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I have just noticed that with one of the recent AH changes (probably this patch) we have lost the ability to tell which of our inventory/vault items are 20/20 .

Currently the only way to tell if an item is full HP and sell-able (without going back to the bank vault and looking at it) seems to be to try and sell it. If its not 20/20 the sale fails. This can be frustrating if you have a batch of different 2nd hand items in your vault.

We removed all the durability references because everything on the auction house is 20/20, so it seemed like unhelpful information repeated over and over, littering the screen. I had thought we were showing 20/20 even when looking at damaged items in inventory or local vaults, but apparently I may have been remembering wrong. We'll look into it and figure out an appropriate solution.
Grenades, potions, tokens and miscellaneous alchemy items have ability prerequisites of 10, 11 or 19 for T1, T2 or T3, respectively. Grenades require Dexterity. Potions and Tokens require Constitution. Miscellaneous alchemy items (Bloodblock, Bodybalm, Smokestick, Styptic and Sunrod) require Wisdom.

On a related note, I've filed a bug report to look at displaying those prerequisites in-game again.
(I) would welcome any attempts by Bob to show which character(s) actually did all the wasted refines.

We do hope to eventually have some kind of logs for vaults (both personal and shared). As with the recently-added auction logs, there will probably be some technical limits on them, but having logs is clearly desirable.

Until then, I sadly can't afford to open the door to policing specific crafting projects or vault withdrawals, since I'd likely be inundated by quite understandable requests to audit various vaults, and doing so is very time-consuming. I do make exceptions when there's reason to believe that items were lost because of a bug, and I'm pretty generous about investigating even minor suspicions. While this issue certainly highlights the limits of our current vault security system and the importance of balancing risk in terms of how valuable the items in a vault are relative to your trust in those with access to that vault, I don't have any reason to suspect the vaults operated any differently here than we all expect them to.
We'll have to take a much closer look to be sure, but it looks like there might be a couple places in the combat calculations where a large enough disparity between attacker and defender could result in some debuffs going negative and turning into buffs. My hope is that this really only happens in situations where the disparity is so extreme that the outcome isn't remotely in doubt anyway, but I'll still file a bug to double-check the math there.
FYI, I just updated the PFO Wiki - Official Data spreadsheet to reflect all the Feat/Achievement changes listed in the Release Notes.
These are the Release Notes for Early Enrollment v11.4. This build was deployed to the Live Servers on Friday, September 2, and has been running on the Test Servers since Wednesday, August 31.

What Is In This Release

This release is a grab bag of small fixes, including several fixes to feat requirements that have been blocking some players from advancing. Another pass was also done on the shrines to ensure that players have an appropriate place to respawn no matter where they die. Most of the other fixes were chosen because they could be done quickly and safely, allowing us to clean up our bug database a bit without forcing an extended testing pass that would have slowed down deployment of the feat and shrine fixes.

Full Release Notes

  • Arcane Attack Bonus allows Intelligence or Personality for its ability requirement, not just Intelligence.
  • Gemcutter 19 requires 118 Crafting instead of 118 Adventure.
  • Channel Force 5 requires only an appropriate Weapon Proficiency 3 for feats.
  • Channel Force 6 requires only Heavy or Light Melee Attack Bonus 9 for feats.
  • The L3 Keyword for both Improved and Greater Blessing is Enhancing instead of Invoking (which remains the L5 Keyword for Greater Blessing).
  • Fighter 14 requires Hit Points 14 instead of Hit Points 13.
  • Descriptions for the Role Achievements only list the actual requirements, instead of trying to include the ability requirements that the various feat requirements implied.

  • Added shrines to hexes (-21,13), (-21,19), (-16,11), (5,19) and (6,3) to fill in some gaps in shrine coverage. Previously, dying in those hexes and some other hexes near them would result in respawning in the middle of the hex.
  • Added shrines to two monster hexes near the eventual site of Fort Inevitable.
  • Removed some obsolete shrines from Thornkeep.
  • Cleaned up a bridge in hex -1,14 to remove some player traps and better align with the ground.
  • Removed a player trap near the road in hex 1,14.
  • Moved the Holding site in hex -14,-2 off of the road.

  • Clicking on the Buy button doesn’t reset the Auction House Category/Sub-Category listings or scroll those listings back to the top.
  • Auction House listings don’t include durability information, since damaged items can’t be sold anyway.
  • Auction House sorts Inventory, Local Vault, Sell Orders and Bids alphabetically.
  • The FPS display moved to the space above the Action Bar to avoid overlapping other UI elements.
  • Clicking on the Tier buttons on the Crafting Window filters recipes according to Tier.
  • The tooltip for the weapon on the Action Bar no longer includes durability, which was displaying the incorrect number.
  • Gear for hands and feet (e.g. mittens, boots) have proper icons.

  • Encounter sites for Fires of an Angry God (Event during Razmiran Cultists) renamed to Provocateurs.
  • Renamed the Crafting Tutorial to Crafting Tutorial instead of Thornkeep Scout (the name of the questgiver).

Trade: Though extremely unlikely to happen without using GM teleport commands now that characters can’t move while the Trade Window is open, contents of the Trade Window are now properly returned to both characters if either character switches hexes.

Maps: Large Entities such as Epic Green Crystals only show up at standard distances after being spotted, instead of continuing to show at the edges of the mini-map.
Hobson Fiffledown
Any thoughts about reversing the never-subbed trial accounts' effect on company influence caps? That would be a nice start to evening out some balance issues.

Many thoughts, but no conclusions or plans as of yet. It's clear we'll have to deal with this issue eventually, but any sudden changes could really cause problems for existing companies, so we want to proceed very carefully.
Although free trials have been a useful recruiting tool and offered a great introduction to the game for many of our subscribers, the program has also introduced some balance issues and customer support challenges that would require significant work for us to deal with properly. For the time-being, we've turned off the ability to start new free trials, so any new accounts will have to purchase at least one month of subscription time before being able to log in to the game.

We've learned a lot of lessons from this program that we'll be keeping in mind when making future design and marketing decisions. I'm sure we'll learn additional lessons in the days to come as a result of ending the program, probably many of them right here in this forum. smile
On the point of small last-minute changes, should Pommel (Physical Attack) have "Stun (2 Seconds) if Target is Dazed, Removes Open to Self if Target is Frightened, Shrug Off if Target is Frightened" or "Stun (2 Seconds) if Target is Dazed, Removes Open to Self if Target is Frightened, Shrug Off to self if Target is Frightened"

That does look pretty suspicious, though I'd have to do some more research on it to be sure, and I've filed a bug to do so. Assuming it should be "to self" the fix would be pretty easy, but would still require another build, so we'd only add it to 11.4 if we need to make another build (which hopefully won't happen) and if it also turned out to be convenient to make that fix at the same time. Otherwise, it will have to wait for a later update.
A new Final Candidate went up on Zog this morning. We took advantage of the need to make a new build to add in another small fix we'd been working on, so the Auction House will now sort Inventory, Local Vault, Sell Orders and Bids alphabetically. I've edited the original post to take those changes into account.

Assuming this build passes all our tests and survives being on Zog for the next couple days, we plan to deploy 11.4 to the Live Servers during Daily Maintenance (9-10 AM Pacific) on Friday, September 2. If anyone needs help accessing the Test Servers or testing any particular functionality there, send an email to and I'll get you set up.