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All posts created by Bob

I'm able to download both the windows and mac test clients just fine if I click on the "This is the client" links (pointing at the CDN) for them, but just noticed that if I click on the "Having trouble" links (which point at, the download can't be found. Have you tried both links?
I'm going to log on to the test server today at 5PM PST and launch the Dark Elves somewhere near Goblinville. I can teleport anyone interested in battling them to that hex and hand out any equipment that you can use. Any training will need to be done before I teleport you there. If you can get your character up to somewhere around the level of your regular in-game character, that would be ideal, but anyone with any level of training is welcome to join in. If you need experience, money, or kill achievements to train, I'll be helping out with that at 2PM PST today.
I'll be on the test server today at 2PM PST. At that time, I can teleport up to 5 players to me at a time, we can party up, and then I can kill an endless stream of mobs while everyone's in range so that you'll get a bunch of kill credits. You should also get a bunch of loot, probably too much to carry. I can teleport everyone back to your banks afterward so you can deposit everything. I can also give you ridiculous amounts of experience at that time. Hopefully this will get some of you the ability to train up to higher levels so you can fight some tougher monsters, perhaps even some Dark Elves (which I'll be organizing a run for tonight at 5PM PST).

Keep an eye on general chat around 2PM PST to join in.
Sounds like you may be having trouble reaching our CDN. Are you able to play the full game?
A side question:
What will happen to crafting queues on live server when E11 goes live ? Will they continue and deposit items in the bank as is nothing happened ?

Yes, I tested that out when EE11 was first put on Zog and crafting queues continued on just fine through the transition. Once a crafting project is queued up, the data for it isn't really attached to the building anymore, so none of these changes should really affect it.
Zog has been updated to EE11b, our first Final Candidate. The issues found with both EE11 and EE11a have generally been pretty minor, as well as safely and easily fixed, and we're very optimistic that this build will prove itself ready for prime time. If all goes well with it over the weekend, we hope to push it to live on Monday (11/23) morning during the standard 9-10AM PST daily maintenance.

This build has only a small number of changes from yesterday's EE11a build:

  • New characters spawn near the shrine in the starter area, instead of at the exact center of the hex (only a short distance from the starter area).
  • Some bushes and uneven encounters were removed from the area near the starter area.
  • The number of prisoners that need to be rescued for the prisoner Duergar Slaver event was reduced from 75 to 30.
  • More alignment fixes were made to the player settlement areas to better line up things like stairs and roads with the terrain.
I probably won't be able to participate in any escalation runs tonight, but I did start up Dark Elves in hex -2,2 (4 hexes east of Goblinville, 2 hexes southwest of Thornkeep) for anyone interested.
Hex -2,2 has been switched to Dark Elves. Original post edited to reflect this change.
A new version of EE11 is now live on Zog. This version fixes several issues found during the testing of EE11 on Zog.

  • Alignment fixes to the player settlements so the retaining walls work better with the terrain, along with multiple other fixes to the settlement layouts (e.g. tree and rock placements, removal of excess encounter locations).
  • The Bank, Tavern and Keep in the player settlements are now visible on the map.
  • The Fighter College in the NPC settlements is now at the correct height.
  • Multiple art issues are fixed in Thornkeep.
  • To better match the pacing of the altered Bonedancers, Razmiran Cultists and Skeletal Uprising escalations (getting tougher as their strength drops), most of the events for those escalations have had their target numbers dropped so that they can be completed more quickly. The number of skeletons present with the Bonedancer Win Boss was also increased to make it more likely that some higher-level skeletons will spawn.
  • Characters no longer get stuck inside one of the Thieves Guild buildings. Multiple other props and buildings had their collision volumes corrected.
  • All leaders in a settlement can now tear down settlement structures, not just the leader who built the structure.
  • The range for clicking on doors and toolboxes at settlement structures was increased by 5m.
  • Lab structures now have a toolbox.
  • Multiple graphics fixes for plants.
  • The Guild House sign no longer floats.
  • Cathedral sign no longer spelled Chathedral. Sign was also moved to front-center of the plot.
  • Shutdown Geologist structures are now visible.
  • Unique encounter locations (e.g. the Emerald Spire) are all mapped properly to the new ground levels.

We still have a couple more fixes we'd like to add, and hope to get them implemented today, then live on Zog tomorrow (Friday, 11/20).
Having just checked, I see it is in settlement now. At the time of my other post, I did not see it in there.

I suspect it was just because that vault is so full. It appears to be unable to show all of its contents at once, and the sorting sometimes doesn't quite work. Generally I can get the sorting to work after a couple tries, and then I can see all but the T-Z items if I sort alphabetically, then all but the A-D items if I sort reverse-alphabetically.

Clearly something we'll need to look at soon.