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All posts created by Bob

The sweet spot for getting T1 recipes would be creatures around the level of ogres, ogre hurlers, medium elementals, or Duergar scouts/soldiers. One good strategy would be to bring a reasonably-sized party of veteran characters to an infected hex that's launching a good percentage of creatures in that range (e.g. certain phases of Them Ogres Ain't Right, Skull-Basher Ogres, Undying Ogg, Elemental Rift, and Duergar Slavers). The party should be able to clear most encounters pretty quickly, while still finding an occasionally challenging fight to keep things interesting. You'd also be getting some T2 stuff and decent amounts of coin along the way to keep or trade.

Of course, ideally you'd just tackle the toughest things you can, then trade the more valuable loot for cheaper T1 recipes. Admittedly, that may be a little difficult at the moment, though I did see some very reasonably priced recipes at a couple auction houses today.
The top-end Dark Elves, particularly the matrons and champions, have a small but decent chance of dropping T3 recipes and such. Top-end elementals, particularly the elders, have similar chances. Ustalav Legends and Heroes are even tougher and are therefore the best bets for getting T3 drops.
A message like that tends to come up if you tried to include mats from the Settlement Upkeep vault and aren't a settlement leader. The crafting UI currently show items in that vault as available if the permissions were manually (possibly unintentionally due to an old bug that's since been fixed) set to something below the default values. However, the server uses the default values, so it checks your order and realizes you tried to use mats that you don't really have access to.

We've got a fix for the settlement vault permissions ready for testing and hope to clean that all up in EE 11.1.
The devs can confirm this but I don't think the spread of T1 recipes is entirely random.

It is not entirely random. The more recipes available for a particular skill, the more likely recipes for that skill are to drop. However, the odds are tweaked a little bit such that those skills with the lowest numbers of recipes get a slight boost to their odds, and those with the highest numbers get a slight decrease to their odds. That should help balance things out a bit.
At a minimum, I think the game needs to force players to have some in-game persistent structures that are important to them that can be destroyed by other players. And it seems obvious to me that those won't be important to them unless they directly impact their Character Power.

I tend to agree with that sentiment. Balancing that against the natural desire to feel like your character progressed in some way that's not totally dependent on your Settlement Power is the part that makes me jittery (or maybe that's just my natural Seattle buzz). I'm confident we can find an implementation that feels right, but I admit both our previous version of support and our current version don't meet that bar.
On the object names front, many items do in fact have display names that can be relatively easily changed. It's possible that I could change all the gathered materials from "<quality> <item name>" to "<item name>, <quality>", for example. That might result in a better sorting order. Of course, I'm not positive whether there would be other consequences, but I'll at least give it a try.

I was going to suggest this. I remember Stephen talking about how the alphabetical sorting of the names corresponded to their Quality rating, so I expect it would be very important to keep that.

However, I don't really think this would be sufficient. I think what folks really want is a way to sort by Stock, so that everything that counts as Green would appear together.

Sorting by stock would be awesome, particularly in the Auction House. Not sure how much work that would be.

FYI, I tried a quick experiment with changing the names of the items. It works great in the inventory and vaults, which nicely sort by display name. It's not so great in the Auction House, which properly shows the display name, but apparently sorts by code name (which was all we had at one point), which makes the list look completely out of order. Hopefully that would be an easy fix, but just goes to show that things are rarely as easy as they sound.
Another idea (or two) begs me to express, there is a slider on the trash bin for stacks of multiple items. Can't that be used for stack splitting? I don't mean by faux throwing things out. Too dangerous a method. I mean can that code be used?

Also, since this stuff sounds more involved than some had thought, how easy would it be to play around with the numbers in the feuding system? How about the hard code in it, can things like one "feud allows entire settlements to participate" be changed easily?

If we can't get the frustrations of day to day operations fixed easily, can we get the PVP going in an easy way? We need SOMETHING to work well. It isn't easy to keep new players hooked without.

The existence of that trash bin slider does indeed make implementing some kind of stack separator more feasible, which is part of why that was labeled as only requiring a modest amount of work. It's more work than changing a number in a spreadsheet, or making a simple adjustment to an existing line of code, but we don't think it would require an overwhelming amount of work.

