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Caldeathe Baequiannia
  • Add a small icon to each hex on the map which would open up a little editable text box. Great idea, but saving the data in a truly useful way will be problematic.
If this is user specific, then I'd like to propose for consideration a very simple local csv text file that the user could edit outside the game, so that friends and alliances could easily share the data among themselves, perhaps even having a canon version maintained for distribution from which people could add and subtract their private data and interestes. A locally-parsed list of hex identifiers, followed by a comma and then a note, with each consecutive matching note appended to the pop-up would let us add a block of private notes to a shared list without editing each hex "item." In game, clicking an "append" button would add a new line to the data file with the current hex identifier.

Something along those lines would probably be the simplest way for us to add this while avoiding a lot of complicated issues. It would be a bit of a power-user function, but not too bad of one.
lol … that list should take you guys well into 2018 smile

Also with regard to the expendable issues - one of the known causes of problems is hex boundaries.

We definitely won't get to everything on the list right away, but we'll steer toward the ones highest on the list so we can make the most impact with our limited time. Then we'll do this again to see what rises to the top of the lists after those fixes ship.

The expendables definitely seem to have to some issues at hex boundaries, but we're also getting reports that they're sometimes behaving oddly in the middle of the hex. Unfortunately, that behavior doesn't show any kind of obvious pattern that makes it easier for us to replicate. We'll keep trying, but it's likely to be tricky to track down.
Would it be too silly to have a delay associated with putting heavy armor on?

That's the kind of thing we talked about adding in, along with some discussions that even carrying certain kinds of armor would affect your maximum speed. It would also help if people really feared getting ambushed, so that getting caught without armor on was truly dangerous. Those kinds of things will need to be working before we could look at bringing the speed stuff back, on top of doing more thinking about how to better keep parties together.
I've gone back over all the postings and here's a list of all the suggestions (after some editing and grouping) in a rough prioritized order based on the number of times each suggestion was mentioned (including +1's). They're also grouped by items that have already been completed, ones that we think are possible (assuming we don't run into unforeseen problems while implementing them), and ones we doubt could get completed in a reasonable time-frame. Unfortunately, a few things I'd initially considered possible turned out to be unlikely after further discussion with the team. Even sadder, nothing moved from Unlikely to Possible as part of those discussions (one of those case where I hate being right).

The first 12-15 items under Possible were all mentioned multiple times and we're already working on getting some of them fixed. We plan to get to a fair number of those top 12-15 items before deploying 11.2, along with some of the other scattered issues that just look easy to fix.

