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How much later will the preliminary release notes be up?

Almost ready. Took a while to pull everything together and get it cleaned up.
I'll be on Mumble for a Keepside Chat tomorrow night (1/21) at 8 PM Eastern (5 PM Pacific). If any of the usual suspects are available to moderate that would be great, otherwise I'll just throw peanuts at the gallery.

There will be a post up later today with a preliminary set of release notes for EE 11.1, and I suspect that will generate a fair number of questions.
port 3093

Post your questions here.
And I just got an answer back from Stephen, based on which I took a closer look at the progression of keywords on those light armors. Given the armors we were able to get working, and the materials that went into them, the keywords that wound up on the T3 armors wound up driving some of the role progressions together. In most cases, that only resulted in nearly identical armors (from a keyword perspective) being available, but in this case the keywords wound up identical. That just means that the armor feats that work well with those keywords have the advantage of being able to be supplied by two different types of crafters, and from areas with two different sets of materials in decent supply. And that's just another advantage that needs to be balanced out in one way or another.
At least you have (I hope) access to the designers (of those systems) for questions. That surely is a positive. smile

I do, though I try not to abuse that privilege. I haven't been punched yet, so I think I'm okay on that front.
This is a very complicated issue, and I'm sure we'll be revisiting it now that players are reaching T3-level play. Unfortunately, it involves so many moving parts that it will be difficult to tackle until we can ramp back up and dedicate someone to making sure all the systems work well together. For now, I'll just throw out a few things to consider.

An important consideration is that while it's a big deal now which armors are available at which crafting level, all the balancing was done for a time when there are at least a small number of level 20 crafters available to feed the economy. Armor requiring that level should be rare, but still available at a price. Yes, it sucks to be advancing in a specific combat role only to find that the armor you want isn't available now because no crafters have risen to that level, but that situation should resolve itself eventually.

Also, the availability of armor for any specific role could be balanced by the availability of other gear for that role. For example, you may not have available T3 armor, but you may have the perfect T3 weapon, while another role may have armor but no weapon, or both but no expendable. Any number of advantages may have been given to roles whose T3 armor is rarer than others, but they're tough to track down.

For the two armors with the same keywords, I don't know the reasoning in that specific case, but I do know there was an effort to have some functionality able to be provided using different materials (depending on what's available in your area) and for other functionality to be unique (so that only certain areas of the map had affordable access to the required materials). Or it could be a typo. I'll admit I'm not spotting any other armors offhand that have identical keywords, so that's a bit suspicious. I'll check with Stephen and see if there are any obvious problems in the spreadsheet.

I believe rank 14 of the armor feats was given the lighter/heavier flexibility precisely to make rank 14 feel optional. The marginal payoff for each higher rank is supposed to keep dropping until it becomes reasonable to ask whether you're better off topping that feat off or adding some new feats for more flexibility. In this case, topping the feat off is also just another kind of flexibility.
A mule full of mats on a boss drop would be a great carrot. It would highly encourage banditry. It would provide the same high risk high reward activity promised by gushers. Hypothetically, how difficult would something like this be to implement Bob?

I worry that too many materials would economically undermine gatherers, but I do like the idea that something you obtain is heavy and difficult to get back to safety. Long-term, I believe that was the plan for the settlement-level rewards we often talked about.

I suspect there would be a lot of subtleties to making any difficult-to-transport drops work right, and I suspect that's all best worked on at once when we can get to those settlement-level rewards. We might not be able to implement each feature at once, but I think we'd want to plan them all out together and then implement them in the best possible order.
@ Bob

Conflict is what we need. Fighting over whether someone gets to keep the esc for awhile is all great. It is less worth it to kill the Boss because: Wimpy Boss, except it sucks to not be a cool kid, and so, not invited to milking parties. Now if the boss were a real boss, there are Generals throughout the escalation cycle, that would make even milkers be very tempted to kill it.

Would it be tough to make the Boss a Legendary General with a staff of 3- 4 Legends?
Having been defeated at every turn, Lady Whatshername is pulling men in from other important missions to regain control over the situation. Top men have been assigned. "Who are they?" TOP MEN.

Agreed. I hope to drive more conflict by upping some of these rewards, and the Ustalavs will be one of the prime candidates for having their Win Boss promoted post-11.1.
2. Maybe make them (at least Nhur Athemon, but preferably in combination with 1. above) drop not role specific expendables, but a random chance of an expendable for any role. At least temporarily until there are regular T3-dropping escalations for all the roles, not just wizard.

My hope is that I'll be able to bring this back into balance as part of adding more T3-dropping mobs. Assuming all goes well with that, I'll also be able to look at some of the existing Win Bosses and consider upping their level, and in turn their loot.

Bob I know this is probably a post EE 11.1 thing but how hard is it to tweak this formula?

([Base Chance]/[Group Size]) * (95% + [Group Size] x 5%) * (1 + [Relevant Skill Total]/600)

What would people think of making it:

([Base Chance]/[Group Size]) * (95% + [Group Size] x 5%) * (1 + [Relevant Skill Total]/300)

This is a complete generalization and may not apply in this case, but tweaking existing formulas by adjusting some of the numbers is usually code work, but pretty easy code work, at least in terms of implementing the change. The real work is upfront, making sure all the reasoning behind the original numbers is fully understood and that the changed numbers won't cause any long-term problems.

That said, I've seen a lot of comments that skills just don't seem to pay off, or even make the loot worse. I'm hoping that's just because all the variability in terms of monsters run into, party sizes, and random drops makes it really hard to compare results. After 11.1 I'll sit down and run a test killing off large numbers of identical mobs (something much easier to do with magical GM powers), but with different skill levels, to see if things generally match expectations.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
@Drogon, The carrot may be the better answer for the game, but it's just going to make people more inclined to slip in and take out a boss if they find it being farmed.

Not directed at me, but yeah, that's the basic idea.