previously unplanned) changes have been made to the build and tested on our internal servers. There are a few additional small changes we're considering making, but they're mostly very small. If we decide they're not worth even a short delay, then we'll try to put the latest build up on Zog early this week. If we decide to roll in those changes, they'll be easy to test quickly and we'll probably still have a build up on Zog later this week.

For some crazy reason, the famous Seattle rains decided to fall to the ground in solid form instead of liquid on Sunday night, and to remain solid for some time afterward. That's going to delay things a few days, but we should be back to our usual liquid precipitation shortly and then be back on track.
Harad Navar
What is the possibility of adding small things for new players, like Thornguards in the lower level NPC hexes for travel corridors? Even things without graphically correct images, like Starknives (or any weapon) to use key words (like Keen) not supported at the moment?

For this update, possible additions are pretty limited at this point unless something seemed important enough to hold things up.

In terms of future work, adding Thornguards to the world would be relatively easy. A long while back I did make sure there are Thornguards on all the roads into Thornkeep, generally at any intersections and near the entry to each hex. It wouldn't be too hard to add some at shorter intervals or further out if that seemed like the best option for providing some extra protection in those areas.

Adding more weapons could be a little trickier. Re-using art certainly makes things easier under the current circumstances, and putting items in with slightly different keywords (or ordering of keywords)is pretty easy, but I'd need to do some research to figure out what kinds of new feats might be required to make those weapons truly viable.
Father Bronin
Hey Bob. What is the current timing on the next update? The post said early February. I know we have thrown you a lot to consider with this thread. Any news yet on when updates will be implemented?


All the planned (and some previously unplanned) changes have been made to the build and tested on our internal servers. There are a few additional small changes we're considering making, but they're mostly very small. If we decide they're not worth even a short delay, then we'll try to put the latest build up on Zog early this week. If we decide to roll in those changes, they'll be easy to test quickly and we'll probably still have a build up on Zog later this week.

The actual changes going in the build are relatively safe and pretty heavily tested, so it shouldn't take too long to get an appropriate level of testing done on them. The actual details of sieging a settlement take more time to run through, mostly because they involve having to do things that take place over several days. That said, most of that is more about GM-adjudicated policies and calculations, so any issues we find there likely will just require changes to said policies and calculations, not a new build.
I believe that crafting without settlement support will lower the amount of skill bonuses you get while crafting, so there is a disadvantage, but you don't forget your recipes.

Similarly, crafting in a settlement with lower support (such as an NPC settlement) still lets you craft any recipe you know, but the facility ratings are lower, so the crafting jobs will take longer.

In terms of crafting, I am pretty certain settlement membership/level only effects queue time and nothing else.

I just tried a quick experiment on Zog. Gave a character that wasn't a company/settlement member Engineer rank 20. Sure enough, on the Character Sheet I only had a skill level of 80 (corresponding to the minimum 8 support level) instead of 200 (which I'd have as a supported settlement member).

When refining, a higher skill level increases the odds of getting an extra +1 or +2 on the resulting refined goods. When crafting, a higher skill level means that you can get a higher plus on your final result with lower pluses on your ingredients (i.e. instead of needing all +3 ingredients to get a +3 final product, you might need half +2 and half +3).

So lacking support again won't block you from crafting items from various levels, but it will make you less efficient.
I've been trying to stay pretty focused on just what's needed for the settlement warfare additions, but I did take a quick look at those to see how much work remained. Each missing outpost/holding has some different incomplete parts, and there's a little too much work involved to tackle them quickly, but at least the experience of putting in the Siege Engines and Camps means I know what all those parts are and how to fix them, making it more likely we could tackle them in a later update.
The point about requiring Engineering rank 9 for the simplest Siege Camps is an interesting one. It does mean you'd need to at some point have been a member of a settlement to train to rank 9, which is certainly counter-intuitive. If we ultimately provide some other ways to get training and support, such as factions, then this may be less odd, but it's worth considering lowering the requirement. It's also a relatively easy change to make. I'll look into it.