For the feuding system, some aspects are just spreadsheet numbers, some require minor code adjustments, and others would require more substantial code changes. For the specific issue of whether or not entire settlements can participate, that might be a relatively easy code change, though my recollection is that we ran into a lot of problems with that part of the system when implementing it, so it would need to be tested thoroughly. I suspect changes to that aspect of feuding would also impact other aspects of the game, and would therefore require some exploration before being certain what the right changes would be.

As for PvP in general, I didn't notice any mention of it in the suggestions that were made so far in this thread, which I found interesting. Changes to PvP have certainly been proposed elsewhere and often, and we'd be open to some changes that turned out to be simple to implement (for example, we're still exploring the possibility of making monster hexes open PvP), but when asked to propose just a few fixes, most people seem to focus on fixes to the vaults and a mix of other issues. Maybe that's a function of the what the current player base is experiencing, maybe it's just that the PvP system seems inherently bigger than "polish and fixes," so it doesn't come to mind.

And again, though I labeled many of the items as requiring some work, we should be able to get to some of them. The ones I meant to imply were less likely were things like a friends list, logging out without quitting, sales logs, or knowledge of multiple vaults. They're not impossible, they'd just require enough work that we wouldn't get to much else, so we'd have to decide they were more important than all the other options.
@ Bob,

Thanks for the feedback.

Are you kind of borked by the way that the base code has been designed? Can you not just dig up old functions/use functions from other areas like old version bank tabs, sorting from within company lookup, any other possibilities and port them over with some minimal work? Have you explored why we can use drag and drop to double items moved between vault and inventory? There may be clues there.

Can you open a file and change the way the name of an object is displayed fairly easy? Just listing objects (inventory or bank) in a more well thought out way could go many, many miles. Like the way that you did with Bulk resources after that request. Some stuff is already listed that way, yet too much isn't. It would reduce frustrations a great deal.

Sometimes we're able to re-use code or other assets, even old implementations, but often things that worked under one set of circumstances require a fair amount of rework under another. For example, although we did used to have some tabs at the bank, I believe that was back when we only had the one Personal vault. The space used for those tabs is now used for the different vaults. Not that we can't move things around a bit, but our UI system is finicky to work with, and there'd be some work involved to make sure the UI makes sense with so much stuff going on. Overall, we do think the amount of work for some of those things is reasonable and worth attempting.

On the object names front, many items do in fact have display names that can be relatively easily changed. It's possible that I could change all the gathered materials from "<quality> <item name>" to "<item name>, <quality>", for example. That might result in a better sorting order. Of course, I'm not positive whether there would be other consequences, but I'll at least give it a try.
The issue I've had with buffered attacks, primarily casting spells, is getting rooted during the casting and trying to move. I've got one hand pushing a direction on the keyboard and the other rapidly triggering the mouse. I don't have a third hand available to smack the Esc key while trying to run in combat. Ideally I would like to see the root break on movement and interrupt the attack, either by being the target of a movement attack like Hydralic Push or by double tapping a movement direction on my keyboard.

Ah, sounds more like we're talking about the ability to interrupt the current attack so you can get away. That could be more complicated, depending on exactly when the attack's damage takes place and what actions the server is committed to at that point. Making the combat system feel smoother and more responsive is certainly something we'd like to do, but it tends to be tricky work.
Sorry to take so long responding to all these suggestions. Finally getting back on track after my break for Thanksgiving. Here are some comments on the various ideas put forth for improvements, roughly ordered by the number of times each possibility was mentioned. FYI, when I say that something would likely take a certain amount of work, that doesn't necessarily mean we can't fit it in (or fit in some simplified version of it), just that we'd have to trade a larger number of small fixes to get the more involved improvements implemented.

