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All posts created by Bob

Can we see more guaranteed T3 drops for completing events? I know it would be more work, but having these new mobs be part of quests would be fun.

Also a pretty good idea. Have a guaranteed or at least very good chance for the group that finishes an escalation quest to get certain appropriate loot; for high-level escalations that could well be T3 drops. That would also relatively devalue escalations farmed at 0%, as they would spawn no more quests.

It's possible. I haven't really tested the tech out, but there's a place to add a loot table for completing an event. We decided not to use it because it was intended to provide a reward of some kind to everyone who'd participated in the event and we didn't have a way to do that yet. If it works, it likely just gives the reward to the character or party who takes the counter over the top. If not, that would certainly be the easiest functionality we could add for now.
If certain escalations dropped certain TYPES of T3 recipes… well that would be pretty darn cool. Duergar drop smelting and armor and weapon recipes. Mordant Spire drop Artificer and Sage. Usties (humans) drop building kits recipes, Iconographer, Crystal Ogres drop… siege weapon recipes? Nhur drop spells? Etc… etc… chart all that out.

And actually not just for T3. If you're fighting a wizard themed escalation you should expect to end up with a bunch of wizard spells, artificer, sage, ect. recipes. Bandits could drop rogueish loot, etc. It doesn't have to be exclusive, but should definitely be weighed more by "theme".

We've started down this road a bit with the tokens and salvage, which are separated out by theme. Doing that in a balanced way with recipes is a lot more challenging, but we may be able to tackle that at some point.
Yeah Bob can confirm but I think coin, salvage, tokens, recipes and expendables all have their own separate base drop percentage rates per tier customized for each mob level.

It's complicated, but the drop chances for coins and for each tier of recipes and expendables, as well as lore documents, are separated out for each possibility. Tokens and salvage are lumped together, but have multiple opportunities to drop. The end result is that you could potentially get lucky and get upwards of 14 separate drops from a single enemy.
I appreciate all the feedback on this, and the Usties are definitely pretty central to play right now so I want to be careful with them. I'll talk things over some more with Lisa and NewCorp before doing anything. For now, I'll focus on increasing the T3 drops elsewhere, particularly for Boss kills, as I suspect that will be a lot less controversial.
Have the Bloodstone Swords done much Ustie hunting? If they're using t2 weapons, implements, and armor they should have the capability to do so.

Lisa's gone up against the Usties, so I plan on talking this over more with her before doing anything.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Paddy Fitzpatrick
Speaking of which, even the ustie drops make no sense. All other escalations seem to have a more gradual and steady stream of loot (even if it is total crap compared to usties), but with usties there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.
Coming late to the party, but it's probably worth considering that the Ustilav's are not random monsters, they are a canonical clan/political group, and there is no particular reason for them to conform to any sort of average. I think that wild variations in their loot, along with a wide variation in their structure (from White to Purple) is perfectly reasonable. I don't think anything should be done to make their mobs fall into a tighter grouping, either of level, or of loot.

If anything, I think the legends and heroes should be much more rare, but have a very high chance of dropping a T3 item. It doesn't seem reasonable, to me, to have something referred to as a "hero" or "legend" showing up in multiples over the course of an hour, and even simultaneously. If they couldn't spawn more than one of each per hour, or per phase (almost like a mini-boss within an even), and the ones that did show up had a high chance of a T3 drop, it would be much more in keeping with the feel of the lore. If getting one of them to appear required finishing an event, but almost guaranteed a decent drop for everyone involved, it would make them much more carefully sought after.

Long-term, I believe that escalations with wide ranges of mob levels will make for interesting encounters, but I don't think they work very well right now. With some minor tweaks to the AI and combat system, their presence alongside Heroes and Legends could make for interesting battles. But for now, they're just a minor obstacle whose presence doesn't make the encounter significantly different from running into the higher-level mobs on their own.

We actually also have a plan for reworking the escalations to include more mini-boss battles, which would happen at much more regular intervals. At that point, it would make a lot of sense to reserve the highest-end mobs in various escalations for these mini-bosses, and to reserve the best drops for those as well.
On the Ustalav subject, here's a few things to keep in mind.

Tightening up the range of mobs would have a side-effect of increasing the odds of running into Heroes and Legends. Every General you currently run into would be a Hero or Legend instead. That should in turn raise the speed of getting T3 drops.

Tightening the range would also increase the overall value of loot dropped per mob. Admittedly, taking it on solo or in pairs would probably become much less efficient, but decently-sized parties of reasonably-leveled characters should find that the overall rewards earned would improve. And if the only rewards one is concerned about are T3 recipes, then the efficiency for getting those in a larger party would hopefully stay about the same (the decrease in speed of killing off encounters should roughly balance out the increased speed of finding Heroes and Legends, though that's harder to predict).

I also fully admit that without some improvements to the AI, tougher monsters isn't really a guarantee of increased challenge. Often, it just means that killing the monsters takes longer. That's certainly true for smaller encounters, but I do find that larger encounters with more mixed enemies lead to more unpredictable outcomes, and more often require at least some rethinking of strategy to avoid death. As part of this change, I was also looking at adding some higher-level Casters and Prelates to give the Usties a little more variety between encounters.

Finally, the rarity of T3 drops is a pretty complicated subject. As you rise up into the T3 realm, things are supposed to get less dependable. You won't always be able to find T3 training and support nearby. You won't always be able to get an exact replacement for the T3 equipment you just lost. You won't always be able to take full advantage of the T3 feats you've trained, and may wish you had spent your XP on a wider variety of feats instead. At that level, things aren't just a question of looking at spreadsheets to figure out the most efficient training path. Your training choices will depend on your actual ability to take full advantage of those feats in that part of the world.

That said, I fully understand the importance of satisfying loot to the game experience, and right now T3 loot is some of the most satisfying stuff we can provide. I do intend to spread that T3 loot across more of the escalations. And given that we won't be able to add the true settlement-level rewards that are ultimately intended for the bosses, I'll also consider increasing the T3 drop chances for bosses temporarily to increase the reward for killing off escalations. I can also look into making the escalations shut down automatically if the boss stays up too long, but I probably can't do that without some additional tech.
I can't see the rosters of the other companies attached to my settlement. I CAN see the rosters of ANY settlement's companies if I am not a settlement member there.

Seems a little backwards or at least broken partly. Any chance to address that in 11.2?

We can at least take a shot at it. I think there may be a few different issues causing problems here, and I'm not sure how hard tracking each of them down and fixing them will be. Worth a shot, though.
Duffy Swiftshadow
Is it possible in materials window when crafting to not only show what the material is when you hover on them but also what types they count as? I find myself having to keep flipping between references to make sure I don't waste a material with a better type on it, particularly annoying for all the chemical stuff. I have yet to memorize them all so far.

That should be possible and not too much work.
Bob, can you please place the missing shrines in the hexes that are currently lacking?

There's a good chance I can get that done for 11.2.