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Garric Orcsbane
Will the Smallholdings owned by banned accounts be removed from the hexes they are currently deployed in?

Running one last quick test, but so far everything looks good for me to start manually removing those smallholdings. If anyone is being blocked by a smallholding that you believe belongs to a banned character, drop a line to letting me know the name of the character and the hex the smallholding is in.

In general, I only intend to remove the smallholdings from hexes where player actions can't remove the smallholding. If the smallholding is in a hex that can be claimed by placing a holding, which in turn should allow the holding owner to remove the smallholding, then I'll leave that to players to deal with.
Harad Navar
Can you (and if so, will you) add elevation to the coordinate readout when mousing over points in the mini-map?

As mentioned during the Keepside chat, we're unlikely to do this in time for 11.2, but I just filed a feature request to track this and it shouldn't be too complicated.

I've experienced this more times than I care to count while making purchases at the Canis AH. If it would be helpful for me to send you a list of my account names or character names for your log research, I'd be glad to pull that together.

Unfortunately, we're pretty sure that the offer is already broken before you attempt to make the purchase. We've been able to look at several offers that we know were broken, but just don't have enough info in our logs to track down all the things that happened to those offers along the way. Once 11.2 comes out, we should have sufficient logging to do that, and the logging does already tell us which offers are broken as soon as someone attempts to purchase or cancel them.
On the smallholding change:

Just to provide some history, we started by looking at the camps and trying to figure out what kinds of changes would make them feel more useful and would align well with the way we were hoping power would get used. Making them last longer felt like it would make it more palatable to put one in inventory, carry it out to an area that you'd like to be near for a while, place the camp so it wouldn't get destroyed if you died, then have the camp last long enough that you could return to it when needed. Shortening the cooldown felt like it would spread the power regen out a bit more steadily, and would have the side-effect of having camps return 4 times as much power over a 4-hour period.

The changes to the smallholdings and base camps were made primarily to bring them in line with those changes. They actually have their own cooldown setting (in fact, each camp and upgrade can have its own cooldown setting), but I was concerned that having a 4 hour cooldown on those, but a 1 hour cooldown on camps, could be confusing. To counter-balance the change, I boosted the overall return by only dividing the power regen by 3.

All that said, part of the point of releasing these preliminary release notes and testing the build publicly is to see what works and what doesn't. By that, I don't mean just which changes technically work or don't, I mean which changes make the game better and which don't.

The point that the smallholding change hits a particular playstyle (those playing shorter sessions) much harder is well taken, and points to the possibility that we should provide a greater variety of cooldown/regen options that match varying session lengths. In the short-run, I could potentially leave smallholdings and base camps as they were, making them an option that continues to work well for those playing shorter sessions, while the regular camps would just slightly improve for those playing shorter sessions (you could at least place them on arrival in a hex and not worry about losing them on death, even if you'd only have 1 chance to use them during a short session) and would improve dramatically for those playing 2+ hour sessions (since they'd have multiple opportunities to revisit them for the same regen amounts). Long-session players would want to avoid using a smallholding for power early in the session, but could still find the smallholding especially useful for the last power regen of the session.

Later, I could look at providing more variety in the standard camps, with some giving larger boosts in return for longer cooldowns. With enough variety there could be camps that fit well for varying session lengths. However, with that much variety, we'd really have to provide better feedback about cooldowns to make sure everyone understands what they're getting.
Thorgrim Foegrinder
So I was listening to the recording of the chat, and my 9-week old twins were crying in the next room while my wife got bottles ready. They stopped crying, and a minute later my wife walks by with the bottles. She didn't calm them down, Bob's voice did.

A very handy skill when my daughter was first born. Less handy at post-lunch meetings.
Preliminary release notes for 11.2 posted here. Lots of juicy issues to discuss at the Keepside chat. Post your questions here.
Edited original post: Added mention that camps last 4 hours instead of 10 minutes.
These are the Preliminary Release Notes for Early Enrollment v11.2. We plan on deploying a Final Candidate for 11.2 to the Test Server as soon as it passes our internal testing.

What Will Be In This Release

This release includes one new escalation (Gathering of Legends) and one upgraded escalation variant (The Revenge of Nhur Athemon), both featuring a mix of hero-/legend-level enemies dropping lots of T3 goodies. Some of these higher-level enemies have also been added to new events that run in several of the higher-end escalations. Several improvements have been made to the Auction House (your last week of sales/purchases can be viewed in the History tab, purchase prices are set to those of the specific offer you requested to purchase, and a few UI issues were fixed), and many other highly-requested improvements have been made (the click-through problem when clicking on UI elements was fixed, stacks can now be split when transferring between various windows, Auspicious Critical will only return power on critical hits, and Thornguards stop attacking after their target is killed). Many other smaller fixes were made as well.

