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All posts created by Bob

The Golden Scales have taken over Kreuz Bernstein and made it their own, renaming it Stormshelter. Congratulations!
While doing a completely unrelated search through the bug database, I was reminded that there's already a location on the map called Peddler's Crossing (it's for one of the location achievements). To avoid confusion, the leaders of Gold and Steel Banking chose a new name, Marketstead. That name change is already visible in the Company Window, and will be visible on the map after downtime tomorrow. I've also edited the title of this forum topic and the original post to reflect the change.
Gold and Steel Banking has taken over New Rathglen and made it their own, renaming it Marketstead. Congratulations!

Edit: Changed new name from Peddler's Crossing to Marketstead.
Staalgard High Council has taken over Live Oak and made it their own, renaming it Staalgard. Congratulations!
Motherlode Mining Co. has taken over Helinard Motte and made it their own, renaming it Veggr Tor. Congratulations!
@ GW

If you had to make a guess at how many active players you would feel comfy(not needing expansion) with the size the map currently is, what would that be?

With the current map, I don't even start to think about crowding issues until we hit 10,000 active players. At that point, I'd want to make the remaining settlement hexes operational, which in turn would raise the number to 15,000 without any risk of overcrowding. Beyond that, the question of exactly how many players we could handle before things start to feel crowded gets very complicated, since it's so dependent on how active those players are and how many are logged-in simultaneously during the busiest times each day, but I'm sure we could handle significantly more than that before we'd absolutely have to add on to the map.
Thannon is now attached to Goblinville Public Company and should have access to loads of stuff in the Goblinville Settlement Vault.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Thannon Forsworn
Is there someway to get bunch of items and coin on the test server? I want to try and narrow down that AH bug as it vexes business often enough to be worth a bit of experimenting.
The Marchmont bank has thousands of Gold and platinum coins and most items you could desire in the settlement vault.

If you aren't attached, and Bob isn't about, let me know and I can log in and pass some stuff off in a few hours when I'm home.

I stocked some of the Zog settlements up during the last big round of testing. If your settlement is empty, or you're not a member of a settlement, just let me know and I'll get you fixed up.
The Freedom Alliance has taken over Freevale and made it their own, renaming it Mediash. Congratulations!
Ali HF
Hopefully the missing shrines are one of the "scattered issues that look easy to fix"

That is a relatively easy change, but does require a specific data rebuild, which in turn takes some extra time and testing. Then again, we may be opening up that data and triggering a rebuild for some other fix, making it more convenient to fix than expected.