Already Done:
  • Fill in correct price when attempting to Buy a particular offer in the Auction House.
  • Fix the click-through problems that result in selecting a target when clicking on unrelated UI items.
  • Increase the availability of T3 drops. This includes adding Heroes and Legends to more escalations, improving the Win Boss loot drops, and adding a T3 escalation.
  • Allow players to split stacks when moving them around or trading them, similar to splitting stacks when trashing them from Inventory. This would probably be activated by shift-clicking or shift-dragging the item.
  • Fix Auspicious Critical, which has multiple problems that result in returning more Power than intended. We’ll look into this issue and fix what we can, but may need to add more logging to see what’s really happening with this feat in the wild.
  • Make it easier to track sales on the Auction House by putting a message in the chat window when an item sells, and ideally by providing a way to review recent sales.
  • Add a way to just list items with Buy Orders in the Auction House.
  • Make Thornguards stop attacking after their target dies.
  • Have the current quest target glow all the way through quest completion, not just when a quest giver has a quest available to start.
  • Add loot drops for completing events.
  • Rebalance archers to make them more worthwhile. We may be able to tweak a few numbers to improve this, will require a bit more research to see what all the effects would be.
  • Polish the tutorial and add a big suggestion to complete the tutorials when a new character first enters the world.
  • Add a "Withdraw All" button on the bank window that withdraws everything from the currently selected tab. Similarly, add a Deposit All in Tab button to the Inventory so that only the current list gets deposited. Ideally, we’d make this consistent across all transfer UI’s.
  • There were some requests to add an All tab to the vaults, but the reason we removed that was to prevent the lists from getting too long and causing other problems. However, we could make it more obvious which tabs contain items by displaying them differently (different colors, different levels of transparency, …).
  • Clean up Channels to make them work as explained, or to change how they’re explained.
  • Add more tough wandering monsters.
  • Start all escalations at max strength.
  • Fix the “item unavailable” bug in the Auction house.
  • Polish the login screen (e.g. Tab between fields, Paste text into fields).
  • Make Tokens useful. The alternative request was to remove tokens, but it would be far better to make them more useful and fun. It’s possible that we could allow stacking a much larger number of tokens, and potentially make them more powerful as well.
  • Add a Release Mule button.
  • Make number of holdings increase the rate at which influence is earned.
  • Place shrines in the few escalation hexes that are currently missing them.
  • Fix the player traps, particularly in settlements.
  • Remove or reduce the campfire cool down time.
  • Reduce cooldowns for base camps and allow them to stay up longer.
  • Add mules to Smallholdings and Ranch Holdings. Problematic.
  • Allow scrolling with mouse wheel and/or keyboard controls (Page up/down) instead of just scroll bars.
  • Make the Help tab more useful, partially to help with recruiting. We could at least make a per-computer setting that remembers whether you like to open the Help channel on login. That way players looking to help out wouldn’t have to remember to open it each time they play.
  • Sort items inside Local Vault or Inventory windows on Auction House alphabetically, and generally do the same for all lists that aren’t currently sorted. This would have to be done on a case-by-case basis, but wouldn’t be hard in each case.
  • Show what stocks an ingredient counts as when hovering over them in the Crafting Windows.
  • Fix issues with not being able to see the rosters of other companies attached to your settlement. The fix for this is a little tricky, but doable.
  • Add the ability to right-click on a player name to bring up a drop-down list of actions. This would be easiest for already existing actions, such as Invite, Kick, or Trade. Tougher options would be some other actions that were requested, such as Ignore or Report, which would require actually implementing the commands as well as the UI.
  • Add low-end mobs to more of the T2 escalations. I wouldn’t want to do this to all of them, but one or two of them might vary things up nicely.
  • Allow Officer and Bluff to be trained, even though they’d do nothing for now but provide Ability bonuses.
  • Rebalance War Willing and Passionate in the Workshop to be gated by all the abilities they provide bonuses to.
  • Add player’s health bar alongside the party’s health bars, and possibly leave it there at all times.
  • Display encumbrance as numbers. We’d probably do this as a tooltip when hovering over the encumbrance bars, rather than displaying the numbers at all times.
  • Adjust former shield hexes around NPC towns to have T2 resources.
  • Make /invite work like /trade, targeting the chosen player. For consistency, we could probably make both of these target the provided playername if typed in, then the selected character if there is one, then respond with a helpful error message if neither are provided.
  • Make trial players confirm their trial accounts from an email that includes more helpful information for new players. There already is an email sent out to new users to verify their email addresses, and we could potentially add more information to it.
  • Polish the Auction House UI in general. There are certainly a few bugs in our database for the Auction House UI that we could look at fixing.
  • Protect mules in the party from friendly fire damage.
  • Generally fix already reported balance bugs. Again, plenty of small bugs in the database we could look at fixing.
  • Fix issues with using expendables where they get greyed out and can’t handle using two of them in a row. This one has been tough for us to figure out, and we may need to add more logging to track it down.
  • Let Personality gate Arcane Attack Bonus, allowing wizard/dowsers to meet all their ability gates. Divine Attack Bonus does the same thing, advancing Personality and Wisdom, but only being gated on Wisdom.
  • Add PvP zones and/or make Monster/Home hexes PvP-Free (no reputation hit for PvP in those hexes).
  • Add clearer UI to attack feats that have multiple conditionals so players can tell which conditionals are being met. The system isn’t really set up to track and display these distinctions, so there’s actually a fair amount of work needed to make this happen.
  • Make more feats work vs. both players and mobs. Unfortunately, this tends to be tricky AI work, so we’re unlikely to get to this soon.
  • Turn escalation infection back on.
  • Make escalations expire if the Win Boss isn’t killed quickly enough. There are some relatively quick hacks we could do to make this work, but getting all the messaging right to make everything clear would be tricky. For the moment, better to just provide enough incentives to make killing the bosses worthwhile.
  • Make Win Bosses appear more quickly without requiring seemingly random amounts of encounter clearing. Making this work without causing other problems (like encounters suddenly disappearing for no reason, or spawning in on top of players) is going to be tricky.
  • Match loot more thematically to specific monsters. Can be done, but will involve a lot of work.
  • Add PMs, Ignore, and Thumbs Up functionality to the forums. Since we’re using a third-party forum system, adding functionality to it is trickier. We do hope to improve this eventually, but it will take a while.
  • Remove Influence bonus from unsubbed characters. Too sudden a change to put in right now, though we’d really like to do something about this soon.
  • Make the initial spawn location for new characters different from the location players spawn at for future deaths, to better protect new players from themselves and others. We’d definitely like to improve on this, but it would be too much work to do now.
  • Add a small icon to each hex on the map which would open up a little editable text box. Great idea, but saving the data in a truly useful way will be problematic.
  • Fix various graphics bugs like cloaks on dwarves. Some small issues may be possible to fix as quick bugs, but most of this stuff needs to wait until we have character artists again.
  • Add better siege warfare tools. Most of the things needed for this will require a large chunk of dedicated time.
  • Make attacking a holding require already having a holding. This is problematic because taking your first holding is supposed to be one of the ways to get into the territorial-warfare aspect of the game. However, we could look into other things that incentivize PvP’ers to have holdings when they feud.
  • Put water everywhere. Needs lots of graphics work, sadly.
  • Add a Friend List. There are probably ways we could do this with a reasonable amount of work, but I think there’d need to be a longer discussion about whether a Friend List is really the best answer to the underlying issue of easily staying in contact with other players, especially given our distinctions between characters, accounts, and players. We may want to think more along the lines of purely social companies that don’t really serve any function other than acting as a shared Friend List.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
The concern that Ryan expressed (whether it was primarily him, or the team in general) is that having different speed attached to different armours leads to parties having to adjust their speed to the slowest person, or breaking up the party. Neither of those was deemed ideal at the time.