Full Release Notes

  • Added Gathering of Legends escalation, filled with a variety of T3 enemies dropping a variety of T3 loot.
  • Added The Revenge of Nhur Athemon, a variant of the existing Nhur Athemon escalations featuring tougher crystals and skeletons, as well as a tougher Win Boss, with correspondingly better drops.
  • Added Hero/Legend Events to Crystal Ogres, Dark Elves, Duergar Slavers, Elemental Rift and Mordant Spire escalations.
  • High-end Win Bosses are now extremely likely, and in some cases guaranteed, to drop T3/Structure Recipes and T3 Expendables.
  • Adjusted Max Instances for several escalations to make T2-T3 escalations more likely, and to make it more likely that rarer escalations will launch when it comes time to choose a new escalation.
  • Switched bosses in Ustalav Invaders to a Hero Boss for the Home Hex version and a Legend Boss for the Monster Hex version. Also increased the number of Generals and higher-level knights at the boss encounter.
  • Ustalav Invaders now includes a final Phase where the toughest random enemies are Generals, and the only efficient way to get T3 drops is to kill the Boss.
  • Set most escalations to start at 100% and to decay in strength over 10 days (15 for Home hexes), and set remaining phased-escalations to increase in difficulty as their strength drops.
  • Rebalanced escalations to take roughly 4 hours for an appropriately-leveled party to clear from 100% strength (6 hours for Home hexes), and so that tougher escalations generally have a higher max strength than less difficult ones.
  • Reduced target numbers for several events to make them more feasible for small parties to complete during a single play session.
  • Changed Elemental Rift event Element Amok to launch a variety of Berserkers, not just Ice Elementals.
  • Changed text of Goblin Pickles events to make it clear that players need to talk to an apprentice, not Londor Sefurd.
  • Fixed difficulty ratings for Elemental Rift phases to reflect that the escalation gets more difficult as the strength drops.
  • Removed Heroes from random encounters in Ustalav Home Hex when the home escalation isn’t running.
  • Removed extra structure recipe chance from Dark Elf Win Boss drop.
  • Removed level 1-2 knights from Ustalav escalations.

Auction House:
  • Added History tab to see past week of sales and purchases.
  • When clicking Buy next to a specific offer, the purchase price is now set to the sale price of that specific offer.
  • Coin can't be sold.
  • Items which can't be sold (such as coins) are no longer shown as available to be sold or bid on.
  • The Buy button is no longer shown when there are no active offers to purchase.
  • Switching to a different item now resets the scroll bar on the list of offers.
  • Performing a new search now resets the scroll bar on the search results.

  • Mouse clicks are now caught by the UI, not passed on to items behind them.
  • Ctrl-click or Ctrl-drop will open quantity dialog for transferring partial stacks of items between windows.
  • Added paste (Ctrl-V on or Cmd-V) to all text input fields.
  • Fixed icons for Greater Cure, Greater Inflict, Mass Greater Cure and Mass Greater Inflict.
  • Unrecognized/misspelled slash commands will now display an error message in the chat window.
  • For Vaults and Auction House, switching filters will now clear the sub-filters.
  • Inventory Trashing and Stack Splitting UI now supports up to 6 digits.
  • Ability scores on Character Sheet now show to 3 decimal places when moused over.

  • Tavern in Aragon again returns Power to characters.
  • Settlements with large numbers of structures no longer suffer sever lag issues.
  • Added Expert and Freeholder trainers to Thornkeep (near Auction House).

  • Added shrines to monster hexes -12,18 and -2,14.
  • Smoothed out multiple player traps, including several in player settlements where the retaining walls met the ground at the top of the walls. Also fixed a trap by the stairs near the Taverns that affected all player settlements.
  • Reduced steepness of road in -5,14 so that it can be climbed.
  • Removed obsolete Attacker Shrine from hex -5,3.
  • Removed bumpy 15m encounter from hex 2,13 that could result in unusable smallholdings.

  • The list of crafting queues stays properly updated at downtime. The “lost” crafting queues were still being completed properly in the background, but not being visible on the crafting window was causing understandable confusion.
  • Scroll bars for list of available ingredients are reset when switching to a new stock or recipe.

  • The Rogue Tutorial Kill Quest is now called Whispers of Unrest.
  • Changed Insidious Hero Gods text to mention Staalgard instead of Live Oak.

