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Lisa and I are available to do the Keepside Chat tonight if we have a host.
Maybe I am wrong, but at first read the impression I have got from Bob post is that he want to add not only the escalations, but a good number of wandering parties of drow.

Since that's the main technique I've used to spread some of the higher-end monsters around the world a bit more, and just to add some occasional bits of interest while wandering the world, I can see how you'd get that impression. I might even do that with some of the lower-end Dark Elves or other recently added groups, though I'd set the percentages to overall wind up with roughly the same balance of standard terrain encounters to more random special encounters. I'd just be shooting for more variety, not a rebalance.

However, in this particular instance, I meant something different by spreading them around. What I'm considering is adding those really high-end monsters as special encounters in only the monster hexes, so they'd occasionally appear there during fallow times. I'm also considering adding them in as events and/or random encounters in related escalations. For example, if I were to make some kind of ridiculously high-level ogre hero, I could add a few of them to the Skull-Bashers as a special event.
Unfortunately, the loot tables are a bit spread out and adjusting them isn't as simple as making a change in one place that gets propagated out automatically. I believe it will be far easier for me to instead increase the number of enemies you're encountering that are leveled high enough to have a decent chance of dropping T3 recipes.

For EE11, your best bet will be finding a traveling Ustalav Invaders escalation and hitting it with a decently-sized party. Killing heroes and legends will give you small but acceptable chances of getting T3 recipes, and while those enemies will still be less common, they should spawn reasonably regularly (Ustalav Home will only add heroes, and in smaller concentrations). Keep in mind that you'll need to constantly kill off encounters that don't contain those enemies so that new encounters that do contain them have a chance to spawn. You want to be in a party that's powerful enough to handle the heroes and legends with lots of care, but can handle the lesser encounters pretty quickly. If you're having to use time-consuming strategies just to deal with lesser encounters, then trying to get T3 recipes is going to take a very long time.

Post-EE11, I'll look into adding a few additional monsters at higher levels and spreading them around a bit. I'll also look at adding a traveling escalation containing almost all high-end monsters, though I expect such an escalation will require a good-sized party of high-level characters to handle.
Ya, make it worthwild to Rin these escalations by placing t3 dropping mobs….will you put legends back in the Usties in ee11?

Yup, both heroes and legends are back in the mix for EE11.
Thanks Bob. Hey is it possible to give a chance that the lion hexes, when fallow, spawn only random boss knights, elementals, drow, duergar, mordents, ogres and crystals? That would be a very fun incentive to clear escalations.

Yes, I could make special Encounter/Enemy lists for the monster hexes. That's basically how the home hexes work, with each one having a special Encounter/Enemy list that it uses while fallow. I'd be a little hesitant to make the monster hexes have nothing but high-end stuff when fallow, but a reasonable percentage of high-end scouts checking things out for a possible invasion would certinly make sense.

Something like that wouldn't be a huge amount of work, but still enough to be post-EE11.
The Dark Elves should spawn a lot more enemies that are capable of dropping T3 recipes at roughly the same rate as the elder elementals. That said, most of the creatures in roughly that range are essentially in the sweet spot for T2 recipes (with a very good chance of dropping those) and just starting to be able to drop T3 recipes. It's not until you get to the Nhur Athemon images, or the Ustalav Heroes and Legends, that you start to see decent chances for T3 recipes to drop.

Looking over the way the chances for each tier of recipe to drop ramp up, I believe the correct solution is for me to figure out how to add some higher-level monsters in and increase the odds of running into them. That could potentially include creating an escalation populated almost entirely with creatures who have at least some chance of dropping T3 gear, or perhaps just making sure that a large number of encounters have 1 very high-end creature. Unfortunately, that will have to wait until post-EE11.
Bob, couldn't someone keep rerolling new characters and making more companies though? At what point will deleted characters be removed from companies?

Deleted characters do get removed from companies, so that's not a worry. It's the inactive characters that cause an issue, and I'm not sure when we'll get a chance to do something about that.
@ Bob

Straight up question, Mr. Settles.

Does GW consider it exploitive to use our 1000exp alts to generate influence? You know, max out the easy stuff and "reroll"?

If yes, can you offer another route until new player traffic picks up?

We're not considering that an exploit. Ideally, you'd find spending time playing your advanced characters more valuable overall, but I can see how there would be occasions where generating influence quickly would be your most pressing concern.
Thanks Bob. So to confirm again, after EE11 we can craft +1 to +5 buildings, but if we deploy them they will only resort to +0 and the system will in no way recognize what the original + was before deployment? This would be incredibly important to highlight and for players to remember. Other than for filling in slots with +0 buildings we should be advised not to deploy anything above +0 until EE12 or whenever the upgrade system is implemented, which will be after new funding is secured.

This is correct, though exactly what we will or won't be able to get to before new funding is secured is a little more up in the air. It all just depends on where we wind up prioritizing bug fixes vs. additional systems post-EE11. Upgrades do wind up in that weird space where a lot of the work to get them in has already been done, but we'll have to evaluate our priorities once EE11 goes live and we see what effect that has on everyone's day-to-day gameplay.

Once upgrading goes in, it will still be the case that if you initially place a structure using a +1 through +5 kit, you'll just wind up with exactly the same +0 structure you would have gotten with a +0 kit. Upgrading of structures doesn't work the way it does with Holdings and Outposts, where the value of the initial kit sets the maximum upgrade level of the building. For settlement structures, you need to use a new kit each time you upgrade. We just give you the option of using a kit of the desired plus value or greater, though we'd obviously recommend using the exact value to maximize efficiency. But if you find yourself with a higher plus value than you need, and unable to trade it away for anything of greater value than the plus you were looking for, go ahead and use it.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
She specified during the last chat (the chat was with Bob, but she was in) that they would not turn the servers off without at least 30 days notice.

Just to confirm, we'll give at least one month notice before shutting down the servers.