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Smallholding fires could (should?) only work for those in the owner's party, just like the vault.
I could get behind that …

As soon as I have a way to remove/loot the holding when it is the way ..

Giving players more control over who uses their stuff, and giving other players more ways to tear down that stuff, is all in the plans. Exact details, and exactly when we'll be able to get to implementing such things, still need to be worked out.
Does this mean that player made camps will be on a separate cooldown cycle at 1 hour each while premium items have a 4 hour cooldown?

They're not on a separate cooldown, they just each set the cooldown to a different length of time. If you power up at a smallholding campfire, then you can't use any campfire for 4 hours. If you power up at a camp campfire, then you can use any campfire after just 1 hour. As soon as you start trying to use a campfire, you'll be told what the cooldown will be and what the maximum amount of power returned will be.
Base Camps and Smallholdings have been returned to their original 4 hour cooldowns and their original power regeneration levels. To help deal with the possible confusion caused by having multiple cooldown lengths, the chat messages for campfire use now provided clearer info on cooldown length and the amount of power regenerated.

Not that I am bothered either way, but I am curious as to why the reversal ?

From the previous conversations on the smallholding changes, it was clear that certain lengths of play sessions would be hurt by the change while others would be helped a tiny bit. Since I'd really only made the change to be consistent with the changes to camps (which just make camps better, period), we decided to put smallholdings and base camps back where they'd been, but to improve the feedback so that it's much clearer that the cooldowns are different for smallholdings and base camps than for camps. This also opens up the possibility of adding in more camps later that appeal to various lengths of play sessions.
Do you have any estimates of when it will be installed on the test server yet?

Hoping for sometime next week, which seems feasible given the rate I've been getting through things and the rate we've been fixing things along the way.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Thanks, Bob. Are there any specific tests you'd like to see people doing? Are there handy copies of the escalations?

I can't remember the state of escalation cycles on Test. I have a recollection that we talked before about maybe setting up escalations with a test flag, so they could be cycled quickly without you manually advancing them, and even have new escalations replace them without a cool-down on test. Is some of that even feasible in order to increase the variety when there are new escalations to test?

I'll think about what specific tests could be most useful when we're ready to put the build on Zog, but generally just having folks try out the new features that interest them most and then running through the newer escalations puts the build through its paces pretty well. I generally do a pretty thorough check of all the things I've thought of, so what I'm usually most interested in having everyone test are the things I haven't thought of.

We're looking into making a few test-specific improvements before going to Zog, but I'm not sure how much of that we'll actually be able to do in time. Cycling through the escalations faster isn't likely to make the list, and it's actually one of the things I can do relatively quickly manually. It would certainly be useful (though it would have to be balanced against our usual desire to make things run basically the same on Zog as on Live to verify that things are running correctly), just not as useful as a couple other things I'm hoping to get.
Internal testing on 11.2 is progressing well, but there are a lot of new entities, escalations and events to test, and most escalations had at least a few changes made to them that need to be checked out. We've fixed a few problems found along the way, polished some of the fixes a bit, and even been able to code up a few additional small fixes while waiting on tests. As a result, I've edited the original post with the following:

  • Performing a new Auction House search now resets the scroll bar on the search results.
  • On the Crafting window, ingredient scroll bars are now also reset when switching recipes, along with the previous fix of resetting them when switching stocks. Changed the grammar to make it clearer that both scroll bars (vertical and horizontal) are reset.
  • Inventory Trashing and Stack Splitting UI now supports up to 6 digits.
  • Cold Iron Broadhead Arrow Recipes drop as loot.
  • Ability scores on Character Sheet now show to 3 decimal places when moused over.
  • Base Camps and Smallholdings have been returned to their original 4 hour cooldowns and their original power regeneration levels. To help deal with the possible confusion caused by having multiple cooldown lengths, the chat messages for campfire use now provided clearer info on cooldown length and the amount of power regenerated.
  • Deposit All: Invulnerable items (Premium items like Smallholding deeds) remain in Inventory and a chat message states which items were left behind.
Edited Original Post:

Added mention of new GM command for changing company names.

Agreed, keeping "learn once" drops relevant and adding wow factor to drops are two separate issues. There probably isn't one silver bullet that makes loot drops meet all our design needs (though I suppose actual silver bullets wouldn't be half bad as loot drops), though we try to design each piece to cover as many needs as possible.

We've discussed things along the lines of the Shards you proposed, but we haven't really dug into it in detail yet. There are definitely some challenges to figuring out the best implementation, but it seems like a promising possibility to explore further when the time comes.
It is my belief that the attempt to transfer the focus of healing abilities away from raw healing and into regeneration buffs (to balance PvP issues) failed. I think it failed because the 6 second round imported into this game from table top is too long. Far too much happens in 6 seconds. If regeneration did one third its current amount but every 2 seconds rather than 6 we would regen the same amount over time but it may actually be useful.

Good point, and probably an issue with debuffs as well. Something we can look into when we have a chance to do another balancing pass.
Victory markers being an ingredient in enchanting would make things very interesting very quickly. The problem might be that current stockpiles are too high, and there might me a problem with VMs being too easy to obtain (by taking out starter goblin escalations repeatedly).

Victory Markers are one possibility, and we can look into creating other kinds of ingredients that can only be obtained from escalations or events, or even from particular types of enemies. Doing so in a reasonably balanced way can be tricky, but it's not an unsolvable problem.

In terms of Victory Markers being too easy to obtain, folks may not feel that way when holdings are in actual danger and when we balance the incentives better for upgrading. But if they're still too plentiful, that'll be easy enough to adjust.