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Haven't tried this myself on a Mac, but Ryan posted some instructions a while back for running the game with command line parameters on a Mac here. There are some other suggestions in the resulting thread as well.
Fianna has taken over Iron Gauntlet and made it their own, renaming it Dun Baile. Congratulations!
We're not doing any complicated checks when we put up the message about regular maintenance, which is why the message basically just says that you couldn't connect and it might be due to regular maintenance between 9 and 10 AM Pacific. All the client knows is that it couldn't connect.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Can we un-sticky this thanks smile

Stilachio Thrax
Probably not an 11.2 thing, but what are the chances of getting some new weapons in game? Things like:

-Crossbows (light and heavy)
-Bastard swords
-Halberds, Pikes and other pole-arms
-One-handed Spear attacks

We do have plans for lots more weapons, including some of those listed, but I suspect it will be a while before they rise to the top of the priority list at our current pace.
•Make Tokens useful. The alternative request was to remove tokens, but it would be far better to make them more useful and fun. It’s possible that we could allow stacking a much larger number of tokens, and potentially make them more powerful as well.

Would there be any value in tying using tokens in the enchanting of gear process?

We could certainly consider something like that if we find that there are always some left over no matter how useful we make them (while still remaining balanced, obviously). Ideally, they'll be so useful that players will tend to use them as they earn them, but I think they'll have to be both more convenient and more powerful for that to happen.
The prerequisite for Outfitter 9 is: 16 int or 16 int or 16 per

Looking at Outfitter 8 and 10 it is int or dex or per so there seems a typo in the spreadsheet.

The error shows both in goblinary as well as in game but I wouldn't have noticed in game if I wouldn't have looked up goblinary.

Good catch. That's an easy fix that I'll get in for 11.2.
There is a workaround that allows the game to run on a 32-bit OS (it's not for the faint of heart), but I believe you also need at least 4GB of RAM, so I don't think that would work here. Although we don't publish system requirements, largely because computers are such moving targets in that regard, you're definitely less likely to run into problems with a 64-bit OS and 8GB of RAM.
Allegiant Gemstone Company has taken over Brighthaven and made it their own, renaming it Zargoza. Congratulations!
Clan Maugrimor has taken over Aragon and made it their own, renaming it Shepherd's Dock. Congratulations!