  • Auspicious Critical now returns the correct amount of power, and only does so on a critical hit.
  • Added Crafting option to Freeholder Armor gates.
  • Added Dexterity into Clothing Armor Proficiencies to support Tailors.
  • Added Dexterity to Holdout Weapon Maneuvers and Wisdom to Toolkit Maneuvers.
  • Added Dexterity to Passionate in the Workship and Holdout Weapon Implement Proficiency.
  • Added Wisdom to War Willing and Toolkit Implement Proficiency.
  • Fixed Outfitter 9 to require Int/DEX/Per instead of Int/INT/Per.
  • Fixed typo on Ability bonuses for Medium Armor Proficiency 2.
  • Fixed typo on Feat Requirements for Passionate in the Workshop 9.

  • Campfires now return the proper amount of power. Previously, they were restoring power up to at least the amount listed (if you had 50 power and used a campfire set to restore 200, you’d end up with 200 total power or your max, whichever was lower). Now they restore the amount of power listed (if you have 50 power and use a campfire set to restore 200, you’ll end up with 250 total power or your max, whichever is lower).
  • Reduced power cooldowns for camps from 4 hours to 1 hour and made them last 4 hours instead of 10 minutes.
  • Added clearer feedback on campfire power regeneration and cooldowns to chat messages when campfires are used.

Logging In:
  • Getting disconnected from the game will bring up a message stating that the application will close after ten seconds. Getting back into the game will require running the application again, but this will prevent multiple strange issues that occur when re-entering the game world without fully exiting the application.
  • Added tabbing and paste (Ctrl-V on or Cmd-V) to login screen fields.
  • Delete button on unused character slots was removed.

  • Players are rooted when Trade window is open.
  • Confirmation is shown in chat window when sending a trade request.

AI: Thornguards stop attacking after their target dies.

Deposit All: Invulnerable items (Premium items like Smallholding deeds) remain in Inventory and a chat message states which items were left behind.

Testing Achievements: Added GM command to grant achievements. This will make it much easier to test advanced characters on Zog. Achievements can only be granted to a character standing near the GM, so arrangements will still need to be made to meet in-game, but now any achievement can be quickly granted.

Company Names: Added GM command to change company names. This is primarily intended to be used to change names that violate the Terms of Service, or to fix typos.

Mules: Fixed typo in error message for expired mules.

Holdings and Outposts:
  • Outposts can no longer be placed while a holding is being torn down.
  • Company Leaders can change the colors on company buildings. Previously, only the character who placed the building could change the color.

Documents: All document fragments drop again.

Recipes: Cold Iron Broadhead Arrow Recipes drop as loot.

Edit 1: Added mention that camps last 4 hours instead of 10 minutes.
Edit 2: Added ability to paste into all text input fields under UI. Turns out that fix wasn't just for the Log In screen.
Edit 3: Added mention of new GM command for changing company names.
Edit 4:
  • Performing a new Auction House search now resets the scroll bar on the search results.
  • On the Crafting window, ingredient scroll bars are now also reset when switching recipes, along with the previous fix of resetting them when switching stocks. Changed the grammar to make it clearer that both scroll bars (vertical and horizontal) are reset.
  • Inventory Trashing and Stack Splitting UI now supports up to 6 digits.
  • Cold Iron Broadhead Arrow Recipes drop as loot.
  • Ability scores on Character Sheet now show to 3 decimal places when moused over.
  • Base Camps and Smallholdings have been returned to their original 4 hour cooldowns and their original power regeneration levels. To help deal with the possible confusion caused by having multiple cooldown lengths, the chat messages for campfire use now provided clearer info on cooldown length and the amount of power regenerated.
  • Deposit All: Invulnerable items (Premium items like Smallholding deeds) remain in Inventory and a chat message states which items were left behind.
Edit 5:
  • Testing Achievements: Added GM command to grant achievements.
  • Company Leaders can change the colors on company holdings and outposts.
Consumables clearly need some review, and the CON 19 requirement clearly needs to be part of that. So much math in my future.
Duffy Swiftshadow
I tried a bunch of transactions on the Test server in Goblinville and can't seem to get the bug to occur. Tried a bunch of combinations of things like posting from inventory versus vault, same prices, different prices, lots of stacks, single large stacks, left them over a few 'downtimes'. Won't duplicate.

We do seem to have a few players who get it near constantly on Live, dunno if the logging tools cover the AH very well but at this point it might be easier to arrange a test on live real quick if GW thinks it would help track it down.

I spent a bunch of time last week looking through our auction logs. We log enough information that I would occasionally see the start of a pattern, but never enough to nail things down. We've added a lot more information to the auction logging for 11.2, which will hopefully be enough to finally figure out the exact cause of this problem. If we're lucky, we'll find it relatively quickly and figure out a simple server-side fix that we can deploy without waiting for the following full build.