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All posts created by Bob

Just a point of clarification.

We get 10 if we hopefully clear the next 9 in time.

Are we guaranteed 9 new gatherings in the final batch even if a couple of the penultimate group are still up ?

Yup, 9 is the minimum for the last group, no matter what.
Congratulations, I just did a quick sweep through and all eight Gatherings from the last wave are down! That means I'll be launching nine Gatherings about six hours from now at 5 PM Pacific. That's a lot to clear before the final wave, but at least you'll get all of Friday night and virtually all of Saturday to take them down before I launch nine, or hopefully ten, final Gatherings at 11 PM Pacific on Saturday, January 7.
A new year brings eight new Gatherings! Take them all down by Wednesday, January 4 at 5 PM Pacific and we'll go for nine!

FYI, between the number of occupied hexes I'm finding and the hexes that already got a lucky dice roll, any clear hexes on Wednesday that haven't had a Gathering during these four waves will have extremely good odds of getting one.
Tonight's wave of seven Gatherings has been launched! Take them all down by Sunday, January 1 at 11 AM Pacific and I'll launch eight next time!
Looks like we'll be doing seven Gatherings tomorrow. With those finished off, time to focus on clearing spaces for the next wave. I'll be avoiding the hexes that already had a Gathering launched in them unless I run out of previously-unchosen empty hexes and have to start doing repeats. Odds are pretty good that there will be at least seven empty hexes for me to choose from, so you're best off making sure your desired hexes that weren't chosen yet are cleared out first. For later launches, things could get a bit tighter and there's a good chance I'll have to do some repeats.
Six more launched! Take them all down by Thursday, December 29 at 11 PM Pacific and we'll go for seven next time!
Excellent work, all 5 Gatherings have been cleared! See you all at 5 PM Pacific today to start up 6 new ones.
Looks like 5 Gatherings was just about right, since there are still 2 in-progress to be taken down. Get those cleaned up over the next 25 hours and we'll see if together you can take 6 down in the same amount of time!

Of course, you'll also want to make sure there are 6 open spaces available, so clear out the riffraff from any hexes you'd like Gatherings to appear in. Just don't clear them out too soon or something else might land there at the last minute. You're safe already to clear out any of the tougher escalations, and even the easier ones will be safe to clear during the last 23 hours or so.
First five launched! Take them all down by Monday, December 26 at 5 PM Pacific and I'll launch 6 more at that time, otherwise 5 more again. I'll give preference to fallow hexes that didn't get a Gathering this time, so be careful to clear those hexes at the right time so they don't get a new escalation too early.
As a little holiday treat, jolly old Nhur Athemon is drawing more Legends our way. Starting Friday, December 23rd, and then every third day through Saturday, January 7, Gathering of Legends will be started in multiple fallow monster hexes, chosen relatively randomly (there will be a preference toward fallow hexes that didn't get chosen previously). On the first day, up to 5 instances will be started, less if there aren't enough fallow spaces. If all the instances from one launch are taken down before the next launch 3 days later, then up to 1 more instance will be started than was started the previous time. If not, then up to the same number will be started as the previous time. If there are enough fallow spaces, and if the Gatherings are cleared fast enough, that means that up to 10 instances could get started on January 7.

The Gatherings will begin starting up at the following dates/times (Pacific), and should all be started up within half an hour:

Friday, December 23 at 11 AM
Monday, December 26 at 5 PM
Thursday, December 29 at 11 PM
Sunday, January 1 at 11 AM
Wednesday, January 4 at 5 PM
Saturday, January 7 at 11 PM

Happy hunting!