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Paddy Fitzpatrick
Are there gonna be siege defenses we can build? Maybe like a fort or something like that to guard the hex against it or maybe something that can be built in town to fire back against the camps or weaken them?

We do want to add more interesting defense options eventually, but for now we're keeping this pretty simple. Your first layer of defense is to put upgraded holdings and outposts in the neighboring hexes so that attackers to make it as difficult as possible for attackers to take those hexes from you and place siege buildings there. Your second layer o is to keep lots of bulk goods in the Settlement Upkeep vault, so that the siege will have to spend more time grinding through bulk goods before it can start damaging your structures. Third is to build as many structures as you can, so that more structures need to be destroyed before you lose control of the settlement. Even the Infrastructure buildings are useful in that regard since they'll be the first to go before you start losing more valuable structures.

Those are all things settlements can do right now to strengthen themselves against attack. When settlement warfare actually kicks in, it will also be important to keep your Settlement Level reasonably high (since we'll be using the level at the time a siege starts to calculate the settlement's defense in a not-yet-fully-defined way) and to pick a long-term PvP window that your settlement can best defend (since there will likely be restrictions on changing the window once a siege starts). However, there's no need to worry about adjusting those things yet, just be aware that they'll be important considerations.
Duffy Swiftshadow
Harad Navar
Are you going to change the invulnerability of smallholdings? It seems with this scenario replacing one outpost with a small holding will effectively prevent the complete encirclement of a settlement with siege holdings/camps.

Unless theirs a bug smallholdings don't count for the capture process, so your just shorting yourself an extra outpost defense chance by using one. Once the attacker takes you 1 outpost and 1 holding out and puts down a regular holding I believe the new hex owner can collapse any smallholdings in the hex, thus negating the issue. IIRC the old explanation of that correctly, I haven't actually tested it myself.

That's my understanding of how it works.
And as a follow-up to the update from Lisa (blog post here, forum thread here), there's another post from me with more details. Check it out there, discuss it here.
There's a new update from Lisa on our blog. Check it out there, discuss it here.
And said blog postings are now live. Check out the update from Lisa, followed by more details from me. I'll also start new forum threads for both posts.
Credit cards can't be billed after the billing information is removed from an account. Sorry for the confusion here, but as is spelled out on the subscription page, we do bill credit cards five days before the time runs out for accounts on automatic rebilling. That way, if a payment fails to go through (card expired, address changed, any number of issues), there are still a few days left to correct the problem before the account goes inactive.

This means that if you are on automatic rebilling and want to avoid being billed for another month of game time, you need to turn off automatic rebilling and/or remove your billing information before your next scheduled payment, which will show on your subscription page as five days before the day your game time runs out.
Amazing, all nine Gatherings from the penultimate wave got taken down, the last one defeated just in the nick of time! Now there are ten more glorious Gatherings up, and one of them even went in a hex that didn't get one in any of the previous waves because it had been occupied each time it got a chance. Plus, no pressure on taking these down quickly, aside from the usual concern that others might take it down before you get your chance.

Congratulations to everyone for cleaning up all these waves so quickly and for achieving the maximum number of Gatherings you could get! Here's hoping you're all rewarded with some great loot from your final legendary victims!
Looks like taking down the last wave of nine Gatherings in time is going to be fairly tight, with two more to go and just a little over ten hours remaining! On top of that, I'll need at least ten clear hexes to put new Gatherings in tonight. For those of you who liked the last nine locations, they'll probably still be clear and open for repeats (except for that one hex that already had two Gatherings), there'll still need to be a few others cleared to make room for all ten. And of course, if you want one near you, clearing the hexes of your choice should give you pretty good odds this last time around.
Today's nine Gatherings are all launched. Take them all down by Saturday, January 7 at 11 PM Pacific and I'll launch ten next time, otherwise "just" nine.

I had to do one repeat tonight, so next time I'll wipe the slate nearly clean and allow Gatherings to launch in any open hex (except for tonight's repeated hex). That should give every empty hex at least a 20% chance of getting a Gathering, so it could be worth your while to clear out any neighbors even if they've gotten lucky before.
I will say – the way these have gone down suggests we could handle more than one gathering running at a time during "normal" times.

I'm quite certain of it, but hopefully the scarcity leads to a little more social interaction, both cooperative and competitive, outside of special events like these.