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Trade: Though extremely unlikely to happen without using GM teleport commands now that characters can’t move while the Trade Window is open, contents of the Trade Window are now properly returned to both characters if either character switches hexes.

Still good due to certain mobs (Elementals) and player abilities (Hydraulic Push) being able to move others around against their will. Unlikely, but good all the same.

Good point.
I've filed a bug to look into that. Another option would be for me to replace Fast Healing with Regenerating (which is what it originally had instead of Fast Healing and Riposting), since that would provide more regen than Tenacious does, but Tenacious would still be providing additional Fortitude and Max Health. There may be other possibilities as well. I'll have to learn a bit more about how to handle the balance calculations for these feats before I start mucking around with their values, but there's definitely a problem here that should get fixed somehow.
The management apologizes for the inconvenience, but the interior of the Drunk Mermaid is undergoing renovations at this time.
Stilachio Thrax
Looks good! Now a quick question for 11.5 smile - Would it be possible to separate the switching of implements from the switching of weapons? There are many times I want to switch between a trophy charm and a holy symbol, but I don't want to switch away from my sword to a bow or focus (or vice versa).

My problem is usually the opposite, where I'm switching between sword and bow regularly, then forget that I've changed my implement as a result and don't have access to that healing maneuver I need right now… and I'm dead.

I've filed a feature request to look into that system, but there are definitely a lot of design considerations involved, and more than a trivial amount of code work.
Good Stuff.

On the subject of Improved Blessing and Greater Blessing. It seems rather odd the T3 variant (Greater) loses the favored bonus.

I believe Empowered is just a better version of Favored, so they wind up being redundant. It looks like Blessing gives you Favored for a short time, Improved Blessing gives you the much better Empowered for a short time followed by Favored for a short time, and then Greater Blessing gives you Empowered for a long time. It reads a little oddly, but the end result is that you're getting more of the same basic effects for a longer time as you ramp Blessing up.
The first Release Candidate for EE 11.4 was deployed to Zog this morning. I just ran through the standard smoke test for it and everything's looking good. I'll be testing out the specific changes listed in the Preliminary Release Notes over the next few days. Assuming the build holds up well through those tests and over the weekend, we're planning to deploy to Live during Daily Maintenance (9-10 AM Pacific) on Tuesday, August 30.

Most of the changes are much easier for me to test using GM commands, but for those of you who have a chance to check out the build, it's always useful to have as many people as possible log in, kill some monsters, craft some items, and just generally try to do the kinds of things you do when playing on Live. If you need any help setting something up or even just getting access to the Test Servers, drop me a line at
These are the Preliminary Release Notes for Early Enrollment v11.4. We deployed the latest Final Candidate for 11.4 to the Test Servers on Wednesday, August 31. If that build passes all our tests, we plan to deploy it to the Live Servers on Friday, September 2.

What Is In This Release

This release is a grab bag of small fixes, including several fixes to feat requirements that have been blocking some players from advancing. Another pass was also done on the shrines to ensure that players have an appropriate place to respawn no matter where they die. Most of the other fixes were chosen because they could be done quickly and safely, allowing us to clean up our bug database a bit without forcing an extended testing pass that would have slowed down deployment of the feat and shrine fixes.

Full Release Notes

  • Arcane Attack Bonus allows Intelligence or Personality for its ability requirement, not just Intelligence.
  • Gemcutter 19 requires 118 Crafting instead of 118 Adventure.
  • Channel Force 5 requires only an appropriate Weapon Proficiency 3 for feats.
  • Channel Force 6 requires only Heavy or Light Melee Attack Bonus 9 for feats.
  • The L3 Keyword for both Improved and Greater Blessing is Enhancing instead of Invoking (which remains the L5 Keyword for Greater Blessing).
  • Fighter 14 requires Hit Points 14 instead of Hit Points 13.
  • Descriptions for the Role Achievements only list the actual requirements, instead of trying to include the ability requirements that the various feat requirements implied.

