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All posts created by Bob

I'm currently patching on both Mac and PC, which is fairly large this time. As soon as I've verified that the patchers gave me working versions, I'll post that EE 11 is live. You can start downloading the patches now to get ready, and even log in if you wish. But if you prefer to wait and make sure this large download will work, I should be posting an update within 5-10 minutes.
It's in the process of starting back up. I'll do a quick check once it's up, then post an announcement.
You are a Troll
When is the cut-off end time for today beyond which settlements will have to wait until tomorrow?

I have to head out today at 5:30 PM PST. It's possible I'll be able to do some later at night, but no guarantees.
The representative does need to be online, and should be at the settlement and, just to be safe, should be near enough to the bank to access the vaults so everything can be deposited without worrying about encumbrance or anything. The kits aren't that heavy, but better safe than sorry.

It's not a huge deal if you're not available when your turn first comes up. Each time I finish up with someone, I'll go back to looking for the person highest up on the list that I haven't given kits to yet.
I'll begin distributing kits as soon as the server goes live with EE11, scheduled for slightly after 10 AM PST on Monday, 11/23. Here's a list of the settlements I've received requests from, in the order they'll be distributed (based on order received):

Callambea (Delivered)
Ozem's Vigil (Delivered)
University Commons (Delivered)
Hope's End (Delivered)
Sunholm (Delivered)
Forgeholm (Delivered)
Keeper's Pass (Delivered)
Hammerfall (Delivered)
Corbenik (Delivered)
Talonguard (Delivered)
Tavernhold (Delivered)
Aragon (Delivered)
Caer Coedwig (Delivered)
High Road (Delivered)
Sylva (Delivered)
Blackwood Glade (Delivered)
Brighthaven (Delivered)
Live Oak (Delivered)
New Rathglen (Delivered)
Emerald Lodge (Delivered)
Phaeros (Delivered)
Alderwag (Delivered)
Canis Castrum (Delivered)

As I've said before, there's currently no requirement that structure kit requests be sent in at any particular time. However, in case anyone is erroneously assuming their settlement sent a list in, here's a list of settlements I haven't received lists from (unless they're waiting in customer support):

Deadman's Glen
Helinard Motte
Iron Gauntlet
Kreuz Bernstein
New Daggermark

I'll keep updating this list as I hand out kits and as I receive more requests. To work out any issues listed above, please send your questions or requests directly to me at until I'm able to get customer support working again.
Not sure how to test this or where to ask it.

What will happen to characters that have logged out in a settlement, the settlement is tore down, and buildings a rebuilt where the character logged out?

Will they they be stuck inside of them?

Just curious what will happen and if need to make it a point to log all my guys out at the edge of town.

In general, the collision on building walls only blocks you from going in, not from going out. If you find yourself inside a building, you should just be able to walk out through the walls. We found one exception to this, where we used the tavern as a building but with closed doors. Since the tavern has a real interior you couldn't get out when the doors were closed. We fixed that, and there shouldn't be any other buildings that have interiors, so we believe you're safe.
I'm on Zog and ready to take on the Dark Elves. Contact me in general if you'd like to join in.
That's it for today. Hope to see many of you at 5PM PST to tackle the Dark Elves!
I'm on the test server now for anyone who needs experience, kill achievements, money, …
It's most likely the same problem of not getting through to the CDN. Rebooting might help, or possibly switching to Google's public DNS server. Might also need to restart your router, though that seems less likely if it's working for one machine and not another.