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Bob you can update Hammerfall as delivered

I am online for the next couple hours, available to distribute kits to any remaining settlements.
Quijenoth Starkiller
I ran to KB before downtime only to get booted just as I got to the outskirts of town - not have waiting for character - this was before todays downtime - since downtime i have been able to log in

Good to hear. Everything should be working properly now.
The 1,X hexes are back online. Turned out to just be a problem with one of the servers that handled all those hexes, just a coincidence that it hit when EE11 went live.
I crashed in the Hex directly below keepers pass shortly after entering it.

Were you able to enter that hex after downtime (10AM PST) today, or prior to downtime? Currently, I see a glowing border around it and can't enter.
There was no glowing border there when I entered the hex 2 north of Keeper's Pass about 15 hours ago.

We suspect those hexes went down in some weird way yesterday, such that they weren't functioning properly but weren't registering as completely down. That made it possible to still enter those hexes.

Today, it looks like those hexes just didn't come up at all after downtime, so now they're blocked off by the glowing borders because other hex servers can tell those hexes aren't available.
I've done a little checking and so far every 1,X hex I've looked at has the glowing border up around it, implying that the servers for those hexes are down. We're digging into the servers to figure this out.
The server-side fix was rolled out this morning and smallholding vault doors are once more working.
There were reports yesterday that several hexes, including Keeper's Pass and Kreuz Bernstein, were causing characters arriving in them to crash or log out, and not allowing characters in those hexes to log back in. There are reports this morning that hex 1,9 is experiencing the same problem. Every specific hex reported so far has been numbered 1,X, though that could just be a coincidence.

We're looking into the issue right now. If you experience this in any other hexes, please report it here so we can track the problem, and to warn others to avoid those hexes temporarily.
There's definitely a problem with these hexes. We'll take a closer look at them tomorrow. Hopefully they'll clear up at downtime.