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Update 9 to original post: Cauchemar and Carpe Noctem cleared their requested escalations.
Not so much a content thing but what simple things could be done with tokens that would turn them into things that are "ok" loot instead of "Bank Cloggers"? Some way to exchange them or something to craft with them?
Our longer-term plan is to make tokens easier to use, but we've talked about making some recipes that use tokens to give them a "backstop" for their value. It's certainly a possibility, it's just a little tricky to do it in a balanced way that doesn't overly mess with other item values or require a complete rethink of what tokens should be. Depending on exactly what we wanted them to be used for, it's possible something could be done purely through content changes (new recipes, maybe new items to craft).

Are the different grades of resource material qualities really impactful to the game in an interesting way or are they just more things that REALLY jam up bank vault functioning?
They really don't do much except change the encumbrance values, which acts as a mild nudge to go somewhere else each time you start pulling lower-quality raw materials. We've talked about ways of consolidating them once they're brought back to a building/settlement. In theory that could be done through recipes, but I suspect that would involve a very large number of recipes, cluttering up the crafting windows. Probably better to tackle this issue through code somehow.
If you or Cole know at this stage, it might be interesting to read about what this upgrade will do for the game play, look, your increased coding flexibility and new opportunities, etc…

All this tech talk is wonderful but useless to a complete tech idiot like myself. smile

What makes this upgrade worth hanging on for?

If this has already been posted maybe someone can help a guy with a link or post title?
Azure hit on the major points, but a vague list of the advantages was posted here. We're specific on that list where we have high confidence in getting that exact advantage, and more vague where we're confident we'll get some advantages but aren't exactly sure how it will play out.

One specific thing I will mention though is that we're hoping the Unity upgrade will finally fix all the full-screen/alt-tab related issues that many of you are having. Those are problems that have cropped up in certain versions of Unity, then been fixed in others, then broken again in later versions. We just happen to be stuck on one of the broken versions. It sounds like Unity got a handle on that a while back, so we have very high hopes.
Apps as in iPhone apps or as in Desktop applications,
since from what I'm hearing a lot of desktop software will not be running on it out the door on the new ARM processors.
I saw some mention that on desktop they'll translate x86 code into Arm code on the fly, but my guess is that some desktop software takes advantage of x86 features that can't be translated. I don't know where games built on old versions of Unity will fall on that spectrum, but Apple will have at least some incentive to keep as many older games running as they can. However, it looks like Unity is prepping for the switch so, we should be fine on that front once we've upgraded.

The bigger question would be things like the Patcher and Installer, which we usually don't need to mess with much. Hopefully they just use simple features and are easily translated to ARM, but we won't really know until we're a bit further down the road and can try it out. If not, then we'll have to do a bit more upgrade work on those, but we'd certainly prefer to avoid it unless it offers compelling advantages, which seems unlikely for those particular apps.
So will the new Unity bring us Ps5 or XBox ports then ? smile
Support is another one of those things that serves so many design goals and is hooked into so many other systems that removing it entirely could have some pretty big consequences. Adding in half-support and allowing characters to pay a little extra coin to train past their support level made it a lot more forgiving. Those changes also significantly delayed the point at which new characters really need to join a settlement, since they can train a bit into T2 at any non-restrictive player settlement and the support for those initial ranks is rounded in their favor. That's something we probably need to make clearer to new players so they don't feel pressured too quickly.

Those are really just balance changes though, not a fundamental rethinking of the entire system and its place in the game design. We'd like to go further at some point and provide other ways to get support, likely far less efficient ways so that getting support through a shared settlement is vastly preferred. Doing so does go against some of the core assumptions of the game design, so it will require serious thought, and some careful code work as well.
Interesting. Your replies lead me to feel that your intent is that:
the mechanics stay in operation despite them(some feel) having little relevance in this tiny pop circumstance.
there is nothing that can be done to scale them now but someday you intend to.
you intend to leave them(the mechanics) all turned on.
I'd probably say something closer to "we don't have a plan for removing those mechanics at this time." The bulk resource mechanics are hooked into multiple systems, and advance multiple design goals, so it's not a simple task to remove them without working through all the consequences of that removal. At the very least, all the plans we like so far for making this aspect less chore-like require more code than we can look at doing for now.

Maybe it is mostly my own perspective(only) that there is little use for them and they are a burden on fun and should be turned off (JUST FOR NOW) until the pop rises to where the mechanics can function correctly and have that relevance. Because, as things are, they are just an obstacle to enjoying the game.

There may be just as many silent supporters for things just as they are. Is that so?
I don't think there are a lot of people currently championing the need to run mules between holdings regularly, particularly on a large scale, but a fair number seem to enjoy the challenge of coming up with an efficient collection of holdings and outposts to match their settlement structures, and bulk resource considerations are a large part of those equations. Some folks also seem to enjoy Raids, and the reward for that is basically just bulk resources, and most of the value those resources have currently comes from being needed for settlement upkeep. Our systems are so intentionally intertwined that there are probably several other activities that could become less rewarding if bulk resources suddenly lost a lot of their value. Maybe there's a middle path that preserves enough of those things to be worth the effort, but it would be a tricky balance.

TL/DR: It's complicated.
Update 8 to original post: Alderwag cleared its requested escalation.
I wonder what'll be happening to the Mac support since Apple is gonna start using ARM CPUs instead of x86_x64 CPUs?
Haven't done a ton of research on this yet, but it looks like the Macs with ARM CPUs will continue to support most apps built for x86_x64 CPUs for a while. Won't run quite as well as they could, I'm sure, but probably better than running on an older Mac.

This kind of thing is also why we need to update to the latest version of Unity, and then stay up-to-date as we go, since we let Unity handle all these build issues for the game client. Definitely not going to get an ARM build out of our current Unity version.
Not sure if this is getting too picky, but is this accurate?
I think you mean we have until daily maintenance on July 7, 2020 to Finish our requested escalation.
- assuming that is when the special mats and souvenirs will be removed from the game.
That is also true, if you don't finish your escalation by then, it will no longer give out souvenirs when it comes back up from Daily Maintenance. But technically I'm also willing to launch an escalation right up until that point, you just wouldn't have much time to fight it and get souvenirs. Of course, no guarantees I'd manage to actually get the escalation launched in time if things are cut that close, so I'd strongly recommend getting any requests in a few days earlier.