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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

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After trying out the halved Pharasma crafting times, I've decided that's not a big enough change. Even under the best circumstances, several of the crafting stages could be measured in weeks. Pharasma drops should still be useful and valuable even during the final weeks of play, which won't be the case if they take too long to craft. For that matter, everyone should be able to get some use out of anything they've gathered the mats for in the time that remains, rather than waiting a long time to craft a suit of armor or add a powerful enchantment.

To that end, I'm going to drop all crafting times, not just the Pharasma ones, to 1/10 of their previous times. That should make it possible to craft most things within a matter of days rather than weeks, while leaving enough of the time difference between projects in place so any bonuses that affect crafting time still feel worthwhile.

I'll also adjust the default crafting taxes to 10 times their current value, which technically means that I'll drop the number of seconds per 1c of tax to 1/10 their current value. The end result will be that crafting projects result in the same default taxes as they do now, they just take 1/10 of the time. That won't automatically change the taxes at player settlements though, so settlement leaders can decide whether or not they want to make any adjustments.
Looks good, how about guaranteeing a remembrance for each person in the group taking down the boss?

I like that idea and it doesn't throw the numbers off very much, but don't really like that such a big guaranteed reward could be the result of just waiting for an escalation to naturally drop to zero strength over a few weeks. So, in exchange for that, I'm planning to remove the hourly strength drop from all the escalations, which feels appropriate during a time where so many groups will be focused on getting the full variety of Remembrances.
I'm working on the following changes to make it a lot quicker to produce Statues of Pharasma, and to make placing them during this final stretch more worthwhile:

  • Mats: Triple the ratings for gatherable Pharasma mats at nodes and triple the likelihood of Remembrances dropping as loot.
  • Recipes: Double the likelihood of getting a Pharasma recipe whenever a T3 recipe drops as loot.
  • Crafting: Halve all the Pharasma crafting times.
  • DI Generation: Increase the amount of DI generated per upgrade by 40 in each Index beyond what Statues of Pharasma already generate. That means they'd produce a minimum of 40 in each Index at +0, 80 at +1, and so on.

I'm planning to put these relatively simple changes into a small update and get that deployed soon. I'll also be looking at some additional content-only features for the statues for a later update, but I'm not sure what will actually work for Infrastructure or how much I'll be able to squeeze in while also preparing the new escalation.

I just removed the 6 and 12 month game time options from the store and from the new subscription options. Any subscriptions already set up with those options will continue to use them for any upcoming automatic purchases. If any of those automatic purchases result in purchasing too many game months to use up by the time we shut down, we'll refund pro-rated amounts as appropriate. If you'd like to minimize the risk of needing a refund, you may want to adjust your subscription settings to single month purchases as we get closer to November 28.

I also removed all the Player Housing, along with the 12 and 19 Box options for Azoth. I'll probably remove additional items as time goes on.
Assuming many settlements will flip into caretaker mode as people stop playing (the finale stuff is only of real interest to the table top players) will the final points be based on the maximum plus of structures placed, or on the level they are set at when things finally collapse?

The Structure Points for each settlement will be based on that settlement's best week from the last 4 weeks the servers are up. So, if a settlement makes it to the first week of November still active, then collapses, its points will be based on how it was doing that first week. If another settlement remains active throughout November and keeps placing upgrading structures steadily, its points would be based on the final week.

If both settlements wound up with the same number of points, their writeups would get roughly the same amount of detail and attention. However, the first writeup might say the settlement is well-established but lately has some issues (labor strike, encroaching raiders, ogres on their doorstep, etc…), while the second might mention that it's a growing settlement needing lots of supplies for new construction. Anything I can incorporate about the dynamics of our world to make each settlement interesting to GMs and players is fair game.
As was mentioned in the FAQ, we're planning to make the production of Pharasma statues a little "quicker" so there's a better chance more of them will get placed over the remaining four months. The main things I'm planning to do are these:

  • Increase the likelihood of gathering the Pharasma mats at nodes.
  • Increase the odds of getting Remembrances and Pharasma recipes when they're eligible to drop as loot.
  • Reduce the crafting time on all the Pharasma recipes.

I don't have precise numbers yet, but any changes will still leave all the Pharasma items as rare drops and the crafting will still take quite a bit of time.

