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Proxima Sin
Is it possible to alter feud code for a 3 hour long feud with 5 minute lead time where no property can exchange, only killing players in the other company, for a much reduced Influence cost? Because that would be great for general game pvp activity, escalation boss conflicts, playground pvp, general rabble rousing, and really help those of us here get through the lean times.

Possible, but not trivial. It leverages the current feuding system, but in some ways it would be a new type of feud, probably calling for some UI work and requiring that the system be able to tell whether a particular feud is New or Classic. Definitely an interesting idea though. Also just generally gets me thinking about some of the weaknesses of the current reputation system when it comes to coordinated attacks and running battles. There should be some things we can do to help encourage reasonable amounts of the PvP activities you've mentioned, both long-term and relatively short-term.

Proxima Sin
When a mule is orphaned on a hex border no one can pick up control again under any circumstances. We get the "Move away from hex border and try again" message and once we back up far enough to avoid that we get "—". (That's the "Out Of Range" message but really tiny because it's so far away). At those hex border spots we get either back up or out of range messages until the mule despawns.

Proxima Sin
Answered here.
It was rather amulesing. He was unknowingly placed right in the hex border. No one could perform the action to claim him. Definitely something to look at.

Assuming this is the same problem that usually happens when mules are right on a hex border, it's possible to retrieve the mule but it's tricky to explain how. The issue is that the mule is officially in one hex, and the character trying to retrieve the mule is officially in a different hex. Depending on exactly where the mule is, it could potentially be in 2-3 hexes (3 if it's near a hex corner, 2 if it's just near a hex edge). We eventually plan on handling these cases more elegantly, so that you can claim mules across hexes just as you can fight mobs or other players across hexes, but until we have a chance to do that work, the best we can do is put up an error message and try to point people in the right direction to fix the problem themselves and get into the right hex.

Clearly the wording of the message isn't doing the trick, and I've been contemplating something better, but it's a tough concept to explain in a fairly short statement. There's probably no brief error message that would really explain what to do to someone who doesn't already understand, at least partially, that you have to go a little ways into a hex before your character switches to that hex's server. In other words, being on one side or the other of a hex border isn't exactly the same as being on one hex server or another. You can see this in action if you open up the map and have it show you the current hex. As you cross a hex border, you'll stay on the original hex for a little while, even though your character is visually across the border. Once you cross far enough over, the map will suddenly switch to the new hex, telling you that your character has been switched over to the new hex server. Ultimately, you shouldn't have to care about which server you're on, but there's work to be done making each separate game mechanic work seamlessly across hex borders.

For now, what you need to do in this situation is try crossing into the 1-2 other hexes that the mule might be in, then returning to the mule (in a straight line so you don't cross back into the previous hex accidentally) and trying again. If you're near a hex corner, you could need to make two separate tries, one for each of the other hexes the mule could be in.

Assuming players are at least aware of these hex server complications, maybe something like the following would point them toward the right solution:

The mule is on a different hex server than you are. Cross far enough into a neighboring hex to switch servers, then try claiming the mule again.
Those are both pretty rare. They're also both fairly low-level, so most players wouldn't go out of their way to finish them off in a less-populated part of the map. As a result, they could wind up sitting in out-of-the-way hexes for long periods of time, preventing them from popping up elsewhere. Eventually, they weaken to the point where it's at least worth someone's time to get a quick boss kill, which frees them up to appear elsewhere.
Is there any guide for Company commands? Something along the lines of: Officers can accept applicants, but can't promote.

I don't believe we've ever posted anything that pulls together all the things company officers or leaders can do, and what the difference is between them. There've been various blog posts spelling out how the commands for creating companies and accepting memebers, or occasional comments about officers/leaders as new functionality would get rolled out (for example, when holdings and outposts became available, it was pointed out that you need to be an officer or leader to place them). You're probably best off just posting specific questions to the forums when you're unable to find something through a search or on the in-game help.
Maybe effects(buffs/debuffs) could be wired with some of whatever code gets current hps through that boundary too?

That's kind of what needs to be done. The problem isn't so much that it's tricky as that it's a bunch of different little bits of data that each need to have several things done to them separately, and that then require a bunch of testing to make sure they're done right. It's right toward the top of our list of things to do, but lately it's been losing out in favor of multiple smaller fixes that are also easier to test. Hopefully we'll be able to dedicate a chunk of time to this soon.
Looking back over the bug reports, it appears that Auroral was just set up improperly the first time around. There's nothing wrong with the location, a mistake was just made when running the command to create the settlement data. It's pretty unlikely that the broken version left behind any lingering problems, and especially unlikely since it was already recreated once to fix the original problems and I deleted the fixed version before creating the entirely new settlement data for Concordia.

Hopefully I haven't jinxed anything by posting this, but we haven't seen any carryover effects from old settlements after past hostile takeovers, so I'd be pretty surprised to see any in this case.
The Concordian Council has taken over Auroral and made it their own, renaming it Concordia. Congratulations!
Couldn't you just create an aggregate of the 2 concepts. Grey/White is low/high T1, Green/Blue is low/high T2 and Purple/Red/Yellow would be low/med/high T3?

That is definitely a possibility. When I get a chance to look at this issue more closely, I'll see if there's a meaningful, clear, objective basis for including some gradation inside each tier.
You are a Troll
Could you clarify what was originally meant by *projected value* of the raw mats? Is it total scarcity of the material on the server or projected usefulness or something else?

For the record, I actually really like the overlapping color scheme and think it would be a shame to simplify it (dumb it down?) in into simply one color per tier.

For the raw mats, projected value was based on projected demand (how much of that material we expected would get used up per day) relative to projected supply (how much of that material we expected to get gathered per day). Scarcity reduces supply, raising projected value, but some scarce resources could also have low demand (don't go into many recipes, those recipes result in more niche items), resulting in a lower projected value.

Part of the problem with color-coding by projected value (technically, it's color-coded by the Quality number, but that's sort of an abstracted number that's related to the projected value of that item relative to other items of the same type) is that projected value likely won't match up well to actual value (what you can get for that item in the auction house) in our dynamic, player-driven economy. As a result, we have to decide between displaying useful-but-somewhat-misleading colors or accurate-but-over-simplified colors. I admit my sympathies tend toward accuracy.
When at the auction house, when I go to sell and it displays my vault items, they aren't color coded by tier the way they are in my inventory and my vault.

Do other people experience this, or is it a bug I am experiencing?

How difficult is it to show those item color coded in the auction house sell window?

The auction house uses text color to show the selection state for each item, with white for highlighted (cursor over item), green for selected, and yellowish for everything else. The standard inventory and vault windows don't actually use a selection mechanism (clicking on an item acts on that item, depositing it or withdrawing it, but doesn't select the item for future actions), so text color can be used for value instead. We may eventually want to rethink some of these UI mechanics, but it's definitely not as easy as turning on the value color coding in this case.

On a really nitpicky note, just to avoid any confusion, the color coding in the inventory and vault (and other similar cases) isn't by tier, at least not exactly. It's actually by projected value of the item. As a result, some high-end T1 stuff is colored the same as most low-end T2, and the same goes for high-end T2 colored like low-end T3. There's a feature request floating around to consider simplifying this and just coloring items by tier, but it hasn't risen to the top of the list yet.