  • Added shrines to hexes (-21,13), (-21,19), (-16,11), (5,19) and (6,3) to fill in some gaps in shrine coverage. Previously, dying in those hexes and some other hexes near them would result in respawning in the middle of the hex.
  • Added shrines to two monster hexes near the eventual site of Fort Inevitable.
  • Removed some obsolete shrines from Thornkeep.
  • Cleaned up a bridge in hex -1,14 to remove some player traps and better align with the ground.
  • Removed a player trap near the road in hex 1,14.
  • Moved the Holding site in hex -14,-2 off of the road.

  • Clicking on the Buy button doesn’t reset the Auction House Category/Sub-Category listings or scroll those listings back to the top.
  • Auction House listings don’t include durability information, since damaged items can’t be sold anyway.
  • Auction House sorts Inventory, Local Vault, Sell Orders and Bids alphabetically.
  • The FPS display moved to the space above the Action Bar to avoid overlapping other UI elements.
  • Clicking on the Tier buttons on the Crafting Window filters recipes according to Tier.
  • The tooltip for the weapon on the Action Bar no longer includes durability, which was displaying the incorrect number.
  • Gear for hands and feet (e.g. mittens, boots) have proper icons.

  • Encounter sites for Fires of an Angry God (Event during Razmiran Cultists) renamed to Provecateurs.
  • Renamed the Crafting Tutorial to Crafting Tutorial instead of Thornkeep Scout (the name of the questgiver).

Trade: Though extremely unlikely to happen without using GM teleport commands now that characters can’t move while the Trade Window is open, contents of the Trade Window are now properly returned to both characters if either character switches hexes.

Maps: Large Entities such as Epic Green Crystals only show up at standard distances after being spotted, instead of continuing to show at the edges of the mini-map.

Update 1: Edited to account for second Final Candidate build.
Update 2: Latest Final Candidate deployed to Test Servers on 8/31, hope to deploy to Live Servers on 9/2. Added 1 item to Full Release Notes under UI: Auction House sorts Inventory, Local Vault, Sell Orders and Bids alphabetically.
Speaking of, any chance we could get the hex borders to show up on the min-map?

I've had a feature request in for a while to look into that, just hasn't risen to the top of the priority list yet, or been something we could fix easily as long as we were already fixing something related.
Understood that there may not be a bug involved in my case 'where the project was delivered <<Company vault because company mats used>>.' But I do think there is an issue of no notification. All other projects crafted give me a notification something like "XXX finished and delivered to your personal vault." In this case perhaps something like "XXX finished and delivered to company YYY vault in hex <<x,y>>"

Interestingly enough, it turns out that we specifically coded the notification for crafting projects that finish while you're offline to only show up if the result gets deposited to your personal vault. In contrast, notifications for projects that finish while you're online get displayed regardless of which vault they get deposited in. This may have been done out of concern that items deposited in a shared vault while you're offline may have been moved by another player since then, so we didn't want a message to imply the item is there only to have it get reported as missing. We also may have just wanted to reduce the number of incoming messages when you log in, so we figured we only needed to tell you about the items that wound up in a vault you can do something about. If it got sent to a company vault, it's because you only have crafting permissions in that vault, so you personally can't do anything with the finished product.

Best intentions aside, we should probably take another look at those notifications and consider showing all of them, perhaps with some mention that items deposited in shared vaults may have been moved by someone else. I'll file a feature request for that.

Meanwhile, what this means is that if you didn't get a "completed" message, then that's because it was deposited in a shared vault that the character only had crafting permissions to at the time the project was started. If it had been deposited in a personal vault, you'd have been told which hex as well, regardless of whether it was deposited while you were online or offline.
This project craft was started before PFO owner transfer of the account happened last week. As the new owner I have no idea where the material came from, only that the crafting queue was occupied all week.
Ah, that changes things. We do have ways to track through the logs and find various details about a particular crafting project, but we still don't have the tools needed to do that easily. We regularly go through that extra effort when there's good reason to suspect a bug is involved, but it's much much more likely here that the spellbook was deposited properly. The most efficient way to figure out where that might be would be to ask the seller about it.