While we were discussing plans to shut down the game, Cole received and accepted a great job offer. Sad though we are to lose him, since he’s been indispensable to all the progress we’ve made in recent years and to keeping the game running so smoothly this whole time, we have nothing but grateful thanks for his many years of service and wish him all the best at his new job.

Fortunately, Cole spent some time over the last year training me to back him up on all our maintenance and deployment tasks. I can now make and deploy content-only builds, kick the servers myself on the rare occasions that they stop running properly, and even pull the game logs from the server, among many other tasks I previously left to Cole. This does mean we’re restricted to content-only fixes/updates for the remainder of Pathfinder Online’s operation, but that should be enough to provide everything needed for our final event, and to gather all the information needed about the final state of the world for the writeups.
Also, I'll be removing the 6/12 month game time options from the store and from subscription set-up in a couple days. Anyone who's already set up with those subscription options will continue to purchase that amount each time they run out of credits, but can request a refund if that results in purchasing more than can technically be used up before the shutdown.

I'll also be removing the largest Azoth bundles at that time, and we'll probably steadily remove more items from the store as we get closer to November 28.
Hobson Fiffledown
Okay, fine, but half off for a couple of smallholdings is still as low as I'll go. smile

Not that I'd actually recommend purchasing any of the premium camps/housing given the amount of time left, but just in case anyone really, really, really wants one, we did temporarily set their prices low enough to take into account the expected pro-rated refund if they were purchased at full price. As a result, the Base Camps are currently $7.99 and the Freeholds/Studios/Cottages are $31.99, so well over half off smile

Just be warned that there's no refunds at that price assuming the servers stay up until November 28.
During the Age of Legends, as the Azlanti Empire grew to prominence, Pharasma foresaw the birth of Nhur Athemon, foresaw his rise to power as an undead lich, but could not see his true and final death. Calling on all her powers of prophecy, she scoured the nigh-endless reaches of time for his inevitable end. Instead, she saw her own. Nhur Athemon’s eternal quest to stave off his demise would ultimately lead to embracing death and becoming its unliving embodiment, while Pharasma’s unbending defense of the natural cycles of life and death would be her undoing. Or, perhaps she could bend just a little, even at the risk of breaking everything…

A little over six and a half years ago, Pathfinder Online launched into Early Enrollment and Pharasma’s Chosen began settling the Echo Wood. Since then, just as the Gray Lady’s intervention allowed the heroes of the Echo Wood to escape death over and over again, the amazing support from all our wonderful backers and players allowed our tiny team to stay online and keep improving the game year after year. It has been a privilege to see this world and this story brought to life through the dedicated players adventuring in it, but now the epic finale of Pathfinder Online draws near.

In October, Nhur Athemon’s own Chosen will arrive to finish the war between death and undeath, with both the story of Pharasma’s Chosen and the online world they adventure in scheduled to end at Daily Maintenance on November 28. After that, the servers won’t be coming back up, but aspects of the world you’ve all created with us will live on in Golarion, initially through a blog post on Paizo’s site that integrates our history with the larger world of Pathfinder. That writeup will be based on the final state of the world and its settlements, as well as past events. During the remaining months of operation, settlements can earn better stat blocks and more detailed writeups (e.g. longer descriptions, more names of notable player characters and companies, mentions of gathering/crafting/training specialties) by placing and upgrading settlement structures (particularly Pharasma statues) and by completing sequences that include the new Nhur Athemon’s Chosen escalation. For complete details, see The Denouement Rules.

We’ll do our best to get through these final months as smoothly as possible, and to provide new content that brings everything to a satisfying conclusion. However, it’s possible that we won’t be able to keep the servers running right up to November 28. The servers are getting quite old, and we won’t be able to switch over to the cloud before then. Fortunately, everything looks stable at the moment and we do think they’re in good enough shape to go the distance. If things do go wrong and we’re forced to shut down earlier than expected, we’ll use the most recent available data about the state of the world as the basis for the final writeups.

When the world does shut down, we’ll be offering refunds for any recently-purchased items that couldn’t be used in time. We’re also limiting purchases in the Store and ask that everyone buy only what they can easily use during the remaining time available. See The Denouement section of our FAQ for more details and send email to if you have any further questions or concerns about your purchases.

We hope you’ll all join us as this grand adventure draws to a close, and thank you all so much for the tremendous support that made Pathfinder Online possible.