Further worth noting is that the "sprint" (ctrl while moving) we are used to using is not intended to be sustainable. It is supposed to burn stamina, so that in general, most movement will be at the current base (r) speed.

As I recall, people were also just taking off their armor to move faster, then putting it back on before battles, which was getting pretty silly.
Thannon Forsworn
Possibly the Auction House listing bug that makes valid auctions report 'Item Not Found' until the next downtime?

We've looked into that one a bit. We can see what the basic problem is with the data for those auctions, but we're still trying to track down how it got that way in the first place. If we figure it out, it may be an easy fix, but that's a big if unless we dedicate a lot of time to it, or unless someone notices a pattern that helps us replicate the issue more easily.
Only the account holder themselves (or Dev intervention and I believe they try very hard not to get involved in this stuff) can demote a leader account.

Yes, only a GM or the account holder can demote a company leader. I have in the past demoted leaders of founding companies at the request of the settlement's official leader, on the grounds that the ability to demote founding company leaders is essential to the concept of leading a settlement. Other than that, I generally avoid getting involved.
Live Oak and New Rathglen are scheduled to be at Settlement Level 9 after tomorrow's daily maintenance (Monday, March 21), which will make them vulnerable for takeover.
PriestChain +0 on an Elven body seems to be missing part of the upper arm, and is see through.

It does weird stuff on dwarves as well. generally loses all textures and goes black after a short time.

The dwarven male Priest's Chainmail textures turning black after a short while is a known issue, and unfortunately turned out not to be any obvious art issue that could be easily fixed. As a result, that's going to require some programming investigation time before we can get it fixed.

The issues with the Elven version are new to me, so I've filed a bug to get that looked at.
1) The "Recipes (Crafting)" tab has The Robes of the Magi +0 quality at 170. But in game crafting window implies 160. (The +1 shows a quality of 188, not 196)

Apparently there are a few items, particularly armors, where the Item Quality listed in the Recipe spreadsheet doesn't match the Item Quality listed in the Armor spreadsheet. You can see the mismatch in the public spreadsheet under the Armor tab, in the column labeled Min Q (formerly labeled #Error). Apparently the crafting window is showing the value from the Armor spreadsheet. I've filed a bug to get those mismatches looked at, but I'm not sure they really effect anything major at this point.

2) Greater Sleet Storm (and others?) is missing from the "Expendables Advancement" tab. (It does exist in the "Spellbook" tab.)

The Expendables Advancement tab apparently didn't get updated when the individual Implement tabs were updated with those new Expendables. All fixed now.