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I don't see anything particularly suspicious in the code or spreadsheets that would explain Red Garnet going faster on a regular basis, so I tried mining that same hex on Zog with a miner 13. That time, I ran out of Bloodstone and Quicksilver first. For now, I'll have to go with my usual "random numbers are random" answer. My guess is that because there's a relatively small amount of garnets in that hex, the random gather and refill mechanics are more likely to cause exaggerated differences in gather/respawn rates for those than for other materials. That said, I admit there aren't any logs that are easy for me to examine to verify that those rates are working out over time, I'm just playing the odds.
Deadman's Glen was a bit of an exception, in that it was a settlement location with no official owner. I believe that means it allowed unallied company vaults there, similar to starter settlements. However, where starter settlements are a safe place to set up company vaults, since they can't be taken over, placing them in unowned settlements is inherently risky, since they can be taken over at any time.

On the other hand, any such company vaults are actually still there, with all their contents intact. They're just not accessible unless the company joins that settlement.
If armor feats, strong back and strength domain all end up on the same channel that gets a bit pointless.

They're effectively on the same channel now, so nothing would actually change. Of course, those who were expecting it to eventually go on a separate channel would never get that expected efficiency, so the only long run advantage to having all of them would be the added flexibility when deciding which feats to slot.

When we review the system, we'll take into account what players were expecting to get from those feats, as well as whether they're actually balanced to go in the same channel or different channels. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure that out from my quick glance at the system. All I could really tell was that sorting it out will be tricky.
The Bounty Hunter's Union has taken over Deadman's Glen and made it their own, renaming it Hangman's Hollow. Congratulations!
A small change on one tab of that spreadsheet turned out to break one of the other tabs in a way that wasn't easily noticed. Fortunately, there's an easy fix that should go out in the next full build.
Here's the relevant wording under the Don't Cheat section of the TOS:

If you find some condition, combination of actions, location, or feature that is broken or provides you an advantage you should not have due to a bug, don't do that thing. Report it.

Obviously, there are lots of incomplete systems, coding problems, and the extraordinarily rare design flaw right now that everyone is aware needs to be fixed. I don't really want to draft anyone into my own personal Forever War over whether something should be called a bug, a design flaw, or a feature request (20 years of epic battles, still fighting the good fight to loudly proclaim "I don't care, just fix it" ), but for the statement above, consider the word "bug" to mean "something wrong with the game that's damaging the player experience (including the experiences of players other than the one directly affected) and should be fixed." Point is, it doesn't matter what led to the problem, it only matters that it has the potential to hurt the game, and we need to know about it.

So, if you discover anything along those lines, any way in which you can give yourself that kind of undue advantage, then report it to us at before it starts to hurt the game. If you're in any doubt, report it anyway and ask whether it's okay to take advantage of it. In some cases, like taking advantage of the easier AI or of some of the oddities with spawns, then we're fine with it as long as everyone knows (that way no particular group has an advantage over any other), and we'll fix it when it gets to the top of the priority list. In other cases we'll rush out a fix, or publicly declare such actions as a punishable exploit.

This goes double if you're already aware of (or utilizing, intentionally or unintentionally) such a problem and even remotely suspect that we don't know about it. Don't wait on reporting it until we discover it later and search through the logs to figure out who's been taking advantage of it. By that point, the actions needed to make things right could have to be pretty drastic. Reported now, we can take more reasonable measures to re-balance things.

Okay, that's enough authoritarian pronouncements on my behalf. This is a great community, and I've received incredibly useful reports from lots of players to help us keep the game as balanced as possible. I'm constantly amazed by the ability so many of you have demonstrated to put aside personal/company/settlement advantage in order to help the game succeed, and the entire team is extremely grateful for your efforts.
According to the spreadsheets none of the guards should be dropping any loot. I also just tried killing a bunch of Thornguards in a settlement on Zog and got no loot. If anyone can come up with a specific situation where their positive the loot came from the guard, let me know and I can see if we're accidentally spawning the wrong guard on occasion or something like that.
Currently, most of the feats are just having their channel selected according to which type of feat they are, not the specific channel listed next to that feat. As a result, I believe Strength Domain is going to Passive instead of Inherent.

Additionally, I think there was some confusion when the channels got implemented, and that the Passive and Inherent channels were meant to be the same channel. We'll sort that out when we get to implementing the feat-by-feat channel settings.
I didn't run into any problems like that testing on my Mac, though my setup probably differs in several respects. I also didn't try running multiple clients on that machine, which I'll test out on Monday.
Duffy Swiftshadow
Not to mention whatever impact Gushers have on resource collection.

I would think it would be easy (Bob is this a next patch possibility?) to add rare mob group spawns that are large enough and strong enough to require gatherers and travelers to call for help. If they dropped enough salvage to require a mule or a hex layer's worth of T3 (20-50 units) then I think it would add a fun gameplay element without sacrificing gatherer value (it would probably magnify it).

With existing tech, I could theoretically make a rare mob that dropped a lot of heavy salvage, but then the character landing the killing blow would auto-loot it and become rooted in place. Potentially a very unpleasant surprise.

With a bit more work, we could come up with a way for mobs to optionally leave behind the equivalent of a husk, but that's definitely not trivial.