  • Vault Tabs/Sorting/Filtering/Performance: This is something we'd really like to improve on, and it's pretty clearly the most requested thing for us to work on. Doing so definitely isn't a trivial task, but we'll see what we can do.
  • Friends List: Definitely would be very useful, but also definitely a whole new feature. We could probably design something relatively simple that wouldn't take an unreasonable amount of work, but this would still be pretty involved.
  • Log Out: Unfortunately, while this isn't the cause of all our desync issues, not fully logging out does leave the client in a less stable state. Tracking those instabilities down would require a fair amount of work.
  • Stack Splitting: Splitting large stacks is definitely a pain right now, and it's possible we could do something with a modest amount of work.
  • Sales, Combat and Bank Logs: These would certainly be nice, but would require a fair amount of work.
  • Chat Customizations: There might be some small fixes we could do here that would be relatively easy, but larger changes would take a reasonable amount of work.
  • Less Slash Commands: We could probably do something about making partying, trading, whispering, and other such things easier to do (or even possible to do with the mouse) with a small amount of UI work. It wouldn't enable anything that can't already be done fairly easily, but it might make the functionality more obvious and be helpful for those who use those commands regularly.
  • Buffered Attacks: I'd have to look into this further. I thought we only buffered one attack at a time (so that you don't have to wait until your current attack is over before choosing the next one), and that you could hit escape to clear any buffered attacks. If there's a problem here, it's possible there's a relatively easy fix.
  • Transfer All: Not trivial, but adding the ability to transfer everything at once from some specific places to other specific places (e.g. inventory to current vault, inventory to trade window) would certainly be useful and could be done with a reasonable amount of work.
  • Settlement Vault Permissions: We actually have a fix ready for testing on this. Basically, vaults would start respecting the values settlement leaders set using the permissions UI. To avoid any issues with some settlements having their vaults suddenly take on weird/unintended permissions, we'd run a script during downtime the day this went live that would reset all settlement vault permissions to the default values (the ones currently being used). After that, settlement leaders would be free to set those permissions any way they see fit.
  • Prevent Clicking Through UI Menus: Currently, when clicking on items inside various menus, that click also gets picked up by interactive objects behind that item. We think there's an easy way to fix this, and it's high on our priority list (assuming the fix does turn out to be easy).
  • Spawning on Trees: This should be largely fixed in EE 11. If not, we'll need to make larger buffer areas around the vegetation, and process all of that would take a while. One thing that can still happen is that mobs might spawn properly on the ground, but then "climb" the tree when they start moving. After that, they might decide they're close enough to their origin point and just stay there.
  • Treat Bids as Active Auctions: We'd have to look at this more closely to figure out how much work it would be. Might be easy, might be hard.
  • Armor Colors: Not positive, but there might be some improvements we could make pretty easily to this system.
  • Deity Weapons: I'm not sure how much work this would be. Each weapon would have to be balanced properly, and would also need a balanced recipe for crafting it. There'd definitely be a learning curve for me to figure out those systems well enough to set these up. However, there's a chance it could be done purely in the spreadsheets, though that might require sticking to weapon capabilities that already exist, where some of the weapons might be intended to ultimately do something different.
  • Editable Inventory Notes: I can see being able to create these and sort based on them as potentially very useful, but adding this would likely be a fair amount of work.
  • Tab to Password: This probably wouldn't be terribly difficult. Interestingly, Return does move you between fields, though that's not as instinctive to press.
  • Graphic Issues with Male Dwarves: Some of these are pretty easy to fix, and some have already been fixed for EE 11.1.
  • Respawn on Same Level as Husk: This would be somewhat tricky, since the game doesn't currently have any real knowledge that certain hexes are on the same level as others. It might also sometimes actually result in greater travel times when a monster hex is available at the bottom of a pass, but the nearest monster hex on the same level is much further away. Doing something to solve this issue properly could be a fair amount of work, and would probably best be done as part of a larger fix to the whole death/respawn system that gave players more control of where they respawn.
  • PMs on Forums: I'm guess we'd have turned such a feature on if it was really easy to do so. Since we didn't, there'd probably be a fair amount of work involved here.
  • More Info on Character Choice Screen: I could definitely knowing your location before signing in would be useful, and other info could be handy as well (Company/Settlement membership/rank, highest role rank), and it's possible this could be done relatively easily, though it's still more on the order of a new feature.
  • Knowledge of Multiple Vaults: It would definitely be handy to know whether you've got items/cash available in other places. Implementing this would be pretty involved, unfortunately, but possible.