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I confirm what Thod said, very few people have access to settlement upkeep, the time before I checked back was quite short and they confirmed they didn't take it.

Bummer, easy explanations are always so much, well, easier.
The issue with company leaders being able to add items from the settlement upkeep vault to their crafting projects, but then unable to add those projects to the queue, is because of the way we had to temporarily force all settlement vaults to use their default values. Unfortunately, the crafting UI tries to use the manually set permissions, but then when the project is sent to the queue, the server double-checks the permissions and blocks it. We hope to fix that in 11.1. You can temporarily fix the issue by setting the permission values manually to match the default values (Settlement is full withdrawal for everyone, while Upkeep is Withdrawal for founding leaders, View for banner leaders, and Deposit for everyone else).

I'll test out seeing if things return properly to the settlement upkeep vaults for various methods of cancellation when I get back in January.

Any chance someone else used/withdrew the truesilver plate +1 before you were able to check on it?
That's pretty weird, I'll have to look into that after the holidays. Probably be very hard to replicate, since it sounds like it would require very precise timing. It's also a little surprising that only one of the materials wouldn't be properly returned. I'd have expected all or nothing. Were they from a different vault or something?
Not sure how the math works, but in a party of 6 killing a Hero, doesn't everyone in the party have a 1-2% chance of a T3 drop? If so, that is hundred kills just last night, never mind the prior weeks, and zilch on the T3 recipes or spells. This is how it is supposed to work?

The odds I quoted are for an individual killing a Hero or Legend. For a party of 4-6, the odds are probably closer to .2% for each party member killing a Hero, and 1% for each party member killing a Legend.

If a party of 6 killed hundreds of Legends without anyone getting a T3 recipe drop, that would be surprising. The same party killing 100-200 Heroes would be more likely to get at least one T3 recipe drop than to not get any T3 recipe drops, but there would still be a pretty good chance of not getting one. You'd need to kill more like 400+ Heroes before it would start to look suspicious. And, randomness being what it is, some other group killing 100-200 heroes could get 5-8 T3 recipe drops without it looking suspicious.
Giorgio, my deepest condolences. Pathfinder Online was a richer place with Brenna in it, and she will be missed.
Something interesting - Nadya and I have gone out farming dark elves a fair amount and I normally get the better recipe drops while she gets more coin (around double the amount). I have considerably less skill in my knowledge's than she does. I get around 1.5 times more recipes than she does.

I am wondering if there is something in the loot tables that puts coin as a more desirable drop than recipes and therefore there is a mid-number sweet spot and if your knowledge skills are too high you actually get slightly less drops (as far as items other than coin go). I also get a lot more T3 raw resource drops than she does. Granted the recipes I get are mostly T2, it has been awhile since either of us has seen any T3 recipes.

I have also found this. Edam has knowledge around 7 or so and Kazil took hers up to 10 plus in most areas.

For probably 6 months now Edam is getting twice the good recipe/spell drops that Kaz gets with her character.

I have talked with other settlements and they have noticed a similar pattern. There definitely seems something amiss with knowledge and the loot drops.

As far as I know, knowledge skills just get applied across the board and shouldn't cause anything like what's being described. If this really does feel like it's happening to a lot of people, we'll have to take a closer look at the code and see if there's something weird going on.
The Eternal Balance
Just last night we killed ~20 Ustalav Heroes/Legends and got no T3 anything except for a few tokens and a piece or two of salvage.

I'm away from my spreadsheets at the moment, and will be for a while (Happy Holidays, everyone!), but my memory is that the odds for getting T3 tokens and salvage are significantly higher than the odds for getting T3 recipes, so that doesn't sound too surprising. For T3 recipes, I believe Ustalav Generals, along with Dark Elf Matrons and Champions, have only a tiny chance of dropping T3 recipes, so with them you really shouldn't expect to get any and should just take anything you get as a pleasant surprise. Even Ustalav Heroes have only around a 1-2% base chance of dropping a T3 recipe, with Heroes rising to somewhere closer to 5%. What that means is that even killing hundreds of Heroes, or 50 Legends, it's pretty likely that at least one party member will have gotten at least one T3 recipe, but it's far from guaranteed.

What it comes down to is that random numbers are random, and that only over a ridiculously high number of samples can I really start to suspect that something's going wrong.

I do admit that those odds may seem a little low, with T3 recipe drops being a relatively rare drop from a relatively rare level of monster, but they really are supposed to be pretty rare. They shouldn't be quite as rare as they are, I'd say about 5 more of the escalations should have Hero/Legend level monsters (and maybe even a few higher) appearing at roughly the same rate as they do with the Ustalavs, but still pretty rare.
In an ideal world we'd probably require something more like a total durability value, so you'd have to use 5 times as many weapons if they all have only 1/5 of their durability left. Until we can get something like that implemented, it seemed fine to let you all use damaged weapons for these recipes. It definitely helps get rid of them.
The Grey Guard company has claimed the territory around the former settlement of RiverBank and made it their own, renaming the settlement Greystone Keep. Congratulations!