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Servers are back up, though it may be a minute or two before every map server is back online.
Pretty sure Bringslite is correct, it's just crafting time. You can find the relevant formula in this blog.
@ Bob

You know about the selecting an offer for sale when multiple listings are there showing the sell price as the highest but still selling for the one you chose?

Yeah, that was introduced back when Bids were added and is on the list of things to get fixed. It's definitely annoying, but at least you'll still purchase the cheapest items available. You're just saying you'd pay up to the amount listed, which is only an issue if the specific sale you clicked on isn't actually available, and only a more expensive one is. You can also get around this risk by creating a bid instead, which will let you manually set your maximum price.
Can someone confirm it is possible to equip this armor and get the keywords without medium proficiency to T3 ?

Just verified on Zog. Was able to equip Adamantine Chainmail as long as I had Medium Armor Proficiency 1. With that and Pioneer 14, I received all the appropriate Keyword Bonuses, including for Adamantine. When I bumped my Medium Armor Proficiency to 3, my Keyword Bonuses remained unchanged, but my defenses went up by 100, as expected.
We just pushed a very small update to Zog that we're planning to deploy on the Live Server next Tuesday during Daily Maintenance. This update fixes an issue with the Auction Houses that was introduced in 11.1, where the Active Auctions lists for the Crafting/Salvage, Premium/Pack, Structure/Bulk, Wearable/Back and Wearable/Finger categories was incorrect for certain items (some items with no available sell orders might be included on the list, while other items with available sell orders might not). Other categories were not affected by this bug.

If you have a chance, give it a look and report any issues either here or using the Support Ticket system in-game. If you need access to the Test Server, send a note to and I'll get you set up.
We aren't planning to wipe characters. That's part of why we use the term Early Enrollment instead of Alpha or Beta.
You can't delete a character who is currently training XP. Those other two delete buttons you're seeing are for the other two character slots and are just a bug, which is why nothing happens when you click them.

There's generally no need to delete a character until you've filled all 3 slots. The only exception I can think of is if you want to delete the character and recreate it from scratch using the same name, in which case you'd need to create a new character, log back out and log in again, set training to that new character, and now delete the original character. Then wait until after downtime, then log in and recreate the original character, the log back out and log in again, and set training to the recreated character.

Of course, you'll miss out on a day's worth of XP doing that, which sets you back further than just living with a few wasted feats. On the other hand, if you really want to change your appearance but keep the name, that's the way to do it.
Doesn't Pioneer 14 also match all of the keywords on Adamantine Chainmail?

Yup, Pioneer works too, and is a slightly better match for Medium Armor Proficiency in the sense that it's CON/WIS based.
Good point. It was always part of the design goals that there'd be cases where some fancy gear might not be the ideal choice, but could be useful if found cheaply enough. In this case, the ideal stuff isn't even available, so temporarily this might be the best choice. In the longer-run, it will at least be a better choice than most T2 gear, so it will still be worth considering depending on price.
I suspect Adamantine Chainmail was intended for use with some role/feature that we'd hoped to have implemented before players were actually able to craft that armor in-game. Unfortunately, that probably means there's not much point in crafting it now until we either get a chance to implement that stuff or some Wrights reach the level of flexibility required to take advantage of it (which will take a while given those ability requirements).

We do match the keywords without reference to your proficiency, but you don't actually get the full Base Defense bonus from that keyword unless you have the appropriate proficiency.