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All posts created by Bob

Bob, will you please up "Sojourne" until he can access the settlement upkeep vault in Goblinville. My Thanks!

Only leaders of Goblinville's founding company (Sojourne is a member of a banner company) get full access to the Settlement Upkeep vault, and I restrict membership of that company to employees. Leaders of the banner company can see the contents, but can't do anything else.

Is there something in particular you're hoping to do with that vault? Perhaps there's another way to meet your objectives.
Yeah, the request was for "Truesilver Chain", and when the command I have for adding items doesn't have an exact match, it finds the first match that includes the given text, in this case "Fine Truesilver Chain", which is indeed different from "Truesilver Chainmail". Didn't register that the chainmail version was the intended one. I've now added some to the Goblinvilled Settlement vault, though you'll probably have some trouble finding it now that the vault is pretty overloaded.
I added Veteran's Longbows, Truesilver Chain, and an assortment of armors to the Goblinville Settlement vault. Let me know if you need anything else specific.
For those interested in tackling some of the changed escalations on Zog, the following escalations are currently running:

-20,1: Goblin Raid
-20,-3: Ustalav Invaders (Home)
-15,-3: Moloch Cultists (Home)
-14,1: Ustalav Invaders
-10,0: Bonedancers
-11,-4: Skull-Basher Ogres
-7,-3: Razmiran Cultists
-1,-3: Them Ogres Ain't Right
-3,-1: Nature's Wrath (Home)
-2,2: Dark Elves
3,1: Bloodbriar Goblin Raid
5,1: Skeletal Uprising
3,-2: Goblin Ghouls

I can change these up in a couple days.

EDIT: Switched -2,2 to Dark Elves.
Will we have a set of defined test cases that we can run through when we jump on the server or is it just run around and see what breaks? Having some defined scope for testing gives a bit of direction and meaning to the testing which can be more helpful for those with limited time and test server availability.

For the most part, the kind of testing that lends itself to organized lists of test cases is best handled in-house under our current circumstances, particularly since we have test tools that can speed most of them up dramatically. I also often find it just as easy to go ahead and run a test as it is to document it and ask others to do it.

The biggest thing we can't do in-house right now is put together a party and go fight the Dark Elves. It was extremely helpful to have so many people at once come and tackle that escalation. Hopefully we'll be able to do that at least one more time.

The other thing that's very helpful is just for you to log on and try to do the kinds of things you normally do when you play on the live server, or will be doing when EE11 goes live. If you usually spend a lot of time at the auction house, try buying and selling some stuff, particularly some of the newer things. If you need a few things in the settlement vaults to test that with, just let me know a few specific items to add. If you'll be the one placing the settlement structures, ask me for control of one of the Zog settlements and try placing those. To a great degree, the bugs I'm most worried about are the ones I haven't even thought to look for, so the more everyone has a chance to play on Zog in ways similar to what they'll be doing on live, the more likely we are to catch the bugs you'd all run into.
I've filed a bug to look into this sometime when I can wrap my head around it. There are usually lots of checks and balances worked into these systems, so I'll need to trace a lot of feats to see if this disadvantage is compensated for elsewhere.
And done for now. Will hopefully be able to set up a time to hit the Dark Elves again tomorrow.
I'm online now, speak up in general chat if you're looking for experience or easy kills.
I'll be online today at 3PM PST. At that time, I can teleport up to 5 players to me at a time, we can party up, and then I can kill an endless stream of mobs while everyone's in range so that you'll get a bunch of kill credits. You should also get a bunch of loot, probably too much to carry. I can teleport everyone back to your banks afterward so you can deposit everything. I can also give you ridiculous amounts of experience at that time. Hopefully this will get some of you the ability to train up to higher levels so you can fight some tougher monsters, perhaps even some Dark Elves.

Keep an eye on general chat around 3PM PST to join in.
Seith of Coedwig
Bob, with the time for crafting, it's probably going to be impractical to test more than one building. Any chance you could set an ultra-high crafting level, like 10,000 on the test server?

Unfortunately, I don't think there's currently a way for me to speed up crafting on Zog. We have a different method for testing this kind of thing on our internal servers, but it's not appropriate for Zog.

However, given the way the crafting system works, you can be reasonably certain that once you've got something in your queue, the item listed in your queue is exactly what will be delivered when crafting is completed. So, one way to test a bunch of these is to first start a crafting project that will take a few hours, but less than 24 hours. That project will start immediately, so it can't be cancelled. You can then craft something else, add it to your queue, verify that the correct item and quantity went into the queue, then cancel it and move on to the next one. Repeat until you've checked all the recipes you're interested in.

Not quite as satisfying as actually crafting the items, but sufficiently verifies that each recipe works.